Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms have been a deep ally of mine on the Quest. They would be some of my first Plant Teachers, revealing to me the mystical octaves of the huemyn experience. After learning the lesson of right relationship with these helpers of ancient time, I came to understand that they are sacred medicine. They help to teach us spiritual lessons, expand our consciousness, and access the Akasha; to clear emotional trauma, to open up the heart to bliss, to see the divine purpose in all things. Above all, I feel that they are here to remind us of a state of being that is more natural, of something to aspire and cultivate towards; a sense of connection with the Web of Life, with the Love that sits behind all things.

As sovereigns, the use of entheogens is our Birthright. It is not a privilege owed to us, but rather a Right. We all deserve to have our own direct relationship with Nature, and it’s many helpers. To decide for ourselves what is medicine and what is not. Especially when we follow the creed of “harm to none”. This is what I feel is really meant, when it was said “do as thou wilst”, it’s up to you what is right for you. Yes, discernment is key, and having a proper relationship of cultivation with this plant medicine is key. But it’s like with anything, it’s not necessarily the substance, but the user; the intention they go into it with.

Moderation, sacred regard, and true listening to the deva, or the plant spirit, the essential intelligence of the medicine is really important. Because this is a living Being, not an inanimate substance.

It’s a two way line. You’re communicating with the Deva, the Divine Intelligence of the Spirit of the Mushroom.

As she enters you, you are blending with the devic intelligence of this ancient consciousness, deeply rooted in the World Tree, the very creation of existence. This being was part of the seeding of worlds, I was shown, as mushrooms exist first and then develop the many layers of the latticework of the natural world. Even the spores of mushrooms are a perfect geometry that can travel through space without being destroyed.

They are the brain and nervous system of the planet, conducting the intelligence of Earth and the symbiotic communications between the plant, mineral and animal kingdoms. Our own nervous systems are a reflection of this mycelial network.

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That’s actually part of how their healing properties work. This is all coming from my direct perception and study of their effect on my own self, along with research into their scientific and spiritual properties. They help relax and reset the autonomic nervous system, which is the automatic wiring of our bodymind, where patterns of stress are held. This is the realm of the subconscious. It helps us traverse this realm and learn the spiritual lessons associated with the knots that got stored in our body, unwinding the karmic patterns associated and aligning us with Nature. When stress patterns are released, disease of both body and mind clear up. I feel this is why clinical trials are now showing how effective it is in treating depression.

This information is no longer hidden, but coming out into plain site as the collective consciousness raises.

She brings us back to natural order and gets us in touch with our Divine Design.