Ancient School of Mystery at Zen Awakening

Peter Fae and I were invited by Niekko Chin to give a workshop at Zen Awakening, a grand invocation of Awakening and a festival of conscious music, performance and yoga. After meeting at the airport, we were recognized by two travelers as Angels, who came over in synchronicity and happened to be going to Zen.

When the time came for our workshop, we were supposed to give the workshop in a realm called the Temple of Wisdom, but when we went to the spot where it was supposed to be, no such structure existed. In that moment, we trusted that the divine would take us where we were meant to be. 

Peter said, “If we give it, they will come! We will arraign in synchronicity in the perfection of the unfoldment.”

I breath into trust, walking across the fields of Zen Awakening. Soon, we were led through a flush of light and ran into that same couple that recognized us at the airport, joined by them and another friend. Seeing this as a sign, we invited them to join us at our workshop, intuiting that they were who was meant to participate. They excitedly joined us and as we walked, we invoked a space with enthusiasm that we may give the workshop.

Suddenly, we found ourselves amidst a pyramid tent called “The Ancient School of Mystery”, adorned with the hieroglyphs of ancient Egypt, that was completely empty. Recognizing the perfection, we saw we were led here as the space to give the class. Dropping into a space of shared awareness, Peter invoked the circle, and a character by the name of Harmony joined us, a performer friend of Niekko.

During the class, Peter says something like, “We are the Gods and Goddesses, and arrive as characters in synchronicity in the fulfillment of the Great Story.” Just then, Navi Ethereal walks in wearing a mask of Anubis, and says, “I felt an intuition to come here, and followed the synchronicity. I am a guardian of the gateway between realms.” All in fulfillment of the very thing Peter was saying. We shared a recognition between all of us of this proof of the physics of the Quest.

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