The Wood Wide Web and Beyond

An eco-system of consciousness stretches through the landscape of our experience. Just imagine, that as we deepen our awareness, it’s as though layers of soil are revealed, down into the roots of the trees and the mycelia, are the true ground of our reality. Not only this, but that our very selves are extensions of that interwoven pattern of Creation.

Much like how mycelia are the nervous system of nature, communicating between the trees and plants in the biome, our body-minds are an extension of that symbiotic process. We are truly designed to function in tandem, to live in sync with the natural order, and when we do come into rhythm with the seasons and cycles of this expression of divine intelligence, experience an expansion in consciousness. We are the leading edge of evolution, the spiritual continuation of that biological process.

Just look at the patterns of Nature. The same weaving of threads is shown throughout. From the nerves in your body and brain, to the way mycelia organize, to the branches in the tree extended towards the cosmos, to the trillions of stars mapped out that look just like those nerves once again… it’s all the same pattern.

We are the synapsis of creative intelligence. Each of our individual selves a firing in the nervous system of Gaia, within the vast mind of the Universe.

We only appear to be separate from one another. Yet, this is why scientific discoveries are made at the same time on either side of the planet, but two people that have never met and know nothing of each other’s work. Whether or not we know it, we are all connected in the Web of Life.

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As we come to recognize this within our stories, we step into a deeper regard for our collective consciousness. That each and everyone of us is part of an interwoven network of cause and effect, a Cloud Atlas of synchronicity that weaves us all to One. As we zoom out further, looking towards the Heavens, we see that we are connected as a constellation of souls.

The timelines of our lives are the strands that connect us. As we see synchronicity in this light, it reveals how we are the very expression of the Divine upon the Earth. That those patterns in the ethereal space of the Akasha, are made manifest in the World Tree of our experience on Earth.

There is an ancient tale of Indra’s Net, a vast net of jewels.

“The manner in which all dharmas interpenetrate is like an imperial net of celestial jewels extending in all directions infinitely, without limit. … As for the imperial net of heavenly jewels, it is known as Indra’s Net, a net which is made entirely of jewels. Because of the clarity of the jewels, they are all reflected in and enter into each other, ad infinitum. Within each jewel, simultaneously, is reflected the whole net. Ultimately, nothing comes or goes. If we now turn to the southwest, we can pick one particular jewel and examine it closely. This individual jewel can immediately reflect the image of every other jewel.” – Dushun (557–640)

If each of those jewels were seen as but a dew droplet upon a spiderweb, we would see how divine intelligence precipitates into an entire world upon the interwoven Web of Life.

The very land is made of this. The precipitation of stars into the mycelial fabric of the Earth. Ultimately, we are made of the same stuff.

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