Song: Know thy Self, Love thy Self


A song from the Quest as featured in “Flow State”.



As featured in “Flow State”: “I felt the love and energy of the universe using me as it’s instrument, I felt ecstasy and bliss. It was the recognition of the perfection of the unfoldment all the effort all of the work, all of the self inquiry, all of the exploration, all of the discovery, all of the healing, the entirety of the journey I’ve been on leading up into that moment in time. It was the witnessing of the perfection of the unfoldment. In direct experience. This is the experience that all of us want more of. So as I re-listened to the song I felt what causes this, and what keeps us from having access to our powers, what keeps us from being in the flushness and the fullness of actualizing our destiny, of doing we came here to do.

So I looked at this and asked what are creatively blocks, and how can we be free of them? From my direct perception and revealing the seed within, I come to see that they are imprinted patterns of vibrational energy that affect our access to ideas and inspiration. When we become clear of these, we have access, we can sing our true heart song. We radiate at our True Tone. We come back into alignment with our true purpose.”