2020-8-19 – Leo’s New Moon

It’s a New Moon, in Leo, and I can feel the fierce and free energies of the lion within my being coming towards the surface of a new beginning. Tonight, I invoke that which I wish to call forth into my experience; that of the flow and prosperity, the empowerment in my voice, sharing with the connection to magical community, in appreciation of the Gifts that want to come through.

This time is a potent portal to activate our seeds of intention. To realign ourselves with the cycles of nature. And return to our focus of manifestation, and embodiment.

I reflect, looking back upon the journal from today, starting from what I wrote this morning…

Everything that I’ve wanted is manifesting. Being on the magical journey, traveling, with a resonant lover and co-creating of music, photography and magic, with the flow of resources, connections and places to stay, with both sovereignty and community. While sharing this with the World.

Xarissa @xarissaalexsondra and I invoking a live music sharing (video coming soon) in an auditorium while in the Magic Valley a couple weeks ago

It’s been quite a journey to get to this point. A very consistent application of the techniques of manifestation, of clearing the consciousness. As I shared in this video yesterday, it’s clearing away that which we are not so the true nature may emerge, the golden seeds of abundance sprouting in the Garden of our Lives.

I check my meditation timer that acts as interval gong this morning, and I’ve consistently been doing the kundalini warm up and har chant for the past 7 days, in this round. For many months at the Temple of the Sacred Mirror, I applied the yogas and the cleansing, to gain access, on top of the years of inner work and travel across the realms.

It has been this ardent style of djedi training, that honed the sword of discernment and the sovereignty over my vibrational state. It continues to be a task to maintain my connection to Spirit, and hold myself true.

Yet, there is easement, there is prosperity, there is flow.

Inspiration comes through me to share a set of kriyas of my Akasha Yoga in a free class.

Abundance Manifestations

More and more opportunities and resources have been opening up in the field. To be in this place of continual access to my gifts, and to the access points between the realms, is an easement I’ve been moving towards across the timeline.

Where, months, years, was spent on a bare basic yogi’s allowance, times where there was no real spare money for months on end, and no matter what I could do, no income would come. Only donations were availed, to the point of wondering where my next meal would come from. Yet, I saw, time and time again, that I was supported by the universe, in the dedication to my training in the mystic arts, while helping to create a platform for others to do the same and see their story…

I discover I could receive backpay for the pandemic, and feels in line with the same easement that opened up at the Temple of the Sacred Mirror. Where I am being granted space and time to create the courses and books, to help launch the Mythica alongside Peter’s constant diligent work to create the infrastructure.

Now, I’m even having more and more consistent clients, support and recognition of my value, so the beauty is, I am not in a vibration of neediness around it But it is so welcome, if it is aligned, and I know that I am worthy. Plus it is justified, as all of these events and opportunities we were going to participate were canceled or postponed because of COVID. It just goes to show, that despite what things seem on the surface, there is a deeper blessing to it all. The Divine acting through all of our lives. The support of a friendly universe is our quest of self-realization, and for us, of sharing the Mythica with the World.

Facing the Tension, Healing the Scarcity

Still, later, tension arises around money. There is the ideal, and then where we are at in the process, which is okay, because I’m loving myself these days. Feeling the crunch of time, not knowing when a client may arrive or other resource. Peter lends me some cash so that I can get the room tomorrow, reflecting to me he felt my tension. Honestly it was beneath the surface until he said something, and I realized it was there. I felt everything was flowing fine, and to just ask him so I could have more space to just work on what I’m working on. But, really, it was arising so that I could continue to clear. He reminded me, what of what I had just shared?

I dive into the emotion of the tension around the heart, throat and gut, a feeling of uncertainty and fear. A pattern in the soma, though I am not that. I breath through it, reminding myself of how I have been provided for every step of the way. I face the worry and acknowledge it, along with the sense of desperation. Even though the circumstances are clearly abundant, these patterns are affecting my gaze to access the abundance of my birthright.

I say this to Peter Fae, “I’m sure. This pattern coming up is a great opportunity for me to have humility and look at the progression, gazing at my journal from only earlier this day to see that even though all the circumstances are aligned and abundant, I’m still being affected by the patterns in the soma. and have to do the work to transform my relationship with what is arising. It is both a clarifying and reminding thing, to reflect on the point of view.”

To him, with his sensitivity, he could feel my energy screaming. Again, with appreciation, I see his aspect arriving in the field as an avatar of awareness, that causes me to face what is arising. I notice the emotional amplitude spikes as soon as he brings awareness it, and I just sit with the energy and acknowledge it.

Her reminds that it wasn’t wrong to ask, only noting that it still arose, lesser than it was in earlier times however. It is gradually resolving, I say, again assured that there is a place for sovereignty, and a place for interdependence, as Misty put it in her journal. I don’t have to have all the answers, or do it alone. I am very blessed to have those I can fall back on for support, even in my desire to stand on my own two feet. It brings me a sense of security.

A Conversation with Lakshmi

I could see money as a feminine being, much like the article by Jeff that Xarissa shared with me. There was a sense of anxiety of her being exchanged. Am I being honored? she said. And this feeling that I had not been trusting myself at some level to handle money. Like it was easier to not, then to deal with the responsibility. With the possibility of misusing power, and seeing how this relates to exchange and relationship.

I see myself holding Money, opening my heart up. Soothing and calming the anxiety. That everything is okay and provided for. It is safe to be in my power and to share Money with the World. Really, it always comes back to my relationship with the Mother, and my attentiveness to how to honor her resources so freely given, yet often abused.

I feel the screaming clearing. It is interesting. Part of the anxiety arose around asking at all, the uncertainty whether I’m not doing the right thing or trusting by asking to borrow. Yet, we just have to negotiate our line of mystery in the moment. It felt all related to a sense of honoring and appreciation, of mindfulness of resource and its proper distribution.

A Collective Perspective

Everything is always a part of something deeper. Is this not what we face collectively? How to share and distribute? Again, I consider how there is enough food to feed the world a few times over, yet so many live in poverty, and so much food that gets thrown away everyday. A statistic once showed that over half of food delivered to groceries stores is thrown out. It is an issue of distribution, and the problems are a reflection of the state of the consciousness, I always come back to. That Nature’s Nature is Abundant, it is up to us to come into Right Relationship. That as we clear the channels of exchange, through the recalibration of our value paradigms, that we transform this world for the better.

Developments in the Mythica

Peter tells me of the developments, of being able to pay off alot of costs and invest in the Mythica. We are transferring my site over into the new integrated design that works with the social network aspect of the Mythica. He also was reached out to by a software company called Ribbon, that offers a very simple online events tool that can be used in the meantime to get things flowing

I’m enjoying understanding more how to do the social media in a way that feels integrous, where I don’t even have to use facebook with a Instagram Creator account, it just shares everything to my feed and story. I just got a client from doing a live video yesterday and a yoga class today, though this could lead more into using Ribbon, instead of just the one on one sessions.

On another note, someone had reached out to me, touched by the content I had been sharing on Instagram. She had a dream come to her that involved me, that was one of serenity and assurance. Touched by the Live video I did last night, and participating in the yoga practice I shared for free today, she will be having a session with me in the morning. Turns out all is flowing, and I wasn’t in “need” for the money earlier after all. Yet, still, all is a part of the larger alchemy in flux.

Another had been moved to tears by the sharing of my story. I’m also reminded of the meeting at the hotsprings yesterday, where I was appreciated in my clarity, invited to teach more, and told I was ready to be heard. It can be a thing of innocence, to see myself in such a light of impact and influence, though I make no bones that it is the vision that Spirit gave me to be of service. I suppose that humility is a part of the worthiness of right placement, where I’ve gone through a temperance. To be of the right temperament to live my Devotion.