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After being led to the dragonspine mountains of the Sangre De Christos, nestled in the valley of peace was named a town called Crestone, down wind the heart of the mountain where the crest met the stone. With one long road in and one long road out, I was met in a vortex that swirled in and out other sacred travelers and pilgrims of the rainbow road. It was here through the passage of lady Krystleyez, that I first met Peter Fae, brother angels aligned in our service to the awakening through our stories, and was initiated in the magic of the Mythica. He and I went on a journey across the Mojave to the Cosmic Carnival, a gathering of the galactic in the forests of California.

God Loves You


Saying goodbye to Crestone and North the Wolf, we headed on across the deserts, with just enough money to make it to the coast. Running out of food, and nearly out of gas, after a few tries, involving us becoming nearly stranded, we are given direction to a station, where they gave us a box of pizza that read “God Loves You.” The universe shined it’s support upon us, proving the physics of the Quest.

The next day, I have intuition we should stop by the sacred springs in Sedona. There, we met in shared angelic resonance, Niekko Chin, the producer of a festival called Zen Awakening. He shared that he received the vision from Mount Shasta, and was traveling with a couple younger gypsy performers teaching them the ways of busking. He used to have a production company called Cirque USA, and I recognized the shared Aka, the quality of that kingly cirques energy, that both him and Peter shared. Invited us to join in sharing our magic at the festival, we go on a journey to Chapel Rock, a place thick with the ley. It was fine portent, as I had received the vision to go to the transformational festivals and share my voice.

Why, of all possible encounters, would we be led to this synchronicity?


Zen Awakening

Peter and I fly in to the East Coast of America from Bali and Crestone, respectively, to join at the gathering. Arriving, Niekko takes us to a sacred sound healing, leaving us in the setting amidst the night.

Going to find the workshop space, it was nowhere to be found. Invoking trust that everything would work out, we wander into the sun, where a couple who recognized us as angels in the airport arrive. Interested, they follow us as we say the synchronicity will guide us. A pyramid shaped tent with a sign that reads “Ancient Mystery School” appears, empty and open, we knew it was perfect form for the Mythica.

At height of the talk, where we recognize that we are the current pantheon of divinity in the story of life, Navi appears clad in Anubis mask, embodying that very truth.

Why of all times would he arrive, bearing the signs of that realm?


Eve's of Encinitas

Making our way over the coming months from coast to coast, we encountered Niekko once again in unplanned serendipity at the tavern of Eve’s, a vegan speakeasy in the realms of conscious community in Encinitas, along the coast of California. I first was drawn there when we went in search of food, at the corner I scented the vibrancy on the wind, the tones of green and cafe, which had brought us there, right next to a crystal shop Earth Elements. In the coming days, we visited the Self-Realization Fellowship, and Niekko gave word of a lavender field where we could find sanctuary.

Why would we meet in this intersection of Leylines?

Valley Center Vortex

Why would we meet again at Blissville, a house of mystic producers and musicians? Again we shared the aka of kingship and production. 

Why would we meet again in a sacred place, of all places?

The Shasta Synchronicity at the Headwaters

After stopping by Blissville and saying see ya later to Niekko, we head up to Oregon to connect with the Fae Tribes. Again, I feel called to stop at the sacred waters, having heard lore of Shasta Headwaters as a gather place of rainbow folk and travelers. Peter says, “We will run into one of the characters of the great story here, it’s how the Mythica works.” and sure enough, we run into Navi Ethereal! He explains to us that he has come from the northlands of Canada, to which he journeywalked since we met in the realms of Zen Awakening.

Why would Navi appear again after we had just ran into Niekko, at the sacred waters, just like where we had met him, and at Shasta, where he had received the vision for Zen Awakening?

It can be difficult to see, but we exist in a constellation of souls. The divine inspirations for our actions push up from the soils of the subtle land, and through us as vessels of God through Gaia.

The sacred water is a common thread.


Third Eye Lounge

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Zen Fest West

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