The Calling

In Wisdomby Yeshua Lucis

Our life is an epic journey. An opportunity for our innermost being to be expressed upon the world stage, for us to embody our character in the Great Story of our own Awakening.

There comes a point on our timeline where the calling begins…a beckoning from within, that things can be better. That there is a deeper alignment drawing us to the next stage of our journey. Drawing us deeper to who we truly are. 

Where we begin to explore the edges of the boundaries to which we considered “normal”, where we felt comfortable to dwell seems dissatisfactory to the now unknown limitless horizon beyond what we know our life to be.

Its the siren call on the odyssey of our soul’s journey home. Yet, it brings us to the edge of the horizon of mystery, where we may pierce into the heart of our destiny. Such is the only way we can discover the frontiers of our true potential, and find the Gift of our hero’s journey.

That Gift is the essence of our Quest, the gems of truth and transformation that we gain by answering the call and diving deeper into who we are. This is what we return home with, the solutions and discoveries unique to your soul’s purpose to bring to the World. What that takes form as is as varied as it is unique, yet the principal remains. 

The Calling. From where does it come from? And where does it lead one?

When we see that everyone has a purpose to which they were created, then we can investigate the process of self-discovery and self-actualization from this angle. We can approach the reality of our own growth and personal evolution as part of a larger alchemical process, that inevitably leads us to greater echelons of creativity and freedom, where through processing the challenges within our life, we discover and embody the solutions. These are like a torch we come to carry, bringing that light to the World at large.

The Calling brings us to the fundamental questions of the human spirit. Who am I? What is the meaning of life? Where do we come from? Where are we going? The very process of addressing this and searching for the answers is the initiation into our heroic journey.

The way that we answer these questions is everything, for it determines the meaningfulness of our experience. Because the way that we relate with reality is everything, and ultimately what we seek to discover is new ways of relationship, new ways of being, new paradigms of how we can transform our life and the world.

Truly, it begins with us. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. By answering the call to Adventure deeper into who we truly are, and discovering the answers and solutions to the deepest questions and problems of our life, we pave the way to new planetary paradigms. We bring the torch of our own enlightenment to the world stage. We return home with the greatest gift that could ever be found, only to give it to the World.

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