The Holy Grail

The Alchemical Chalice

You are the cup, the chamber for the waters of life. It is through this vessel, that the immaterial manifests into form, taken shape by the curvatures of the shape. Its contours being the chambers of our soul, its recesses the depths of our being. To dive within is to know this, and see it throughout our world. Here we enter the realms of gnosis, is to know this, thyself, and what are your cups contents. For we are the grail of life herself, the cup that holds the light, that springs forth Creation, through the sacred sex of Shiva and Shakti, of awareness and form; the light penetrating the womb of nothing, through which duality collapses to Unity, and life is born.

Our bodies are a micro-cosmic expression of this cosmic sex act, which all happens through the sacred waters. We are made of water, and the impulse of Creation, that imprints the unique ripples of reality. As you deepen, you sense this, the Akasha Yoga of the textures of the undulations. Vibrational impressions in the substance of form, on the backdrop of the Infinite. You sense her within you, moving as you. You deepen to the sensitivity to the vibrational currents of Self.

For from here, all emerges. You are the drop in an Ocean of Creation, that sends out a ripple of a life. A soul dropping from the heavens down into earth, embodying as your unique incarnation. When you are born, you fall from father sky, having been recycled from the atmosphere of spirit, and then precipitate and coalesce into form through the Waters of the Self.

In this, you gain gravity, form, shape. The water fills the cup, the boundaries that define You. Knowing where these form the distinctions that define your reality gives you access to the siddhe in more consistency, for you are identified with process of life in direct experience, communion and perception. Thus shows the Natural Law in its even deepening holy fullness; through the humming of our cells to the waters of truth, which carry the resonance of all that is aligned with the Divine.

The yogic process of inner alchemy is defined in relationship to this context. For we see that the clarity of our shape defines how the light of pure awareness pours into us. For without the sacred vessel of the body there would be no form through which to experience Embodiment. The goal being to Enlighten this, fill your cup with the light of life. This is the true sacrement, the amrita, the Grail; the life-force sought in all myths of the Quest.

It is through the cleansing of the distortions from our purity that the life flows freely through us; that love comes into reverberation through the waters of the life. The highest optimal vibrational current within which to exist, and flow your creative energies into form.

This attunement is met with a vibrational sense of alignment, that rings up and down your spine, expanding at the cup. At higher levels of activation, this current; the kundalini, rainbow bridge, or rainbow serpent; comes up and reaching the brain, spilling over into a nectar of rejuvination. It is drawn up through the cerebral spinal fluid, filling the Chalice with Golden Light.

The cup is made of earth, which hold the waters, that are then cooked by the fires of transmutation. This alchemical cauldron is imprinted with the vibrational currents of creative energies that are playing themselves out in the body. These are made of the prime elements, in an infinite myriad of configurations, and each contain a Word, a Spell, or a vibrational current. This imprints itself as the “casting” of something into existence, which is a shape of akash, or the substance of consciousness. That which you are aware of.

As the fluid waters of creation coalesce further into form, they gain more and more mass. Thus slowing the volatility and passionate act of the cosmic sex, the Creation, the “coming” into form. Things become slower and more solid, they keep shape and become a sculpture of ice.

All of these are shapes of the Self. There being no separation, only distinction between the infinite myriad of shapes of being; the tantra of form. These shapes embody through incarnation, which is the self-realization of a form through awareness. As the shape of the being comes to serve the alchemical container for the Infinite One to experience the differential of duality, of there being different realities to experience, rather than unending oneness.

For it is through this alchemical process of distillation that we come to experience our reality. This is the magic itself, the Alchemy refined, where we come to work with the elemental structure of our Grail, and see that our reality is a reflection of this sacred Truth.

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