Peace and Coherence

In Wisdomby Yeshua Lucis

Coming to peace and acceptance is part of the process coming to coherence. Coherence is absolutely essential in the process of manifestation, of healing the patterns within us back to wholeness, granting us more access to the abundance that is our birthright.

When the mind is agitated, it’s like rippling in the water, the keeps you from seeing in clarity. Keeps you from accessing the ideas of the abundance that is already present within your field. To smooth out these ripples is the process of akasha yoga.

It is in service to yourself. Not really just a “selfless” thing. To come to peace with what it is. When all around you are things that you do not like. Circumstances that are unpleasant. Pollution. Disharmony. When we come face-to-face with the conditions of this Age of Humanity. Where we find our own responsibility to affect change in our lives.

It is a functional act of clearing the disharmony inside, to experience more easement, which equates to more life force flowing through you. When this is going on, you experience more vibrancy, more health, more inspiration and generally more wholeness.

It defines your relationship with What Is. If you are rebelling constantly against what is, constantly upset with the conditions, all it does is continue to repeat and make you more and more agitated. Which then blocks your inspiration and creativity, and just generally makes it worse. So it defines the very nature of our relationship with the necessity of forgiveness. The necessity of acceptance. Of letting go, or embracing what is, even when we don’t like that we are in patterns where we have to do this.

The “enemy” becomes the inconstancy of your own access to inspirations. The flickering of your awareness upon the prize of the abundance already present within the field, to navigate your way across the waters of the akasha, which we call consciousness, into the more anchored state of awakened recognition. This is a necessity to bring the seed within of your sacred purpose forward to the world, the gifts inside that want to manifest and create our Heaven on Earth.

How does it serve you. Do you want more abundance, and I’m not just talking about money. Do you want more harmony in your relationships? Do you want to feel a sense of purpose? Do you want to experience more meaningful connections and realizations? All of these things, including your material success, or connected to your level of access to the solutions inside of your field of consciousness. This defines the arts of self development. This defines the many traditions of spirituality. This defines the human spirits aspiration to live in a brighter and more manifest World.

Why do we have compassion. Why do we feel love for things, even when it’s unpleasant. Why, outside of the scripture, or the dogma of saying how things are, what does it physically do. How does it make it better, how does it make it worse. There is only one of us here, in many different bodies. To place blame on another, is to diminish your power from the start of relinquishing your ability to respond, which is your responsibility. When we see that we are all clearing our portion of a collective distortion, where everybody is doing the best I can from the awareness they have any God given moment. It defines this thing. It defines how we could make it better. It defines how we can manifest a more heavily earth.

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