Ripples of Resonance

Dependent on how aligned we are with the core frequencies of Gaia, we experience a harmonic or distorted reality. Its like a ripple that goes out and comes back to us, dependent on how in or out of tune we are with Nature.

We can see a beautiful way of how this relates to our everyday in how water forms different crystalline structures, relative to different conditions of vibration, intention and form.

As you can see, the quality of the intention of Love creates beautiful harmonic patterns in the shape of the water, while “I will kill you” creates a disharmonic scattering. This shows how the state of our mind affects the vibrational harmonics or lack of, reflecting in the substance of water, which is relative to the larger symphony of harmonics that make up the divine blueprint of nature’s design. 

When we are truly aligned with this divine blueprint, our harmonic is on, creating beauty and health. When it is out of alignment, we exist in disharmony and it create dis-ease. This applies to the journey of healing, in which we retune to the natural harmonics, shedding shapes of being that play out on the surface as attitudes of disempowerment and habits that disturb the coherence of our life. Its like a web, when any part of it vibrates, it resonates throughout the whole.

Pollution, distorted relationships and disease are reflections of lack of alignment with the coherent harmonics of nature. By returning ourselves to balance, wielding the power of our intention in service to the divine pattern, we propagate the crystalline structures of harmony. We literally embody the redemption, as the issues in the world are a reflection rippling out from the core of how we are embodying and relating with the natural world.

Through this, we come to see the ways of ripples of resonance, of the ways our state of being affects our reality. We learn to listen and receive the music of the reverberations, to align with a new tune of harmony for the Whole. We come to deeper alignment with Gaia, the intelligence which shapes all things.