The Fae & the Free

Along my journey deeper into the mythical world, the Mythica, I’ve encountered other characters who carry the tones of the green, who weave between the grey to bring their sacred relationship with the Land to the World.

Guardians of Gaia who are the modern incarnations of Faerie, of the freefolk of the greenlands, the tenders of the sacred land.

From my time in the valleys of Crestone near the spine of the dragon that winds it way across the mountains of the Sangre de Christos, I encountered the gridworkers and gatekeepers, who opened space for the Fae to gather and emerge.

To that of my journeys to Oregon, where I ported at Wynden Keep, traveled to Living Well, the nature spirit sanctuary, and eventually made my way with Peter Fae to Faerie Worlds Festival in 2018.

In this place of bards and priestesses, of halls of music and valleys of dance upon the green, outside of the grey streets of the Emerald City, home to a Tribe who meet at this nexus of leylines upon the skin of Gaia.

Destiny of the Fae

It was here we encountered Destiny Fae, who brought her oracle to the fore, that our time had come together to unite the realms.

Soon after, Peter, Destiny and I would be led to the sacred home of Amelio and Kelly, the producers of Faerie Worlds, to share in music and the celebration of Kelly’s birthday, where I was shown the artwork of Bryan Froud throughout, a friend of Amelio who sparked the inspiration for the festival from the universe spawned by the creativity of that art.

Peter and I were then granted sanctuary at the Enchanted Gypsy, an old biodiesel house bus crafted by the Fae shapers Moss and Pixy, where again the art from the universe of the Worlds of Faerie appeared…

Just as it had after I had crossed the rainbow bridge to perform at Tribal Vision in 2016, when I was at the temple of the djedi priestess. I remember walking through the park and seeing an old structure amongst the green before being led to the alchemy shoppe where the book first appeared, “How to See Faeries” by Bryan Froud.

A common thread throughout would emerge, as I began to divine my movement across the realms. I began to notice that as the textures of Faerie would arise in the space of the Akasha, in the field of awareness I would witness other characters arriving and myself upon places that carried the embodiment of that archetypical quality.

Scrying the Faerie Realms through the Akashic Compass

This is how I began to use my akashic compass to navigate my way through the realms of Faerie, just as I had trained with Peter Fae at the Magician’s Oasis, discovering it in the inventory.

Where the journey across the landscape before me back to the sacred land, would reflect my inner journey to greater realms of sanctity and a liberating relationship with the Source of Life.