Revelation Revolution

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A surge of awakening is moving through the lands, empowering people to the truth that lay within them. There is no separation – we are all One – all connected in the web of life. We are returning to the heart of Gaia, coming back to Source.

This movement back to wholeness and the realization of our inherent divinity is the backbeat of these recordings, from the past few months of the quest while I have been deepening into the yogas of awareness, connecting with the land, telling my story, and clearing my portion of the collective distortions within myself.

This process of healing my voice and stepping into my power has been the crucible by which I have been granted deeper access to the inspirations and creativity that want to happen through me. It has been a devoted act of perseverance and practice to clear the way through limitation to liberation – revealing the gift that wants to come through.

The essence of this process and revelations lay at the heart of this sacred music offering. Please enjoy and may this be of healing and awakening on your path.