5 Ways to Heal by Expanding Your Connection to Nature and the Universe

So its more common by now to understand that we are not separate from nature. That the land is sacred, and we can heal ourselves by deepening our connection, for this is the very Source of Life. This is why its so healing to return to that Source. To open our hearts, to align with that which is Larger. 

The Flower of Life pattern is common to the creation of things in nature, and this same flower of life pattern pervades the fabric of our being. When we attune to this core frequency of creation, we align our vibration to health and wholeness. 

This is our divine blueprint, our harmonic access point to a better reality more connected to Nature and Cosmos. When we do, we come into deeper touch with who we are, why we’re here, and where we’re going, we feel more aligned and connected with Life. We enter a doorway of possibilities.

There is a key understanding we must have to walk through this door of healing and discovery to our connection with Nature. Everything is made of vibration, as are we.

When we are tuned to harmony, we can experience expansion and grace. When we are not, at times there are blockages to address, things that are holding us back from the true expression of our authenticity and alignment with our True Nature. This creates dis-ease, and there are tools we can use to bring us back to oneness and health.

Here are 5 ways you can do this, which I recommend to do in a peaceful place in nature or in your sacred space.

1. Prayer and Affirmation

This is a powerful tool for connecting with Source and using intention to align your vibration.

Intend to connect with Source, and try this affirmative prayer:

“Source, thank you for this precious life. Connect me with the Truth, with the path to health and wholeness. I trust in myself. I allow you to guide the Way. I open my heart to nature, and allow myself to be healed. I am open to all the miraculous ways that the universe is conspiring to help me. Open my eyes to witness this presently. And so it is.”

2. Meditate with Nature

This is absolutely essential. Deepening our connection with nature helps us experience more peace, more openness, and allows us to soothe the agitations within.

Go to a peaceful spot in the land, barefoot, and center in your heart. Listen to the land. Become aware of your breath. Allow your awareness to drop in, to ride the subtle currents of feeling and energy. Feel yourself grounding into the earth, allowing the energy that no longer serves you to recycle into the ground, as you receive beneficial energy flowing into you from the sacred land.

3. Heal with Sound

Sound is vibration, and can tune us to the divine blueprint.

Listen to a tonal healing track, such as this one below, and allow yourself to breath and soften to allow the sound to pervade through you and into you.

Create a sacred space, and keep the tones playing throughout, this can be as simple as setting the intention, or lighting a candle, creating a simple altar, etc.

This will fill the atmosphere and aura of the space with that vibrational frequency, which will then help attune and align your own vibration.

4. Work with Crystals

Crystals carry healing energies and frequencies. They are medicine allies of the Earth, and each have their own wisdom and function.

Ask the crystals for help, and obtain one with the intention of working with whatever aspect of your healing and awakening that is most beneficial to you at this time.

Sit with the crystal and feel its energy in your palm, softening and allowing the energy to come into you. Put it on the area you wish to heal, and breath with it, connect and listen. Note what wisdom you receive, and how the energy feels.

5. Bless your Water

Water carries codes, which are vibrational patterns held in its structural memory. The studies of Dr Emoto shows this. 

By learning to work with our intention with this element, it can become our greatest ally and personal healing elixir of life.

Next time you pour a glass of water, hold it in your hands and do an affirmative prayer with positive loving energy. This will encode the water with your intention, thus aligning your vibration when you take it in. You can even write a prayer or intention, even a word, and tape it onto a glass, that you put in the moon or sun, or put crystals into it, and put it near an altar or where you play positive sounds.

Take Away

All these can be used together, as they are synergistic tools that all work on the same principals I spoke of at the beginning of this article. This may be also a divine reminder for what you are already putting into practice. Try them out and experiment with your own unique blend, then let me know in the comments how your experience was. I believe that it can be truly helpful to do these things often, as part of our sadhana, spiritual practice.

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