The Golden Thread

“In the beginning there was darkness, only the Mother, a luna. A luna, conceived the world in darkness, she conceived us in thought, she spun a golden thread spinning us all inside the Great Story, creating everything in thought. Then came light, and the world was real.”

Kogi Creation Story by Kalya Scintilla & Evoke

All my life has been leading me to this, a pulse beneath the surface guiding me deeper to the golden thread. An unwinding truth that is the essence that underlay all realities I have experienced along the rainbow road to a more Heavenly Earth. The deeper essence that we all seek to unlock and be attuned to at the core of our being, which is the golden tone of our akashic thread, the timeline of our story to embody our greatest version.

To do this is no easy thing, for it is the Quest itself, calling us to deeper levels of commitment to the arts of self-mastery and to quite literally embody the change we wish to see. Through the Akasha Yoga, I have tracked the pulse of this thread, sacred moments along the progression where I would access my own Divinity. I did this to map out my way back to the Garden, and to help illuminate the new territories of consciousness that we must navigate as we make the transition to the Golden Age.

The issue was, I would forget, losing myself in the fogs that mark the unrealized and unremembered aspects of my own consciousness. I had to find a beacon, to guide me through the shadows of my own subconscious, the splintering caused by my separation from the Source of Life. I came to see, as my awakening expression, the Avatar began to light up the dark night of my soul with the most magnificent revelations of my own Truth, where a pulse began to form. It was the very essence of my heart’s desire, all along, the very reason that I came here as an angel to the Earth. The seed planted at the center of my soul carries a spark, a golden tone of the very purpose for being.

Only through the trials and triumphs of this heroic journey to make my way back to Paradise, would I come to have compassion for the human condition, for the challenges that we all face to embody and ascend to the throne of our authentic self. It sounds lofty, even saying, but weren’t it for the very proofs of progress I’ve tracked by mine own eyes to share with you, beloved reader, I wouldn’t take it at face value…. it’s always so much deeper, the very recognition led me to see, that You are another Me, and that somewhere, at some point, we shared this Realization. And I began to see…

As I was led across the realms on the skin of Gaia, I was led in synchronicity to encounter the other characters of the Great Story. Where, the very essence of my journey back to wholeness was shared with many others, all part of a larger chorus of remembrance. That we might rise to tell a new tale of what it means to be a spiritual being having a human experience, to live in harmony with all our relations. Along this Quest, I came to see, the truth, that there is no separation, that each and everyone of us is an expression of the One Great Intelligence that speaks through all our lives. And she speaks through my Story now, a great grandmother spider whose web carries but a strand I call my own, and that, is my golden thread.

“This is a story, a story about you, a story about us, a story about her. In the beginning, there was darkness… and in the darkness there was nothing, nothing but the spirit of all life. For a long time, the spirit of all life, dwelt in the nothing, then the spirit of all life began dreaming… “

Kogi Creation Story by Kalya Scintilla & Evoke