Horizons of Prana

Creation is boundless. The spirit of the land moves through all things, as there is a current of life force, vital energy that gives Life to us all. We can deepen our awareness of this, and cultivate our relationship with it. This is the essence of energy work and subtle healing arts, working with this energy in our bodies, and being aware of it in our environment.

When there is dis-ease, there a dam in the river of our life force. When we remove this, the divine flow may come through us again. Here, we can approach the pure energy that flows through pristine nature, and draw upon this for our own healing. We can reatune with the divine blueprint of nature.

This is the essence of the clearing. The land is larger, older and wiser than us. The elemental essences are closer to Source. By connecting with the pristine elements, we can purify and heal. Through the conduit of awareness the natural life force can flow through us. We can draw from the sun, the water, the fire, the earth and the air. This is the Yoga. This is the essence of why we return to the land as a healing practice. We are coming back to the Mother, to that which we are made of. Here we can cleanse ourselves of the disharmonies, and come back to divine flow.

This is the essence of the teachings: We are realigning with Gaia. We are coming back into tune with Natural Law. We are addressing the everyday circumstance with Eternal Values. Down to the minutia of our feeling-states and how that gives rise to our thoughts, beliefs and actions, along with the very lens of perception that we are looking through, and the reflection that we are looking at that is our manifestation.

The minutia of our thoughts, beliefs and actions are relative to the imprinted energy within our body-mind, affecting the Lens of our Self. These imprints are made of specific textures of vibration, different combinations of elemental material. This can be difficult to see, as it requires the attainment of a particular type of witness awareness. When they are in a defilement, it gives rise to distorted thoughts and perceptions, such as the error of scarcity and separation, which then cause us to act out of alignment with Nature. We can’t see the abundance and Grace wanting to come to us.

This is why we do the spiritual practices. It is to clear our lens, so that we may be aligned with the Truth. The unique expression of the divine can then work through our lives, and we gain access to more abundance in the form of vitality, inspiration and better relationships with each other and the world. As our inner world clears up, so too does the outer world, as there is no separation.