The Redemption Cue

There comes a moment on our timeline where there is an opportunity for redemption. Where the previous patterns of our life have the chance to shift into a new set. It is here that we are faced with the deep rooted aspects of our incarnation, of being here now as a spiritual being having this human experience. That we meet the crucible that is change with an open heart and a willingness to become a new version, one that is more aligned with Natural Law. In this, we come to see the true nature of our character, of the virtues that sit beneath the mud of the lotus.

It is not easy. It means facing the very real psychic and emotional states that are correlated to our conditions. This plays out in our relationships, between the dramas, the dialogues, the conflicts and the resolutions. In the circumstances of our life, our outer conditions are very much tied to our internal state. The path of self mastery is one of ever present mindfulness of this, so that we can come to the harmony.

This is an electromagnetic state of coherence, or of alignment with the energy that wants to be expressed through us. The very nature of our dis-eases are that we have moved out of alignment, this is the true meaning of sin, which means “to miss the mark”, and is also the nature of how karmas are generated. To correct this is the goal of yoga, which is to come into union with the True Self.

From here, the natural virtues are given, because it is the nature of our being. The healing and the grace, the kindness and repose, the authenticity and fierceness, the softness and the listening, the assertion and the surrender, all come into balance in the Redemption Cue. We are moved by the balance of the energy, to respond in the appropriate way that clears the pattern. This is actually addressing a multi-generational lineage with the opportunity to clean up our side of the equation. By taking this responsibility, we gain the ability to respond, and become the change we wish to see.

This is a real time unfolding of our timeline. We must respond to the energy in the moment, to the circumstances that are demanding us to step up. Yoga happens not just in practice, but in how we show up for life. It is that which we are training, and this is no small thing. This is how we relate with EVERYTHING. That’s what All our Relations points to. And this is for future generations, and the ones that are right here, to redeem what we share with those that came before, to clear up the timelines and birth a new narrative. This narrative is one that’s woven in the moments when you take the Redemption Cue.

If you’re going to stand for something, stand for something. Embody the energy that wants to come through, and be willing to grow, as there is always space in our awareness to see new things. As we look over the horizon, we can see where the sky meets the earth. We may have seen a map or heard a tale about what’s over there, or even have a memory of what once was over there. But until we go over there, it’s all conjecture. It’s all about direct perception, seeing it for yourself. In a sense, seeing is believing. Many don’t believe in magic or God, because they don’t perceive in it, yet it’s there all the same.

We have the opportunity to be the bridge between the Heavens and the Earth, to bring about a new way of being. To be the conduit for which new creation can come into form, through how we relate with the web of life. This is the New Earth, the New Paradigm. Peter said something to me today. If you want to create Heaven on Earth, you need to get to Heaven through Earth. It’s in and through the body that we come to experience the manifest world by our senses, and all that glory of the Kingdom of God is actually HERE. It’s already here in the field, the expansion, the abundance, the harmonic relationships; we are simply clearing the distortions and shadows to see what lies beneath.

It’s in the Moments

Moments of redemption often happen unassuming. There is no loud explosion, angels descending from on high, or a massive surge of life force. Sometimes it’s much more subtle than that. It’s in the very breath, the in and out, of how we meet life. That yoga is not one from when you make those nice poses on camera, it’s the culmination of all you’ve cultivated as a response to life. It is the answer to the question, why? Why be alive? Why be here now?

Inherent to our own response is the energy of our regard towards All that Is. Do we return to reverence, or perpetuate a stagnation. Do we resist, or do we surrender? Is love a choice, when any other choice only hurts YOU, because there is no separation and we are ALL ONE. It becomes the imperative, the evolutionary impulse, of a golden seed of life pushing up through the soil of the soul.

You are the one, so wait no longer. We are those who will embody the energy in this lifetime. We have been here from eons, some, tending the fire till the dawn, others are newer to this human condition, carrying codes of the stars, yet we all meet here in the mud of this still blossoming lotus. And we got alot to work with here! When we come to know that these bodies are made of the memories of our ancestors, all that came before IN-“forms” the reality of this living dream we are experience, this reality to be realized through real-eyes when you open the FIRST not third eye, because this original sight is what births the immaculate conceptions of perception that we call LIFE. And we are just the one bearing witness to it all.

Is that what we mean when we come to know we are divine? That we are in it, but not of it. Riding the evolutionary edge of our own relationship with the Creation. Cuz when we say “All our Relations”, bow our heads in reverence to anything, do we know what we are paying homage to? What we are honoring? What we stand for?

If you are going to stand for something, stand for something, Peter Fae once said to me, who did a fabulous job with witnessing this photo in 2016. It was a moment where I felt the transformation of what had come before, the ancestral patterns of trauma, of rape of the land, of abuse of power, of not listening to Nature. I dropped into my body, took responsibility for my portion of the collective distortion, forgave, and felt it all, felt the water move through me, felt myself cleanse the vibration that I shared with that karmic pattern by returning to the Sacred Land… because well, the buck stops here. I am not going to perpetuate these patterns of suffering! I do not stand for that! I will give my full devotion to the redemption and live with each breath a living prayer, I would come to say, to live this life a work of art.

We came here to do so much than survive, we came to thrive! Anything less is not fulfilling our potential. How else are we going to create this dream of Heaven on Earth, are we going to propagate the solutions that so much of the world desperately needs. I’ve been blessed to live such a magical life that’s been provided for, and I was set up for it; though I know I’m worthy of my role as a leader, I’ve often questioned myself and tried to check all my blindspots because I didn’t want to perpetuate the distortions of the masculine and feminine. So I devoted a lot of time in retreat, in nature, living on the land, cleansing my consciousness and preparing my vessel, investigating my intentions, doing shadow work, mirror work with myself and others, and unraveling any place where I am carrying the burdens of my ancestors.

I could say alot about how this relates to the clay of consciousness, and how we are made of the vibrational substance of the akash. That as we change, our world changes, because our perception changes, and our reception of our relationship with everything shifts. Yet, to come to the blessing from the burden, is to know that everything about our incarnation is set up for us to be born to the exact conditions for us to embody the remedy. That the distortions we face early on sets us up for the contrast of experience that births our desires into reality.