The Seed of Purpose

Within each of us lay a seed, a gift that wants to sprout and bloom through our lives, a purpose intrinsic to the essence of who we truly are. The process of discovering it is a Quest of the highest order. It requires that we face our shadows and clear our portion of the collective distortion, that we redeem our relationship with the Creation and uncover that which lay beneath the surface of who we imagined ourselves to be.

A budding desire arises in the heart. Threads of thought arise from the depths of the mind, as visions of fulfillment and purpose flood through your consciousness. Inspirations start to take form as this channel of light is open, and tangible actions are made clear, leading you to the fulfillment of your Destiny.

This is what we all are aiming for, referred to as the flow state or even channeling. In this state of being there is a tangible sense of the divine working through our lives, down to the minutia of our everyday thoughts and actions. The question is, how do we have access to this state more of the time?

We are clearing the smudges from our lens of perception so that we may perceive clearly and read our Inner Compass accurately, to have discernment of the nature of our circumstance and our direction in life. From this place, we can receive the guidance of our intuition and hear the voice of Spirit, as the calling of our heart becomes apparent.

Integral to this understanding is the Life Visioning process, that by aligning with Nature, clearing our limiting beliefs and subconscious patterns, and following our compass, we ultimately find our Seed Within, the purpose of our life.

The divine always comes to us in a way that we can understand, for we live in a friendly universe seeking to aid us on our Quest. By opening to receive the vision for our life, impressions and intuitions start to come. As one follows the threads of these it inevitably comes to a gestalt, a synergy of parts forming a bigger picture over time, revealing the grander purpose of our lives.

This is a place of deep discernment and alignment with God’s will, in which we become a vessel for something much larger than our individual self. In this way, the ideas and inspirations that come from this place, which is referred to as “Channel Consciousness” within the Agape teachings of Life Visioning, are aligned with the Seed Within, which is conspiring to grow through the events of our lives.

Together these Seeds grow the Garden of Humanity, which is blossoming into a new paradigm as we step into the next octave of our potential embodied.

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