The Desire Key

There feels to be a frequency, an embodied sense of viscerality, where the waters of wisdom naturally flow through. Where one is attuned with how the breath of life that wishes to sing through them. Its a quality of alignment with the Source of Life, of knowing the divine is working through us and for us.

The inherent Gift: our life. The challenge: to Remember. And to bring it back into the body, to ground the Heavens to Earth and anchor the Awakening. Each of us pillars of light faces a quality of this, as we are the fractal lenses through which the Divine sees itself through us. The healing of the deep seated splinter of separation, and our great calling to create a more Heavenly World.

The Desire feels to be a Key. Where do our desires come from? Some would say their guidance, or their higher self, but then, where did that come from? Ultimately, as far as I can see, it traces back to Source. That we have a divine blueprint, a seed of Life that wishes to blossom through the soil of our soul. That our sense of our True Heart’s Desire is actually the intelligence of Creation’s desire to Create, the impulse of Life itself. There is so much to spoken on this, it is still books to come.

Learning to listen, and to read the signs, has been a common mantra on my journey. But listen to what? and what signs? There is still small voice, a place of subtlety inside us where the guidance of Spirit can come to us, where the synchronicities align on our path with a sense of flow. Following this, reveals that there is a natural intelligence pervasive throughout our lives. And this is intrinsically connected to our True Desire.

And beyond that, that everything that happens on our path is part of a Divine Pattern. The more attuned we become with this web of life, the greater our sense of Purpose aligns, that everything happens with meaning, and is leading into a sense of Destiny. And it is still a Great Mystery. Still, within this, there is the gradual blossom of the flower of our life, of the Gift for why we came here.

Inside this, we start to explore why we are here, and the purpose of our life. Tapping deeper to our True Desire, to that which wishes to come *through* us, be born through us, come to the light of Creation. Where all our inspirations are leading into something larger, a gestalt or synergy of parts into a whole bigger picture. We start to realize our part in this great story.