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2020-9-18 Update September 18, 2020 READ MORE 2020-8-19 - Leo's New Moon August 20, 2020 READ MORE 2020 July Week 2 July 22, 2020 READ MORE 2020-6-10 Journal June 15, 2020 READ MORE 2020-6-10 - "Priestess of Aphrodite" June 11, 2020 READ MORE 2020 June Week 1 June 2, 2020 READ MORE 2020-5-27 to 31 - Hope is for Beggars May 27, 2020 READ MORE 2020-5-17 to 25 - Ask, and It Is Given May 17, 2020 READ MORE 2020-5-15 - We Are Chosen May 16, 2020 READ MORE 2020-5-14 - Pearl of the Lotus May 15, 2020 READ MORE 2020-5-13 - Kriyas of Commitment May 13, 2020 READ MORE 2020-5-11 - Pantheonic Presence May 12, 2020 READ MORE
18 September 2020

2020-9-18 Update

Taraz looks to me, handing me the equivalent of a potion in a modern tavern of alchemy, the Tea House of the August Moon. Again, the ferment a

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19 August 2020

2020-8-19 - Leo's New Moon

It's a New Moon, in Leo, and I can feel the fierce and free energies of the lion within my being coming towards the surface of a new beginning. Tonig

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22 July 2020

2020 July Week 2

Heading to Darrington, Xarissa and I discover a small candle shop, with a sign that reads "Mystical and Magickal...". Because there's a "k", it must

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23 June 2020

2020-6-23 - "Sedona Vortex"

Returning to the vortex of Sedona is a deeply enlightening experience, where I'm reminded of the magic of manifestation that originally spurred my de

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15 June 2020

2020-6-10 Journal

Fires of Clearing In the coming days, intensity arises in the crucible of the Sacred Mirror, the Temple bringing up the very deep causal roots

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10 June 2020

2020-6-10 - "Priestess of Aphrodite"

Xarissa and I had reconnected at the dragon springs in Barton, where we first met after I invoked a love spell. A s

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02 June 2020

2020 June Week 1

This was a powerful, transformative, and at times intense, week of spiritual practice, cleansing, and work on the Mythica Platform, my Story and Musi

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27 May 2020

2020-5-27 to 31 - Hope is for Beggars

It has been a deeply difficult couple days, filled with the depths of shadow work that define my, our, movement to the the new paradigm... where I've

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17 May 2020

2020-5-17 to 25 - Ask, and It Is Given

In this week long update from the Quest, I go into the nature of the healing and the journey of synchronicity and Awakening, along the rainbow bridge

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15 May 2020

2020-5-15 - We Are Chosen

Another round of kundalini yoga this morning, with the Master your Domain kriya. Sensing the reclamation of my life-force deepening into integration.

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14 May 2020

2020-5-14 - Pearl of the Lotus

At once, Peter and I follow the remembrance of the free food drop, arriving to save that which would otherwise be spoiled, the leftovers of an abunda

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13 May 2020

2020-5-13 - Kriyas of Commitment

It took time to get to here. To gradually come to understand the lifeforce and the nature of yogas over the years, with their combinations of inward

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11 May 2020

2020-5-11 - Pantheonic Presence

Wow, such deep healing and expansions here at the Cherrywood Garden District, where we have access to the patio space within the green upon the edge

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01 March 2020

2020-3 - "Gifts of the Garden"

World stages invitations, allies arrive ... Tell tales to win, begin again, & make my way to realms of Yin. There is a deeper meaning behi

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24 December 2019

2019-12-24 - "Memory Lane"

28 July 2019

Highway to Heaven

Highway to Heaven August 2019 It's time to leave the jungle realms of the Aina, to journey on from Hana Mana along the Highway to Heaven as i

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17 January 2019

2019-1-17 – “Mandala Gardens”

Back at the beach-sides of Paia, Peter Fae and I would share an island car, that very one that had took us from mystical gathering to gathering, alon

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14 December 2018

2018-12-14 - “The Isle of Maui”

We've made it. The rainbow drops us off at the sacred island of Maui. Already, I can feel the flush tones of the Aina. I can feel it in th

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08 December 2018

2018-12-8 – “The Rainbow Gate”

Peter and I had been on the land for months, at the Wynden Keep, a portal between Faerie Worlds, Living Well, and the Emerald City. On the surface, a

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21 October 2018

2018-10-21 - “The Temple of Story”

Holding the vision, Peter and I discover the library as a Temple of Story within the Emerald City of Eugene...bringing proof of the manifestation, th

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26 September 2018

2018-9-26 – “Destiny of the Fae”

Destiny Fae, an emissary of the emergent consciousness and the divine masculine and feminine, comes to the Emerald City, where we meet to exchange th

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22 September 2018

2018-9-22 - "Harvest of the Equinox"

We meet at the roundtable of Cafe Yum in the Emerald City with Jesse Wynden, discussing the academic and community service that we are providing in s

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03 September 2018

2018-9-3 - “The Golden Thread”

Peter and I return to the Wynden Keep, where the academy of magick clarifies within the sacred space, influenced by the light of the Wyndens and that

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01 September 2018

2018-9-1 – “Lost Valley”

In the heart of Wyndenwood, a call comes to me from the distance. Emerging out of the forest to see the maidens of green, Gabrielle and McKenzie. The

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23 August 2018

Heart of Faerie

Heart of Faerie It was a rich time of new potential, the harvest time thick in the air. Following the gathering of the faerie royals at the Wynden

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28 July 2018

2018-7-28 – “Earth and Sky”

Peter and I travel to Living Well, a nature spirit sanctuary, proving the Law of Reflection of the Physics of the Quest, that we encounter in synchro

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13 July 2018

2018-7-13 – “Discovering Cascadia”

With the support garnered from allies in the Vortex Valley, we made our way to Oregon to come to Wynden Keep, long time allies of Peter Fae in what h

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31 May 2018

2018-5-31 – “Vortex Valley”

Feeling the strong pull to go deeper into the heart of Faerie, I receive invitation from Peter to join him at Valley Center, near the realms of Bliss

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25 April 2018

2018-4-25 – “Gardens of Eden”

After casting a spell of sovereignty and invocation of love, I am led to the coastal shores of Encinitas, following the invitation of priestess of th

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16 April 2018

2018-4-16 – “Eve’s”

Peter and I are led to Encinitas, passing through the Self-Realization Fellowship to the small coastal town where we encounter the Tribe, forging our

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16 January 2018

2018-1-16 – “The Magician’s Oasis”

Peter and I are led to the Magician’s Oasis, the home of a stage magician at a convergence of the leylines of story and stage, hinting material suc

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15 November 2017

2017-11-15 – “Zen Awakening”

Leaving the dragonspine mountain that cradles Crestone behind, I travel onward to the eastern shores for the festival of Zen Awakening. With Peter Fa

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27 September 2017

2017-9-27 – “Dream House of the World Changers”

Led once again from the edges of the dragonspine mountain, I descend to the town of Crestone. Hungry from camping, I remember of a food bank where I

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21 August 2017

2017-8-21 – “Eclipse Water Blessing”

Come back round the Circle of Life Where there gathers a Tribe of LightTo honor the waters as our blood We welcome the moon eclipsing sun. Arr

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25 July 2017

2017-7-25 – “Convergence of the Change Agents”

Traveling deeper into the realms of the djedi, I encounter the Guardian Alliance and am led to a gathering of change agents where I meet Adam Apollo,

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25 April 2017

2017-4-25 – “Guardians of Gaia”

Heading to the Cloud Cafe, I encounter Sharron Rose, a goddess of the realms of art and media, a co-creator of the film "The Last Avatar", a deeply r

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10 April 2017

Resurrecting the Ancient Future

Returning to the keep held by Lady Faust, the tone arises of our shared grail Quest in service to the new roundtable, as a convergence of magicians an

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01 April 2017

2017-4-1 – “Eureka”

Stranded, cold and alone...where will I go? This universe, friendly or not? I’ve given all I’ve got, but cannot stop. Trust, faith and surrender.

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04 March 2017

2017-3-4 – “Living Legends”

Back in Crestone, I camp out of the truck. I admit, it's hard... harsh conditions of the cold with the diesel pump having gone out of working order i

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18 January 2017

2017-1-18 – “Art As a Way of Life”

Returning to Crestone, I follow a vision of anchoring a center of Light, of bringing my codes to the intersection of eco-villages, temples and leylin

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25 August 2016

2016-8-25 – “Dream Weavers Sanctuary”

Arriving to the Dream Weavers Sanctuary, I continue along the rainbow bridge between the realms of permaculture, community and emergent culture.

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11 August 2016

Seeds of the New Earth

2016-8-11 Here, spirit arranges for Lindsay Semilla to pick me up, a visionary new earth artchetict and djedi priestess that I met in Crestone bef

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14 June 2016

2016-6-14 – “God Loves You”

I embark to the Cosmic Carnival with Peter Fae, facing the question of whether I am supported by a friendly universe cross the blazing sands of the M

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03 May 2016

2016-5 – "Web Beneath the World”

At the Desert Oasis, a guiding vision had unveiled, of traveling the leylines between sacred lands, transformational festivals and eco-villages, spre

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01 January 2016

2016-1 - "The Desert Oasis"

The quest had led to dragonspinewhere and mountains and valleys there collideupon the lines of space and timeI found myself with the Divine....

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01 March 2015

2015-5 - Return to the Land

"Follow the synchronicities unceasingly, and you will be led to a new reality." Was the dream that had come to me that fateful night. I awoke, a surg

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14 October 2014

2014-10 - Vipassana

01 May 2014

2014-5 - Beaubien

Springs, Art Collective & Cliff Jumping
07 March 2014

2014 pt1 - The Sacred Mirror

In the coming months I devoted myself to change, clearing up my diet to become plant based, beginning to meditate consistently, and searching for my

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10 October 2013

2013 - Wake Up

At the end crest of 2012, an awakening began. A stirring from ignorance to sparks of grace, and this would be my journey of initiation, redemption an

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