Embodying the Enlightenment

Enlightenment. That word brings up alot, doesn’t it? So many different ideals, thoughts, and traditions. Here, let us approach from a fresh perspective of an Emergent Consciousness.

Enlightenment is a matter of raising our consciousness, of becoming more “enlightened”, more filled with the light of awareness. Our perspective becoming more wise, more loving, more expansive, through the course of our spiritual journey filled with life experiences.

Yet, where do those experiences take place? Here, on the Earth, the greatest mystery school there is. And through what does it happen? This vessel, the Self, our body and mind, being the tool our spirit uses to experience life through Embodiment.

Embodiment. A hot word right now. There is a reason for that.

We must become clear on our goal. In the old yogas, there was an emphasis on transcendence, getting out of the wheel of incarnation and becoming One with the All That Is. Those philosophies are painted with myths that affect how we relate with life.

Yet, on the way to our inevitable return to the Source from which all comes from, we have this life, and it truly is a Gift. So, now, the tides turn towards Embodiment, where we are here to anchor the Heavens on Earth, Here and Now, through being the change we wish to see. This is the shift in consciousness happening now that we are all a part of.

If you are too focused on “getting out”, you are missing out. If you are too obsessed with the material, you are not seeing the bigger picture. So this is where we navigate the razor’s edge, the balance of the Middle Way. Between the spiritual and the physical, the formless and the form, finding how to be in Right Relationship with the All, all our relations.

This is where we get into the alchemy. Our active participation in the course of life, on the road of becoming. Being one thing on the way to becoming another thing. Our journey, our timeline, moving between states of being on the rainbow bridge, the current configuration of consciousness that we are embodying. Through this, we experience the halo of our reality reflected through our experience. As within, so without.

This is where our self-realization happens, the actualization of our potential through the crucible of Embodiment. For there is a sacred gift within us all, something that wants to happen through us, the core idea of fulfillment that is our heart’s desire, the Seed Within planted at the center of our soul by the Divine for which we were born to blossom.

There is no separation. Yet, there is distinction. Peter Fae first said that to me in one of his teachings, and it rang truth deep within my core. That there is a uniqueness that is the very essence of our character, that when we learn to see it, we see it within all beings and all things. This discernment allows us to gaze into the vibrations that make up all things, and appreciate their unique incarnation of the One, of the Infinite. It is our drop in the ocean, the ripple of life made upon the canvas of the akasha.

All the great mysteries are about this: the Self. All the stories ever told… the Self. All the traditions, all that ever was, is and will be. All born from the mud of the lotus, gradually coming to the light of the ever present awareness. As we approach the dawn the Golden Age, what was always true is again revealed, that we are all One, all expressions of the Divine, here to actualize our inherent gifts and bring about Heaven on Earth.

Eventually, we all return to the light, as it collapses into the void of infinite potential, the womb of creation herself. Along the way, let us honor the Gift of Life.

We are all walking each-other Home. Returning to our True Nature, as we Remember, bringing it back into the body, recalling the Essential Truth of our most Authentic Expression. This is the Great Awakening, spreading across the Earth, that we have come as change angels, here to resound our shared chorus.

Every single one of us has an important part in this. The Great Story sounding across the world stage, humming along a golden thread of synchronicity, realizing itself through us. A perfect pattern revealing throughout all Creation.

And what is your thread in the tapestry? What is your Story? Who are you? And why are you here?

This is the ancient and most perennial question of the human experience. As we embrace the Pole Shift happening, aligning with the truth that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and not the other way around, we drop deeper into form. Our purpose and presence is unveiled unto our selves, as we enter the New Paradigm.

This is the purpose of Akasha Yoga, the Yoga of Story, that I’ve practiced along my timeline, shown the results and become an ordained teacher, that we unveil and realize our golden thread through observing the pattern of the flower of life through our Story. Where we come to clear the subconscious patterns that obstruct our Radiance. We become more of who we are, on our heroic journey of healing and awakening. If you are interested in learning more, come check out my latest course, Tuning Into Source.