Leylines - Subtle Currents of the Sacred Land

There is a curvature to the surface of the land. If some has ever said to you, “let me show you the lay of the land,” you know that there is a way that each place is laid out. Yet, as we go deeper, we discover the ley of the land…

These are the subtle energies and life forces beneath the surface of common perception. The atmosphere that is charged with the energies of the sun and plants, the subtle nuances of life that pulse from the ground. There is a magic to these currents, when we learn to work with them, for where-ever natural energy flows, it contains power we can draw upon.

Deeper still, along the subtle currents through which the life-forces of the natural world flow are called Leylines, and where they pool together in the landscape is where you can find pristine divine healing energies of nature, which is called Mana.

The deeper you go, you see that the surface world is woven of these threads, the Aka, and that they distill down to the prime elements from which the world is made, and beyond that into a wash of vibrational energies that emerge from the Source, the causal layer of the Akasha.

Drawing the Power of our Magic from the Land

We can draw power from the land, cultivating our relationship with the elements within the training of our magic. We learn to divine and discern where the leylines converge, also known as Vortexes, Powerspots, or just generally Sacred Lands. 

As we are drawn there along our journey deeper into the Mythica, we discover how to cleanse and purify, returning the state of our inner energies to the balance found within the pristinity reflected by the state of the land. We move into relationship with the subtle lands of Gaia, the worlds of magick beneath the surface.

As we learn master and balance the elements within ourself, we may cultivate the life force in service to our creations. This elemental spell-craft is a weaving of the Aka-threads, of the subtle threads that the land is made of. Remember, you and the land are one. Your body and mind is made of the elements, and beyond that, of the ethers of pure vibration. 

Learning to work with this, is learning to work with the sculpture of your consciousness, which is the arts of change, that is Magic, Yoga, the basis of any self-development or embodied spirituality that relates to our desire to be our greatest version.