How I Change my Life for the Better

As an adventurer and author of the Mythica, I witness and document my path, sharing my life circumstances and the practices I have used to transform my life for the better. I have come to understand that the change begins within, that by redeeming the energies within me through right relationship and applied practice, my life would clear up for the better.

Part of being human in this age is that we are dealing with distortions within the field of the collective consciousness. We each have our own portion of this to deal with, as there is no separation. Key to making my way from the realms of scarcity and fear to those of abundance and Love has been taking responsibility for my portion of the collective distortion. It is understanding that the world as we experience it is made of vibrations, and these are playing out as either redeemed or defiled, dependent on where the consciousness is at in its alignment or misalignment with the natural laws that underlie our existence.

Underlying the bedrock of this progression was recognizing that God’s nature is unerring. God is Good. We live in a friendly, benevolent and supportive universe. Yet, it doesn’t always seem this way, because of the distortions in the consciousness, everything becomes agitated and perturbed – it becomes almost impossible to see the grace and love, the wonder and blessings that are there just on the other side of the veil of our current state of being. Yet, we experience very real conditions from this place, and much of the collective consciousness is moving through these states, creating entire worlds based on the constructs of its misalignment with God’s goodness.

Yet these don’t have to be our world. Life can be better – but as I’ve discovered, we have to do the work to realign with Nature. If not, things don’t change, we exist in the stagnations of what has defined the previous paradigm. This is why spiritual practice is so important. It has given me an avenue to transform my vibration, to clear and cleanse myself from the inside out, coming back to the Divinity that lay within me and us all. It has led to greater states of revelation and peace, along with the transformation of my outer life and all my relationships that I experience regularly. Its all filled with more light and grace, as I breathe more deeply into the feeling of being supported by God.

To remind myself of God’s goodness even when my consciousness was flickering between states, to hold to the faith, was very difficult. I still experienced the fear, the patterns of scarcity, at junctures in the path being alone, homeless and without money. Yet, every time, something came through, and I was supported. As Peter Fae passed along to me after one of his visits to Agape Spiritual Ministry, a fellow ministry delivering the word of God’s Grace,

“We are tested so that we may give testimony.”

Not only has it been proven on my path that God supports us, it has revealed the pattern that this is always the case, what changes is our state of consciousness. This is why we always come back to what we call the Rules of the Road, to look at where we are at and remind ourselves of the bedrock, so that the waters of our mind may calm and find respite as we shift into the abundance that is our birthright.

Spiritual Practices I have used in my Journey:

  • Aligning with Gaia (Consciously Connecting with Nature)
    • Elemental rituals
    • Nature immersion
    • Earthing
    • Plant medicines
  • Ho’oponopono (Forgiveness)
  • Life Visioning
  • The Yoga of Story – Akasha Yoga
    • Witnessing & Documenting the Path
    • Developing discernment over vibrations
      • percieving how this relates to realms
  • Manifestation Arts
    • Visualization
    • Affirmation
    • “Feeling it as if its happening”
  • Djedhi Arts (energy cultivation)
    • chi-gong
    • “flowing with the energy”
    • my own style
  • Physical Yogas
    • Breath-work
    • Sound Healing
    • hatha yoga
    • kundalini/kriya
  • & more
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