Life As a Work of Art

These are matters of the heart

performing our art

invoking the divine

and breathing it to life

giving thanks to the infinite

and all that’s relative

Coalescing crystals

serpant is rising

spiders on a web

we follow golden threads

through a grid of gaian realms

we weave masterful tales

of adventure through awakening

sleepy eyes gaze on eternity

guided now by synchronicity

we find our way to the heart

and find art near and far

this is where it starts

Prayer by fire and fan by feather

The wind touches my face

gently surrender to the moment

We came here to be all that we are

sovereign and free

embodied in our art

spirit informing matter

these are matters of the spirit

in flesh, blood, sinew and grass

these lungs are the forest

so breath deep, breath deep

with a silent yes

known to the bones

cells hum to the chorus

of everlasting life

clear channel whispers

guidance, so let the mind

bow down and the heart run free.