Seeds of the New Earth


Here, spirit arranges for Lindsay Semilla to pick me up, a visionary new earth artchetict and djedi priestess that I met in Crestone before leaving for the Cosmic Carnival.

She brings me to her home temple, a synergy hub, where the leylines converge into a solutionary nexus, a font of alchemy and permaculture, of community and the reincarnate djedi.

Here it is thick with the culture of the emergent Tribe, where visionary art hangs on every corner next to altars and books on planterary change, geomancy and urban permaculture.

Art by Lindsay Semilla (link to purchase…)

The Djedi Key

Lindsay leads me to the inner sanctum of her Temple, where she says she has something for me. Going to a drawer to pull out something, pulling out a magical amulet and handing it to me with an invocation. Her aspect as a priestess and ancient shamana shimmers through as she opens me to the realm.

“Its a Djedi Key.”

I felt this moment as an initiation. An affirmation. A calling to go deeper into the djedi within, and master the rainbow bridge.

“I want you to read something.” She says with a caring smile, handing me the Magdalene Manuscript, which spoke the metophic relationship of Christ and Magdalene, of a path of love and tantric alchemy.

Within the space, I sense the tones of the Goddess rising within the inner sanctum, the realms of the divine feminine and of sensuality, nurturance and grace.

Lindsay then took me onward to a shop of alchemies, as the sign of the Green Man appeared in the flower shop. At the shop, I was gifted an anointing oil infused with totem of the dragon that I invoked “Just Trust”, a moniker mantra inspired by her first in Crestone, when she gifted me a pin with turtle island on it that read that, before I left for the Cosmic Carnival.

Again, the Egyptian pantheon appears, bearing the archetypical energies of royalty and the ancient mysteries of alchemy.

After, she brought me to a mural in the city she painted, revealing a family of light watering a seed sprouting a tree through the Earth, with rainbow streams coming out either side like a bridge.

I am living the mythos of the New Earth rising, encountering the perfect circumstance across the timespace of the Akasha.

This is a proof of the physics of the Quest, that we live within the halo of our own rainbow bridge, encountering the reflections upon our sacred path of synchronicity and Awakening.

Golden Letters, Sacred Scribe

In the sanctum, Lindsay has a powerful dream, one of me scribing the new myth into existence with golden ink.

“It’s a new bible,” she says, channeling the light language of the new hieroglyph before it had fully taken form, a reflection of her seership.

Eyes of Faerie

The realms had shifted on me once again, as the tones of Avalon rung through the greenlands and relics upon my path. It may be Denver on the surface, but beneath the land sings an ancient song.

Led back to the Alchemy shoppe, I encounter a faerie spellbook called, “How to See Faeries” by Brian Froud, for the first time.

In riddle and rhyme, an ancient language spoke to the fibers of my being, a portal to the realms of faerie… sign of times to come.

Return to Tribal Vision


I prepare to make my leap through the portal to Tribal Vision, yet was waiting for a ride to manifest.

Lindsay Semilla connects me with Shaunti Lallyiam, a witness of the emergent culture on a sacred mission to document the Tribe through the wielding of Light, a photographer in other words, with who we gather at the house in freestyle prayer. His potent photographs are featured here throughout the gathering. He offers me to join his caravan.

My adventure just begun, I have no clue what awaits me.

Arriving there, I tend the fire to dawn as a seva, offering my music at a stage in the realms of a permaculture garden. It was a wonderful opportunity to share my voice in the Garden, thankful to Shaunti’s presence and sacred witnessing.

Invoking song, I felt the journey behind and before me, a melody of musings and originals brought through the inspirations and lessons gained along the way. Only a few people had arrived, as it was early on in the festival, still I gave it all I had in the moment, my living prayer. I know not fully the ripples it had, but it had a feeling of setting the tone. I trusted in the journey, facing disappointment that there wasn’t a bigger turnout, I accepted spirit’s will and kept on following the dream. Exhausted after, I make my way to sleep under the open sky.

Again, I encounter the sigil of the Star Tribe Alliance, a reoccurring guild on my path since my time in Taos. Here, the intention strikes me as the invocation of our shared purpose, to anchor a New Paradigm as Avatars of the Awakening. That through embodying our greatest selves, activating our gifts and superpowers, we would become the change we wished to see and bring about a greater World.

Mission: To activate, develop and maintain a global network of superheroes dedicated to healing, rejuvenating, and evolving the collective consciousness while co-creating a harmonious universal habitat.

Star Tribe Alliance Poster

Beneath the sign, I find a magic tomb on the Secret Teachings of Isis, again bearing the tones of the Alchemy and Tantras brought the field the episode before. I would continue to work with cultivating the Ka, or my light body, drawing on the energy up my Spine, invoking the Djedi arts, working to clear the blockages and become a vessel for the Divine Light.

Sacred Fire Portal

The opening ceremony is led by mayan shaman, Starhawk.

The Cleansing Dawn

The Singing Plants

The next day, I encounter Peter May, who shares the music of the plants and invites me on a sound healing journey with sacred alchemies of the very plants I hear singing through the tones.

“I know it seems like a great orchestration, and it is. All these plants are playing at the same frequency that I’m playing. Or more appropriately, I’m playing the same frequency they like to play in. So its like their own language.”

Peter May

Star Tribe Prayerformance

Bridging the East and West

The Tribe gathers, invoking the directions and the bridging of the East and the West. This is a common theme throughout my journey to the New Paradigm, first appearing on my path in Taos. That of recognizing the Unity in Diversity, that we all share the same Source. Such is us answering the call to embody the solution to a collective distortion of separation, to recognize and remind our brothers and sisters of the web that weaves us all as One.

After, ceremonies of the fire are invoked, of ancient ways from either direction. The Rainbow Flag is brought forward, blessed as an emblem of our Unity.

Wake Up Express

Into the end of the festival, I ride on to a nearby permaculture farm where I see the sigils of Lindsay Semilla representing the new paradigm culture. Its quite perfect, that of the upcoming gathering invoked as “Wakeup Express”.

Here I intersect with Leaf LeRay, Amber Tang and Joseph, a trio of soulkin who I first encountered at the festival. Leaf was who had helped produce the festival, and who had arranged for me to play. Amber was a fire spinning faerie, and Joseph a saint of hugging with who I had prayed to the Earth after the closing ceremony.

I am offered a reading from a medicine card deck by Amber, pulling the card, “Return Home.” Suddenly, I felt this pull back to the Lands where this all started, regarding this as a sign.

They share the desire to go, having never been, but also having received lore of its spiritual vortex along the route of the Rainbow. I share with them my adventures there and the power it’s sacred land holds.

So we journey south across the brightlands of green, touching the edges of the fine and free. “I am a Faerie!” Amber sings, skipping towards the green, weaving wreaths of sage into Joseph’s hair.

Leaf proclaimed the difficultly of organizing such a festival, and his gratitude for the soothing respite of the land and fellowship.

Wondering where we should go in Crestone on our spontaneous journey, I remember … the Dream Weavers Sanctuary.

Characters Appearing in this Episode

Lindsay Semilla, Shanti Lalliam, Leaf LeRay, Amber Tang, Joseph, Peter May