Healing with the Divine Mother and Father

I have been doing a lot of healing around being received, by the community, by the world, by my self. I’ve been realizing through this spiritual process that the vibration of “being received” and being in the receiving mode, so to speak, are the same. I must be that energy, tuned into that frequency, to receive that quality in my manifestation. This is the inner work that gives rise to the change in my outer conditions, as I’ve come to understand it along my journey.

In realizing that there is no separation, I saw that the change starts within. That we are all connected. That I am resolving a karma that goes beyond just this lifetime, and this individual self, but rather we all revolve in karmic gravities like stars in a constellation, gradually working through our patterns as the “grist for the mill” as Ram Dass once put it. This contrast of experience can catapult one into a great level of growth and rapid ascension. It is all happening in the Field, arising within our awareness to greater levels of coherence over time as we return to Wholeness.

I say “return”, because I see it as our true nature, the original divine blueprint for our life that is that purity of spirit projected into matter. We are working with the distortions from that, in relation to the Love that sit within divine truth waiting to be discovered. This, as I’ve seen it, is a journey of Self-Realization, to realize the One in all its many facets, and to understand the nature of form, from the perspective of being awareness, of being Spirit in Matter, a spiritual being having a human experience.

As I approach being willing to change, as a prime stance towards life, a devotion emanating from within my inner asana, a softening towards the process is happening. A willingness to go into it, and explore the various entrypoints to the multi-dimensional and faceted tools I’ve gained to work with the substance of consciousness over the years. Call it yoga, magick, what you will, Source Energy, it is all fundamentally the same thing, ways of working with the Akasha, the prime vibrational substance of consciousness. As I come to greater understanding of this, not in an intellectual way, but in a visceral embodied gnosis way, I feel myself deepen into the stone and marrow of the temple of myself. I feel my entire approach deepen, and revolve around the prime knowing that there is no separation. That any grievances I hold toward another in my past, are but aspects of my Self, and that from that causal lever I can work with the substance, to invoke a deep forgiveness within the waters of my self, repatterning the subconscious on the core level which gives rise to mind and manifestation.

There, I felt myself call upon the Divine Mother and Father archetypes, as aspects of the Self, holding my inner child, as the divine gift. There, I felt the deep wound of not being understood by others, of feeling rejected and dejected, where others wouldn’t get back to me, or I wasn’t received in the deep value that I embody. From here, I felt myself Receiving myself, a healing with those prime archetypes, as images of my maternal and paternal figures flashed across my mindseye, where deep grievances and traumas I’ve had with family were able to be felt much more deeply in this safe sacred space and embraced. In this, deep waves of pain resolve, forgiveness is had, release is felt in my body, in my stomach, my groin, my heart, my back, my neck, my shoulders, my hips, all over, waves of subtle vibrations clearing across the waters of the self. A smoothing, a soothing that follows.

It was from that prime place of entry, that there is no separation, that allowed the healing to occur. That gives grip to the process, and to the manifestation. As I shifted into relationship with the Divine Mother and Father, I knew them to be aspects of me, in a higher form, holding the child self, holding the space in perfect union and harmony. There presence was being this space and time, yet even in the presence of distortion were there, waiting to birth a new earth through the divine child born through the contrast of my experience. In this waves of gratitude and joy flow through me, in the knowing I’m here to help birth a new paradigm. A peace in the divinity of knowing it was all in perfection and grace, in service to the awakening.

I still feel things resolving within, and know there is more work to be done. Yet, that happily ever after is a reality, still more contrast will come, and I will see more to the layers. It is never done, I learn, within this ever deepening mystery of creation. There is always more to learn, more to heal, more to reveal. The journey continues, deeper into that embodiment, into the mystical world we’ve been gifted.