2020 July Week 2

Heading to Darrington, Xarissa and I discover a small candle shop, with a sign that reads “Mystical and Magickal…”. Because there’s a “k”, it must be real, I think. So we stop… Here, we meet Mariah, who gives us direction for the next leg of the Quest.

This leads us to Squire Creek, where we connect with the sanctity of the forest. And through her recommendation, on to Darrington Tea and Coffee Co.

Here, I discover a Sanctuary of Fellowship upon the New Moon, tracking my position upon the realms as I journey deeper into the Mythica.

Having come to the cafe, I am met by Sara and Kathy, who are part of the “Love Web”, as Kathy calls it, where we recognize eachother as part of the movement of the Oneness that connects us all.

They created this place with the intention of welcoming those passing through to feel at home. The very manifestation of what I was calling in! I share the Mythica, my story and my music, and they are deeply moved, as we deepen in connection and resonance.

“The intention was to be a place for those coming through to feel at home.” Sara

“We are love friendly.” Kathy.

Today, I work from the Zen Room. It’s really relaxing and chill. This place is inspiring, part of the ever growing Web of Life that are the sacred places that the Mythica reveals. I feel at home, affirmed that I am on the Quest for a more heavenly World, and supported by the Divine.

Healing the Abundance

Returning to the forest, I face my fears around not having enough. Diving deep through all the impressions, it unravels and gradually clears, in the gradual resolution of my lifelong relationship with Abundance.

I cast the Spell of the New, invoking the feeling tone of Flow and Ease, the money comes to me to thrive and not just in need.

Left ImageRight Image

Then… a new client arrives in the field, who I had worked with a while before, having gone through a transformation, realizing his need to embrace Courage in his walk through the Sacred Path. I feel the Lion of Zion channel through me, the fierce grace of Devotion. It is a healing that I give, through the vibrations, affirmation and sound in the space, recognizing Him as Me. The resource arrives to continue the Quest, leading us on to a nearby Isle…

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