Life as a Living Divination

I’ve had a deep love for divination since my Awakening began. I began to notice how the signs that appeared on my path were a divine reflection for my inner process. This developed into my application of the yoga of Story, of witnessing the synchronicities of my path and how they tracked to revealing the meaning of my life.

Meaning is found in those crossroads of space and time, where we find its place within us and all that is happening around us. We come to viscerally experience that “as within, so without,” the ancient axiom of alchemy that alludes to how our experience is a sacred mirror for revealing how what manifests in our path, is a reflection of an inner reality. This inner reality is the causal and energetic plane, the landscape of definition, the underlands of our heroic journey of Awakening to who we truly are.

To travel this magical plane of perception and sacred relationship, is to receive everything that arrives for us in an art of witnessing. In a living divination of the elements and archetypes that make up our sacred path… this is a realm that people get to in a variety of ways, that is truly one of the purposes of magick and divination, is to get us into a particular space of awareness, a particular position of perception.

So much of self help is about shifting our context, how we see things. Yet, is there not a place of true context? Where we witness, not contrive, the authentic truth that wishes to blossom through us, that expresses itself through the uniqueness of our story. Its here, that we approach the discernment of divination, where we come to see more clearly and appreciate the uniqueness of our path. We come to to see how it all connects, how all is relative to the evolution of our soul, of what lessons we’re learning, of what we’re healing, who we are and where we are going.

This is the golden thread, the exaltation of divination. Where we see that the many forms that appear on the surface, such as tarot, iChing, Gene Keys, Astrology, and many others, are the expression of an underlying reality of universal archetypes and elements embodying themselves in our experience. To cast a divination, is merely to intend to receive a reflection, and then interpret that and see how it relates to one’s path. Of course this depends on one’s level of psychic acuity, and clarity. Yet, the essence remains, as they all come from the same Source.

How do things all come to make sense? What is the nature of that process? To look into this is to investigate the living divination of our lives. That every act of looking into the meaning of what is going on, and relating it to something that appears on the surface of our path, as it relates the elements that are playing out within us, is an act of divination. In that regard, the form that one uses to do this differs, and at a certain point, is all self-relative. There is no ultimate and only form of it, but rather what is appropriate will arrive for you relative to the shape of your soul, your divine design and life purpose.

Even to ask the perennial questions, “who am I?” or “why is this happening?” Is an act of divination, of casting our awareness in search of meaning, from the perspective of magick. The form that one does this, may differ, one may not use the word divination, that may just say meaning or clarity, but either way, from seeing a therapist, to a psychic reader, from reading a self-help book, to pulling a tarot card, its really all the same inquiry, from a certain angle.

What led you to that particular book, to open to that particular page? What gave you the idea to pull that card? To visit that coffee shop where you ran into a character who brought a certain answer to the fore? What causes that? Now we’re going deeper. What if, whatever appeared in form on your path in this process, were made of a particular quality of consciousness. And that particular quality was the thing that is reflecting back to you.

What is the “why” of synchronicity? How does divination work? It is the feedback of the universe, that is a facet of your particular prism of self, the looking glass through which you experience the creation. When we live in the context a friendly universe, that the divine is conspiring to help us and show us the way, we see that the right form will come to us at the right time. As we deepen this relationship with guidance, we see everything as a living divination, as the universe communicating with us about ourself and our sacred path.

This is deeply connected to Awakening to our Divine Blueprint, to the essence of who we are and why we are here, to the purpose of our unique incarnation in the Great Story of our lives. From here, we come to see that absolutely everything that happens on our path, happens with perfect purpose, that can be traced back to a core unfoldment. 

When we tune into this Pulse, it begins to guide us, to inform us, and we develop our own unique relationship with the Creation. We find our unique way to read the signs, the stars, the cards, to relate with what it means to be human, to encounter other characters and travel through different realms and sacred lands. We live ever deeper in the yoga of story, to the revelation of the seed of divine purpose that lay within us all.

Over the years, I’ve unlocked a deep talent for divination. I’ve had readers and people who have studied it astound at my natural talent. For me, it really has to do with the Akasha, because I see everything as a living canvas of consciousness. My psychic empathy tunes into those place of common threads, of the elements and archetypes, and then reflects relative to the codes that come to me relative to another’s path. When we are both tuned in, and aligned to do this, it happens naturally, and I’ve witnessed the wonders of clarity that come through when it does. A Mythic Mirroring of divine clarity, of purpose and interconnectivity, of revealing the meaning that lay beneath it all.

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