2020 June Week 2

Times in quarantine have approached a shift in the field, as greater freedom opens and forks in the road. Abundance has been the nature of the fresh food and healing supplies at the temple… holding the line of vibrational sovereignty in the midst of collective energies. Come a long way on the pilgrims path to be in this place.

Returning, a tripod is manifest, that which was needed for Mythica movies. Further manifestation of the abundance in the field, says we are supported by a friendly universe. The Seed Within continues to blossom.

Daily Devotions

As I continue the daily meditations; the kundalini yoga, manifestation practices and space invocations, cleansing, alignment and flow; I am becoming more and more mindful of the old self; of the patterns of thoughts and habituation that made it up.

In this, I can pivot, finding ground in the new, of empowerment in the ability to transcend, step outside the limitation and create from there. This, clarifying and distilling as the essence of the alchemy of inner work over time, that which we’ve been saying all along. To see it from here puts things in perspective, it’s the Akasha Yoga.

These are the Access Points, which grant opening to the Assets of Consciousness. As I said to a recent client, it’s learning these within our form, those points that allows us to process the patterns and “shift” our consciousness. We’ve tracked this to a visceral state shift that happens when the vibrational qualities that you are made of change.

As I continue to document the path as a yoga of Story, we come to see the Rainbow Road to a more heavenly Earth.

Fires of Clearing

In the coming days, intensity arises in the crucible of the Sacred Mirror, the Temple bringing up the very deep causal roots for healing; of fellowship, the divine mother and father, of success and rooting in the Earth. The energy, purging fire; facing all reflections for clearing, that of frustration and pushing, of feeling unrecieved.

I realize: I must receive myself. I must return to the Mother… to the Earth, the ground of being, to align with the sanctity and get back to Source.

As I walk to Cherrywood Coffeehouse as a wayshrine between realms, a snake and Pan totem appears.

It’s time to go to the forest, I feel, and then look to see “33”.

Arriving to the forest, I immediately feel the sanctity and cooling, the green breath of the Aina filling me with vitality.

I bow in humble reverence, greeting the elementals, “Show me the medicine I need, please.”

The tent is a deep respite, where I confront these longstanding karmic patterns for resolution. I take responsibility, my kuleana, for my portion of the collective distortion. Resolving the energies of the masculine and feminine to balance and understanding, of the tug and pull between the desire for connection and freedom. A healing around the threads of intimacy and family, of self-love and acceptance. I come to the completion of a full circle medicine.

The Dragon Spring

Returning to the Dragon Spring, I invoke the soothing and sanctity of the water deva, the sacred element of the spring and its natural intelligence. Here the trees cradle me, where I can drop into the roots and return to the Mother.

I surrender to the Aina, following my guidance to the waters. Immersing in the purity, I draw upon the quality to cleanse the fabric of my being and align with the Divine.

My heart opens, deepened feeling of sensual terrain, of the waters of my being quenched by the sanctity of the spring.

Refreshed and rejuvenated, I emerge inspired with new perspective on recent challenges in communication. Everything starts to open, as the blockages clear.

What does it mean to be truly Free?

Heading to the Kava Bar, a faded flower of life is seen overhead, as I drop into the funky cafe. I find that you don’t even need to wear a mask in the area, and can chill in the patio, much is opening up. Inspirations abound, and clarity on how to present my story and music is had.

A lion water fountain marks the path, as I reflect on the balance between compromise and authenticity, of fierceness and softness, of assertion and surrender. I see it as realmsign, a reflection of the consciousness along the sacred path. “Keep on going.” is what Natalie said when she handed me the lion pendant.

Somatic Sensuality

Returning to camp, I go deeper into the healing, following the feeling to the core. Sensing how its all connected, from the voice to the sacral chakra, the sexual creative life-force, and how the inhibiting of its proper flow into expression is related to my liberation. “The feeling is the healing” Joy Love once said to me.

There is a deep vulnerability and softening into embracing feeling. Being aware of where I felt shut down, or shut down my emotions so that I didn’t have to feel them, all relative to the oppressive nature of the systems of distortion. Recognizing the transformation of these vibrations is what gives rise to the new.

Learning to be my own Lover, best friend and parents, bringing me back to my connection with Divine as a bedrock. Where, I can’t lean on the old connections right now, so I must embrace this unknown new path unfolding, to truly listen to my Urge, divining what that truly is. What is this calling?

Suhka – Heavenly Pleasure

Everything serves it’s purpose. As I access these deep states of pleasure and orgasmic bliss, I feel the opening into the void. The death of the old self in the rise of the new. From here I feel my power to create. A reclamation. Realizing that the heaven that I want is here when I can feel this field of pleasantness, this pleasurable emanation. True pleasure, not the shadow of seeking or overindulgence. But rather the deep pulsating satisfying yummyness. It’s a different grid all together.

I must align with the love within, and trust that the proper reflections will come. So it’s also a practice of non-attachment, at the same time is honoring my urge, and listening to my needs. Discovering what those are, unraveling all of the traumas and dramas, out of control and domination, all in the microcosm reflected of the the systems that haven’t worked.

The Middle Way

There’s a small Chinatown restaurant down the street, I had to grab some nourishment before returning back to the camp. 

See the nearby sign, Back in balance, reflecting on what your brother said to me at the café before I headed for the camp. That wall many people think of libras as balanced, it’s actually that they can tip to the extreme easily. So they have to be the ones who maintain balance. This really resonated. He said they can tend to be bipolar. I’ve definitely experienced this in my life, where there’s a constant mindfulness necessary to not go overboard on either side, and it can be seen in my story. The middle way, the between.

The Road Calling

As I shift into this place of adventure, the old feelings of the road, the change winds stir.

The Priestess of Aphrodite

As the healing deepens, I see the full circle medicine, I was led to reach out with Xarissa, who has shifted into a gypsy path. She is just returning for a short visit in the coming days, which leads to now. Meditating at the Dragon Springs, I have the feeling we would see each other before our arranged time, and sure enough the magic unfolds.

I had first met her over half a year ago when I first arrived to Austin, as I was coming to these spring for the first time. I had just invoked a love spell, weaving and calling in the manifestation for love in my life; and then met here skipping over the stones through the creek. She first bridged me into the Heart of Barton, the sacred spring where the dragon waters bubble up.

A sanctity and sensuality, a tantra and divine recognition unfolds between us, having not seen each-other in that time. Having come to greater understanding of our relationship to Freedom and Connection, the balance between the push and pull, attachment and allowing.

She invites me on a journey west, to Sedona and Shasta for a month long trip. And I see how that which I was calling in, more intimacy, connection and adventure, has arrived. I almost didn’t say yes to going, as I felt, not ready. But, this calling emanating within tells me I need to follow this, and have had a sense for years I needed to complete this karmic circuit, to link up the leylines between Sedona and Shasta. To heal the masculine and feminine energies, which was a big part of my first journey to Sedona and the vortexes with my lover at that time.

When I reached out to her initially, Spirit was saying, “Come on, it’s time. We need to do this.” and we both began imagining things that are now unfolding and coming true.

Signs and Divinations

Go and spread the vibe, it supports the land, which supports you.

Manifestations of Abundance

Just as I am preparing, @shelbydawn appears in the field, as we have a deep drop in over the phone. I share the akashic awareness, and she supports the journey with donation. It is a sacred space of fellowship and sharing, where we both honor our journey and sense how our timelines weave together in the Great Story.

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