Integrating the Shadow Self

Truly embracing embodiment, being here now for your journey and mission on Earth, means accepting and integrating our shadow. Turning from treating the darkness as our enemy, and befriending our inner demons, becoming acquainted with their aches and pleas, their demands and wounds.

If we aren’t intimate with our own Shadow, it will just play itself out through our behaviors and the reflections we receive in our life unconsciously. After a certain threshold of awareness, its obvious there really isn’t any better choice, than to love yourself, in all its Aspects.

Doing that means showing up in a new way. One that is more authentic, vulnerable, and willing to be seen in your flaws and glory. This can be the hardest thing, because it rams against everything in our programming. Which teaches us we must prove our value in the world, thus project ourselves a certain way to be safe, also known as survival.

This is fundamentally based in the lack matrix. Our value is intrinsic, and furthermore as you get into the paradigm of sharing your gifts with the world, is tied to people seeing your humanness and resonating even more with your message. Being your raw self in this new paradigm = way more money than you may have ever dreamed big enough for. Now’s a great time to start.

We need to take our own medicine, in order to serve it to the world. We can’t bop around from one peak experience, transformational this that the other, whether it’s plant medicine, retreats or even yoga classes, the most important work happen in the intimate space we are alone with ourself every single day.

Do you feel lonely when you are alone? This is a sign your shadow is crying out to be integrated, for you to hold yourself deeper. We get it, you’ve achieved all these things, learned deep spiritual wisdom, climbed mountains to God, but here is the altar of the Temple: down here in the day to day mud of being human. The true test of our faith and our humility, that integrates all we’ve done and how far we come, is how much we can put aside our old stories about focusing on “what is”  and breath love into ourself in This Moment.

Fully embracing every cell. Be the Understanding. Embody it, with every breath. You have nothing to prove, you are the proof. Often our shadow can play out as the “know it all”, listen to me I know better than you and am the authority, when the very thing you are trying to beat into other peoples understanding is the very medicine that you need, to quite your mind and give yourself. Take your own medicine.

When you can sit and go through every layer alone, and love being there, you move from lonliness to communion with God, to Solitude and true serenity. You learn to love your own company, rather than seeking the outer validation of manifestations to feel better. It’s putting the cart before the horse. We are meant to tune into living our best life in our vibration now, not wait for the outer to change or try to force it to change. Those are all signs of unintegrated shadow and control patterns based on the lack matrix.

When we are in Abundance, we move from striving to do do do, to thriving by just being in the flow of our Life expression, our Essential Self. We move from the space of actual joy inside, by creating the container to integrate all the ways our shadow shows us we repressed our life-force. These cues of tension inside become opportunities, for the Angel of our awareness to embrace the Human of our shadow. They become what we listen for, where we need to love ourselves deeper by giving our awareness a chance to do the thing it does best: Heal.