The Masks of Mary

There are many faces to Mary. Fractal expressions of the facets of Magdalene consciousness I’ve encountered along my journey, priestesses who walk the path of the rose to marry love and light. The divine mother, sister, and lover, bearers of the sacred waters of redemption. An archetype of the divine feminine aligning with Her divine essence, each on a mission bring Unity to the World.

The Realms of the Rose

From their heart blossoms the unfurling lotus of Gaia’s rebirth. Planetary midwives of ascension, holding space for the transformation of the collective consciousness. Drawing from the wells of compassion and kindness, they nurture and nourish the soils of our being.

I reflect on the priestesses of the emergent world I have met on the path thus-far, like Unity Grace, a magdalene oracle traveling the leylines; Star Chema, a water bearer, star tender and medicine keeper; Kelly Miller Lopez, bright guardian of Faerie Worlds; along with many others carrying the totem of the Rose and the Moon, all guided by their heart’s desire to bring about the Awakening.

They all would arrive as embodiments of this particular suchness at key moments in the unfoldment of my story, unlocking the codes of light, helping me to me step into the next octave of my own embodiment, opening my way deeper into the Mythica.

Its a wondrous and beautiful thing, as we are so much more than we know, each playing our part in the Great Story of our shared Awakening. As the waters of consciousness shift with the tides of the time, the patterns of Creation play out through the course of our lives.

Such is the rose and the thorn, the blossom and stem that holds it, the balance between reception and assertion, the healing of the masculine and feminine aspects of our being. There is not one without the other.

The Christ finds its Light in our Being. The Magdalene flows in the waters of our Soul. Cosmic awareness relating with the manifest form of Gaia, the infinite Beloved. Does not the One play out through the many?

Those who walk the paths to sacred Union within and without are the preistesess of a new paradigm. Reconciling the patterns of the past, redeeming the waters of life through right relationship. Such are the true water bearers and fire tenders of Spirit, she who faces that which must be faced, attending to the healing of the elements of our own Nature.

Raven & the Preistesses of Water at Faerie Worlds

There is not just one Mary, for the Magdalene is a living energy, underneath the many masks she wears.