April 2018

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A poster hangs that reads “Experience Tribe”, which I take as a sign.

Angela appears as I sense her light in the speakeasy, a fellow Angel. She offers me a tarot reading, harnessing her divinatory sight.

The reading warns me to be careful of the high priestess, of the manipulation of power through lust. I need to clearly use my sword of discernment, or risk entrapment.

Transitions, Mercy and Messages

“Its the rainbow and our embodiment of Love.” Rick says, “Of harmonizing the energies within to live a better life.”

“This is what we track in the Mythica,” Peter says, eyeing back at me with a smile.

We arrive to the sanctuary, finding it is the very manifestation of what we were envisioning, right on the soothing shores of the ocean. He offers us a vehicle to use, which reads on the back plate “heart chakra”.