2020 June Week 1

This was a powerful, transformative, and at times intense, week of spiritual practice, cleansing, and work on the Mythica Platform, my Story and Music. Of both facing deep and ancient shadows, and expanding into greater victories and transcendence. The access is here, gradually deepening into embodiment, the Remembrance of our Sacredness. Here, the yoga of Story clarifies the path through time, tracing the synchronies of recent times.


Getting more and more dialed into the technology of the Kundalini Yoga, and have been keeping up a daily practice for a while now. This week I feel myself committing to waking up early and doing a set every morning, while going deeper into the cleansing and ferment.

Rising Peter and I do the Sah Ibi Kriya together with Life Force Academy. Each time, I feel the energy building in my navel chakra, the dantien is said to be the powerhouse where we store our creative energy. Building its strength is important for manifestation, as it’s the energy we direct and draw from in creation.

Feeling clear and focused after, heart more open and centered. Misty made a new batch of ferment potion, that I take. It’s now purple and much easier to drink and digest, where it even tasted good. Before, in the first batches, it was extremely difficult to get down and tasted horrible.

Appreciation floods my being at Misty’s character, how she is always looking out for the good of all, how to bring in more easement for everyone. As I notice how she interacts with Billy, attending how to give him the most healthy diet and paying attention to what isn’t good for him, I see her as the loving mother she is. How devoted and attentive she is. I share this with her so she knows I how I see her, which warms her heart. It’s all part of the redemption of relationship.


Woke at 4am and did a kundalini yoga session, into some meditation, witness awareness. Felt how it opens everything when done first thing in the ambrosial hours, and sets the tone for the day; energizing and activating the life force. Took some ferment, for cleansing, felt tired and laid down for a bit and watched Korra, about the reincarnation of the Avatar.

I sit down and play some guitar, chanting some mantra and record this video. Feeling the essence of the ongoing devotion as the medicine teaching. 

I’m deeply inspired, putting together more of the music, a natural evolution coming through the voice, incorporating the chanting quality of music into the lyrics.

To Cherrywood Coffeehouse

I head to the Cherrywood Coffeehouse to walk off some impatience and frustration, of wanting to have the togetherness of the music, of more collaboration. A classic thing with me. I walk over to the green and release it to the waters, seeing how it’s all perfect, and I need this time with myself, that everyone is going through their process in right timing, and there is a larger healing to it all.

Coming inside, Natalie says she has something for me, and hands me this lion totem carved from moss agate, a heart stone, for a necklace. I just have to find string.

It’s perfect, reflection of the consciousness coming back to me, Lions of Zion. It’s the epitome of the energy that I’m working with, stepping into my voice and fierceness. And it is the perfect reminder that I’m on the Sacred Path, lifting my spirits, showing the Physics of the Quest in action.

I say, “I love this, just added to my journal. You know, this really shows that the right thing comes to you, for your lens, through the reflections on the path.”

“I’m glad you got that out of it. That’s what I wanted you to know, was that you got this. Keep going.”

She says with a smile, after I mention how the music of Polish Ambassador with Nitty Scott that she picked for the cafe I would listen to on my walks between the camp, and would dance to in the forest.

Left ImageRight Image

I shift into the Mythica, sensing her as the priestess in disguise, working this modern garb as a server of the cafe, which is really a place that offers the plants in drink and food to the people. It is much deeper than it appears on the surface, where the essence come up through the people, as conduits for Spirit; this cafe is a bastion, a respite, a sanctuary, where people can come during these challenging times to be rejuvenated, and connect with others. From this light, I see the bright service the Cherrywood Coffeehouse offers, as they hold space for the comfort and assurance of the people, that All is Well. As Natalie talks with the people, laughing and being uplifting, I see her as what she really is, an Angel.

Returning to the house, I stop and smell the flowers. I’m learning more and more to slow down and listen, to enjoy all that’s here. To drop in and appreciate the present moment.

A core thread along my timeline, a story beat to the awakening, happening gradually over time and space.

Walking the Rainbow Road

In the next couple days I continue the blend of kundalini yoga with subconscious reprogramming meditations, all based on around the central axis of manifestation. That the circumstances in my life are a reflection of my vibrational state of consciousness. This is the basis of the journaling, and the yoga of Story. That as we witness the thread of our story, our timeline reveals the core patterns of unfoldment. We come to a greater appreciation for how things repeat, and gain greater mindfulness over how to transform those patterns.

Looking over my journal, I come to see how the very patterns around my voice and power chakras repeat, each time coming up for clearing with leads to greater expansion. As these patterns arise, agitations due as well, along with a sense of feeling blocked and unheard, and that my relationships don’t meet me in the creative expansion I want.

This leads into feeling let down, which has a sinking feeling in the gut, where I just want to escape it all, and much resistance arises, where I both don’t want to get out of bed, and can’t fully relax because of the trauma coming up for healing. I faced it all, clearing through it, which is really just a burning through the layers of karma, as Misty reflected.

Shifting from doing all the time to allowing myself to just be, is another core thread. Where everything is unraveling, and I am finally in a space of easement where I have everything that I need. So this is also intrinsically tied to the healing of the root, that of survival and feeling safe in the world. Exercising the awareness of this is core, as it allows one to see how their psycho-emotional state is directly tied to the energetic patterns in the body. This allows one to enter from the subtle and causal levels of healing and manifestation.

On the surface, I move through the practices, hanging out in the main room of the temple, relaxing a bit and getting some food. Huge agitations arise, as I go for a walk attempting to clear at the water. A sign that reads Dream appears as I walk, and I know I must surrender, returning to the Temple, where much difficulty comes with trying to.

As I clear these core energies from my form, and gain insight from Peter’s reflection, I see the elemental balance, and am able to Read the Field; that we are here in a place of easement and abundance, with all our needs provided for. He has such a facility with identifying the patterns and reflecting it back, in a way that brings me into alignment with the Truth. Back to the Essential Nature underneath the ripples in the water, where the treasure underneath can be seen once again.

Right after this, the shipment of the audio recorder shows up at the doorstep, allowing for a whole new expansion in recording music, podcasts and more. It even comes with a full on studio software that I didn’t know it would.

Here, the breath of life fills, with the gratitude of recognition. That I was supported all along, and that I can relax into the knowing that my dreams are coming true.

From Resistance to Reflection


Rise at 5, kundalini yoga; this time Peter, Misty and I all do the warmup and sah-ibi kriya together. Much more resistance today, was feeling exhausted and didn’t want to do the strenuous exercises; which I used the practice as an opportunity to dissolve into devotion. After resting for a bit, and surrendering to the space, allowing myself to relax, I felt the cultivation of the life-force put me into a great mood, and I get up feeling inspired.

I have the space in the spare room to work today, as Billy is gone to school and Charlotte is out camping. Misty will have a client today, so I moved my stuff out of the living room and into here, having my desk workstation set up, has a feeling of “ahhhh”, an easement and grounding, to be able to settle into my creativity and ministrations.

Lions of Zion

I was curious about the myth behind the phrase “Lions of Zion”, so I look it up in the Googacle (my lovingly referring to the Oracle of Google Search), and come to story of the coming of the christ as the lion of god. This was spoken of as descending from the Tribe of Judah in the Bible, in the myth that appeared in the field.

I reflect, how, when seen from separation, things appear separate, in the stories, cultures and religions, when in reality, they are all the myriad reflection of the Word. All about the Great Myth of our existence, evolution and gradual enlightenment as a species. 

Seeing the Divine Reflection

The messenger is the conveyer of the message. It’s not about the current garb the character is wearing, but rather the Living Word of God coming through them, that has been passed down and embodied by many avatars. The current crop of Christ Consciousness is a Collective, as there is no separation. Christ is krystos is crystal consciousness, divine love embodied. The divine is within us all. If we saw this, we would not judge nor condemn others for not following our cult-ure, in general, but rather come to see the Unity in Diversity. For me, this is the meaning of the Lions of Zion, those that have risen in the likeness of the image of the Divine to bring about Heaven on Earth, standing in the fierceness of their sovereignty and Devotion to the Awakening and the One within All.

This hangs in the kitchen of the Sacred Mirror Temple

Expansions in the Field

Major expansion. Got audio station set up. Recorded some music. Did a teaching video. Expressed the akasha yoga. Dialed in From the Quest. Set up the Bard’s Hall landing page a bit with exploring Elementor. Relaxed.

In the past 24 hours, I found the audio software included for free with the Zoom to be super expansive, and after working through it, I was able to get it to work, experimenting with the live recording I did as one of the first tests of the Zoom’s capabilities with “We Are One”, then brought it into WaveLab to find out what I could do with it, however I know that Cubase is even more expansive, which both came with it; it can add other instruments and synths, layer multiple tracks, all kinds of stuff. This is the “lite” version of the what the pros use, but still has all the main capacities. All in all, this gives me access to the basics of a full on mobile recording studio and audio processing station. It even has templates for different styles of music production and podcasts, and can supposedly even publish them from in app. 

It all feels very integrated, noting that all this came through after I processed through the shadows. The access to the assets, the abundance that was already in the field of potentials, the Akasha, able to be perceived and thus received through the conduit of a clear lens of awareness. This is the magic, the Akasha Yoga, where we recognize that through the clearing of the subconscious impressions in the Self, that we gain more access to the abundance that is our birthright; we move along the rainbow bridge to a more Heavenly Earth.

Finding the Between


Being in the Temple is opening space for me to do yoga every morning, dropping deeper into the devotion and adjustments that bring the openings in my consciousness. Waking in the morning, I gaze out the window and look to the altar. Remembering that everything is sacred, that all is provided for.

Allowed myself to rest more, and then had more of a yin yoga set, of going into the balance of the moon and sun with the hatha yoga postures I had learned along the quest. This really helped to relax into the poses, and I could feel the energy opening in my hips and throughout my limbs.

Really felt that doing this alongside the Kundalini Yoga practices will bring balance, especially since its such a strenuous practice that involves intense energy and breathwork. I can feel my body relaxing and receiving, which felt really natural. I was happy that I listened to my body and what it was asking for, rather than holding to an overly rigid idea of routine. I felt amazing after.

It was only in the consistent practice that I gained reflections that led me to greater balance; showing up in constant devotion and application, where I could come to see the middle way. To bring together the polarities, the in and the out, the prana and apana, to come to center in the place between. Where I saw that I could bring these elements of sadhana into the mix, after facing the intense resistances to the strenuous nature of the kundalini exercises the day prior, and how I could soften and integrate this through more yin. That here, I can actually enter with love to the practice, getting a firm grasp on my vibrational state as I enter the cultivations.

The Sacred Child

Billy, at 4 years old, offers to teach me yoga. I am open when he asks, because I can feel that he is built with an intuitive understanding. That children are connected to the magic when they are naturally supported to bring out their innate gifts. It’s their nature to share that. So, I soften and shift my inner asana, to receive the Aspect of the Divine coming through Billy.

“I’ve taught a lot of people.” he says, “you, mommy, Peter, others.”

The postures he brings through actually helps to flow the energies in my limbs. He shared a little of his massage magic too, where I could feel him moving with the energies up and down the spine, and again softened to receive his sharing. As I do, spending time with him, I feel a healing of my own inner child, in witnessing his freeness and innocence. He even showed awareness of where the energy was blocked in my right arm, which is something I’m really working on healing, and showed me a self massage and self love for it.

It’s amazing, I say, look at how he is connected to these things already, sensing his reincarnation and past lives as a yogi. A crystal child, who already has an inborn sense of the energies and of the body. Who speaks in symbols and “make believes” in magic.

“Look at my tattoo,” he says, pointing to the stick on tattoos Misty helped put on. “This star represents the Lion, this planet the Tiger, and this sun, Fire.”

I invite him to do a dance party, as we weave our energies in the space. Misty and I talk about having a shared group schedule, where we do yoga, dance in the morning on the regular, and I recommend music; and later I see how it incorporates into the Mythica with the videowork and the like.

After a bit of dancing to the “Sacred Mirrors” song by Markendeya, apropos, he asks me to put on some Tai Chi music. “I already know how to do Tai Chi,” he says, confident in himself.

“Yes, you do.” I reply, with a smile.

We flow with the energy in the space for a while, connecting to our magic. Then we go and play with the shaping clay, when he asks me to help him, and I make a wizard elf while he makes a magic portal, telling the story in the “make believe” of his journey from the faerie realms to the human world.

This morning, I looked over to see a bag hanging by the door. That must be the camera, I think, that Misty asked her friend to borrow. “Yes, We have it for two weeks,” she says. Excited, I take it out to check it out, discovering it takes super high quality photos and can do video. I check out how the audio recorder mic can hook up with it, to give us both high quality video and sound. I find that we need a cheap attachment accessory and a new tripod, but other than that, we have everything we need. It’s amazing, yet further manifestation of the prosperity and abundance, allowing us to deliver the Mythica.

Old Trauma Comes Up for Redemption

Facing the shadows. Deep frustrations arose, to the point of wanting escape. Reactions of intense agitation and anger arise, of not being able to clearly communicate and not being understood or received in close reflection. Facing it and burning through the karmas. Clearing through forgiveness and taking responsibility, while releasing all attachments; as a lesson in general, intricately connected to patience with the process, and recognizing that we are all connected in the gradual clearing.

Moving through a fear of not being received. Then, if I reach out, and I’m not; it could retrigger was the trauma. But if I don’t, I may be ignoring my authenticity, which may also retrigger the trauma. It’s inevitable, the trauma and the healing are interconnected. There’s no avoiding it. You just have to face it and do the best you can in the moment, in the balance between ones ideals and where they are really at. Between sovereignty and community, between processing the energies alone and working it out with others. Where is the balance?

Yet, there are redemption cues. Moments of access that clear the soma of the patterns. Navigating between these means working with the shadows and light, learning to weave between the seams for the deepest echelons of personal responsibility and healing for the whole.

Getting to the Heart of It

Is the remember this. To bringing it back into the body. Where we are able to act on the subtle threads that lead to the redemption and expansion, the grace that is already there in the akash, underneath the layers of trauma. The whole version of ourself, the angel in the clay.

Learning to navigate this in relationship is especially difficult; the childhood issues, the masculine and feminine distortions that come up. Where the very crucible of relating means facing it all, that has defined the old paradigm in movement towards the new. Yet through it the healing is born, the transformations can be had. It is a fine line of faith and humility, self worth and confidence, surrender and receiving. To find the middle way. The path between.

Back to the Divine. To the Wholeness inside. To the truth where there “I” resides. Not the small I but the big one, informing all of our lives.

Awareness that it’s all the same pattern. As I dive within and face it all, receiving reflection from Misty, clearing my relationship with Peter, I and we all gain greater access to the clarity and sense of harmony. A grand opening in seeing the way forward comes. This is the codes of conduct of the new paradigm, emerging through us in the practice Akasha Yoga, in the crucible of relationship.

Divining the Trine

I remember back to Mandala Gardens, where Satya divined that the trinity is needed to create the foundation of the Mythica. That a deep trine of trust, gives way to the larger opening to the world. It was there, in the twilight, that the download channeled through her, a matriarch of the Aina.

It was upon that land that Peter and Misty first met, while he and I were staying at the golden tiny temple. To remember this now, is precious, feeling the intersections of our timelines in the Akasha, how the Divine works through all our lives to bring us together.

Now, more than ever, I see the truth of what she had channeled, here in the space of the Sacred Mirror Temple, where Misty has divined the same. In our trine light with Peter we see the ever growing foundation of the Mythica, the stories and academy, where we are able to set in steady space the stones of the gridwork that open the gates for the Tribe.

Accessing the Abundance

Inside the radiant harmony of easement, Peter and I see how to set up the social network and academy, where Misty resonates with the clarity of the simplicity, feeling that we are much closer to the mass opening to the people. It is a grand alignment of many facets coming together into one jewel, a cohesive manifestation of both inspiration and resources, that allows us to craft the offering of the online temple.

Where through the very application of Akasha Yoga that has led us to this realm, is played out through the redemption of our most intimate relationships with each, the closest mirrors we can have; that of our loved ones and immediate relationships. The right regard and accountability, vulnerability and honesty, with the respons-ability to own our own shadows and navigate the waters of the akash to that of harmony and healing.

Misty and I had just spoken of this, in the kitchen. That most people think of activism as something you go do out in the world, or protest on the street, but we both agreed that it starts right where you are, in the hearth, and begins with your closest relationships, rippling out from there. To truly be the change we wish to see is an ongoing devotion, a crucible of relating with our direct experience. It is the only way, as far as I can see, to redeem the patterns we have with all our relations, with the whole of humanity and the state of the Earth at this time.

Yet, it is our greatest calling, and as we have seen, and show you in example, that as we do, it gets better. Things clear, and the physics of the Quest hold true once again, as the abundance flows into form, able to be seen as the support of the friendly universe.

Reading the field, I look around. From the guitar showing up after mine was stolen, to the 2 computers screens and desks being given to us for free, to us being able to do everything we need to set things up now with google fiber, the camera being borrowed to us to use, that even the quarantine is a blessing in disguise, bringing us closer to our mission, our loved ones and the Divine. That no matter what things look like on the surface, there is a greater meaning behind it all.

I have to say, I’m deeply happy to be in this realm. To have made it through this wayshrine of redemption, and enter the portal of recognition. That I am here in the abundance, and that the support from the Divine keeps guiding the way. I know it is the Seed inside, of sacred purpose all along. That everyone of us has a story waiting to blossom and bloom, that “the magic is real, if that’s what you feel… love what you do, love who you are,” (Take your Destiny by Alexia Chellun) sings over my headphones, as I close this out…

Shifts in the Field

Times in quarantine have approached a shift in the field, as greater freedom opens and forks in the road. Abundance has been the nature of the fresh food and healing supplies at the temple… holding the line of vibrational sovereignty in the midst of collective energies. Come a long way on the pilgrims path to be in this place.

Returning, a tripod is manifest, that which was needed for Mythica movies. Further manifestation of the abundance in the field, says we are supported by a friendly universe. The Seed Within continues to blossom.

Daily Devotions

As I continue the daily meditations; the kundalini yoga, manifestation practices and space invocations, cleansing, alignment and flow; I am becoming more and more mindful of the old self; of the patterns of thoughts and habituation that made it up.

In this, I can pivot, finding ground in the new, of empowerment in the ability to transcend, step outside the limitation and create from there. This, clarifying and distilling as the essence of the alchemy of inner work over time, that which we’ve been saying all along. To see it from here puts things in perspective, it’s the Akasha Yoga.

These are the Access Points, which grant opening to the Assets of Consciousness. As I said to a recent client, it’s learning these within our form, those points that allows us to process the patterns and “shift” our consciousness. We’ve tracked this to a visceral state shift that happens when the vibrational qualities that you are made of change.

As I continue to document the path as a yoga of Story, we come to see the Rainbow Road to a more heavenly Earth.