Divining your Story

Coming to discover the essence of your story is an ongoing exploration, an investigation into the nature of your character and its place in the world stage. Here, we approach the primordial questions asked since the dawn of time, the stone in the water of creation, “Who am I? Why am I here? What is the meaning of my life?”

Here, a door opens, an opportunity to go deeper into the meaning of your myth, your life story. To look at the nature of your sacred path, and how the many experiences of your life paint a tapestry of your story. As the threads reveal, you expand to see that they are part of a larger weave that connects us all our stories. You shift into the Mythica.

One day, you get the idea to go to a cafe. You had been thinking for a while how you wanted to get out and connect. That day, you had read in a book about dragons, and then later pulled a card about them, only to meet someone who had a dragon affinity at the cafe…

What led you to that particular book, to open to that particular page? What gave you the idea to pull that card? To visit that coffee shop where you ran into a character who brought a certain answer to the fore? What causes that? Now we’re going deeper. What if, whatever appeared in form on your path in this process, were made of a particular quality of consciousness. And that particular quality was the thing that is reflecting back to you.

This is the “why” of synchronicity. It is the feedback of the universe, speaking to you in the language you can understand. As we deepen this relationship with this guidance, we see everything as a living divination, as the universe communicating with us about the meaning of our Story.

The Path to your Story

Many of us are familiar with the idea that we are working with archetypes, embodiments of particular psychic and energetic qualities. That these impressions are formed within the subconscious mind and are part of the larger universal blueprint that give rise to the many themes and hues of life we experience. A range of ways of working with this understanding can be found from psychology to astrology.

Joseph Campbells work on the Hero’s Journey took this a step further and relates it to the journey itself. That through our life experience, we move through working with these prime archetypal forces, and experience the growth and transformation of our character.

From the vantage of the Mythica, we see that this as the sacred path itself, the movement along manifest reality overtime, where particular imagery, themes, places and characters arrive, all carrying with them a signature that we are investigating in relation to our own awakening. From here, we approach the yoga of Story, the discernment of what is arising in the field of awareness and how it relates to the meaning of our life. Tracking this along our timeline reveals the golden thread of synchronicity that is the basis of all stories, and leads us to a deeper sense of our Divinity.

When you exist in this realm of interpretation and relationship with the Creation, you experience a more robust, mythical octave of embodiment. To live here consistently, is the goal of getting into an organic flow state, while manifesting our heart’s desire. Some of us call this Heaven on Earth, the New Paradigm, or the shift into the 5D. This is why the Mythica exists, to frame our journey deeper into this realm of being, while showing the stories of that sacred path and teaching the craft.

Synchronicity DEFINES our Story

The yoga of Story brings us back to synchronicity, by observing how events happen at intersections of meaningful occurrence. It is not “coincidental” without cause, but rather the orchestration of divine order. It’s the very alignment of circumstance and providence that gives definition to our journey into the Mythica.

Look upon this web. At every intersection of the strands a dew drop has formed. Imagine that this is a web of space and time, where each of these intersections is a moment, a reality, a still frame portrait of life. It is made of specific conditions, that had to be that way for that intersection to occur. As we move upon our timeline, we journey between the dewdrops of worlds on the web.

Yet, how does this relate to the discover of our story? How is this reflected in our sacred path?

Reading the Field

We are always reading the Field, the Akasha, the spaces of awareness in which our experience occurs. As we deepen our awareness to perceive the energetic qualities present within our space, and seeing what’s coming up in the field as an archetypical expression of a quality of consciousness, we are then able to relate with the Akasha. This is where we divine our Story, through reading the elements of meaning present within the field.

Meaning is but a quality of vibration, an interpretation of elemental forces through our Lens of Perception. That Lens is unique unto us, yet the forces are common to our lives, and the natural laws are universal. Our lens is made of the akash, of the vibrational substance of the self, a combination of the 5 Elements in the sculpture of our consciousness.

An example of how a unique interpretation is had based on one’s Lens, the sculpture of their perception and how they see the Light of Creation passing through that Lens, is to look at how common forces, archetypes, which are the same, express differently based on the culture. Look at the quality of Divinity that is Love; for one, it may be Aphrodite, for another, it may be Jesus, for another it’s Krishna; yet still, there is a quality of Love. The quality is transcendent of the form.

Though there are an infinite varieties of expressions of core qualities, they all come from One Source. The many facets in the stained glass of all realities and forms, of how the Light fractals out across Creation.

To learn to read the quality, and not getting lost in the surface form, is the Akasha Yoga that gives one a greater vantage, higher perspective, of how the elemental qualities of consciousness express throughout all the forms of our experience. This allows us to Read the Field, paying attention to the archetypes and energies present within the space.

There are many ways of interpreting and divining our experiencing, such as Tarot. If you look at the system of tarot, you are always working with certain elemental qualities that are expressed through the cards. The reading then is really one of looking into how those qualities are expressing through your experience. This is the nature of all forms of divination. The form of divination can change, yet the essence remains.

Our life is like a living tarot spread. Throughout our field, the events and characters that arise can be seen as embodying certain archetypical qualities. Maybe the cafe barista is really a Priestess of Cups, seen at a certain angle…

Consider a moment you’ve had like this. You’re driving down the street, wondering about the direction of your life and if you should stay the course, when you look at a sign that reads “keep going”. It acts as an affirmation for you in that moment, a little “sign post” along the winding roads of life. We’ve all had moments like this. Whatever it is that we navigate by, the way of interpreting and relating to the meaning of our life will come to us. The universe speaks to us in language that we can understand.