2020-6-10 – “Priestess of Aphrodite”

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Xarissa and I had reconnected at the dragon springs in Barton, where we first met after I invoked a love spell. A sacred love and fellowship unfolds.

She invites me on a journey cross country through Sedona and Shasta up to a Rainbow Gathering near Washington. I answer the call.

Before we go, she takes me to Crystal Mountain, as we walk in silence upon the sacred path, syncing up our energies in preparations for the road trip.

We stop, listening to the land, something to do with expression and silence, and the balance between.

She brings me to a stone portal to the underworld, where the tones of ancient druidism arise.

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An ancient altar paints across my mindseye, here the tones shift deeper to the lands beneath the surface, where we listen to the melody of sensation.

She fixes a heart stone as we pass.

Here, we head up to the old oaks, where the songs of the trees channel through.

The rainbow bridge blesses our passage deeper to the sacred.

She always shows up in times of portent, as we shift realms.

I pack up my things from the forest to prepare.

On the way out of Austin we stop at the Temple of the Sacred Mirror, the healing abode of Misty Odom who had held sacred space for Peter and I during the quarentine.

Here a download of the realm passes through Peter, informing the next leg of the journey to come, around that of the holy tongue and the ways of expressing our truth. Such is the magic I trained with him in the tellings of the Mythica.

Getting on the Road West

Immediately, the shadows of voice and connection are up, navigated to healing of being more deeply received.

We begin to see more clearly how we are like the sun and the moon, dancing the balance of the yin and the yang, as a deeper relationship arises in the tantra of relationship.

A rainbow again calls us deeper, as we park for the night navigating even deeper through the healing of the shadows of intimacy. It is a crucible, yet there is deep expansion through it all.

Chiricahua Canyon calls us to stop along the road, where the land works through us for healing. The intensity is a lot to handle.

A story is held here in the land, that of many lost souls, displaced by the settling times. We work to clear our part shared with the energies of this aspect of Gaia, around oppression and the longing for liberation.

The dream of the heart opener comes to Xarissa. That in Sedona we would be helped to open to greater depths of love, and then go on to encounter Sophia, Wisdom embodied.

The Sedona Vortex

As we arrive a mural reads “Center for the New Age”, and we feel the flushness of the vortexes in the field.

A sense that we are right where we belong. I hadn’t been here in years, since I first started the journey. Sedona was pivotal in leading me into the Tribe and onto Crestone, which initiated me deeper into the sacred mysteries and my work with the Mythica.

Summer Solstice

It is the summer solstice. She shared with me how in the old myths, today is a sacred marriage of Shiva and Shakti. Again, just as years ago when I first approached Sedona in 2015, the same patterns of the divine masculine and feminine are pushing up through the surface. It’s all conspiring to help me open to Love.

Camping up in the red rocks, our tire pops, and we are missing a part to change it. We hold the faith, and brother Josh shows up to help.

Again, seeing how we are supported by a friendly universe, as the right people show up at the right time.

We can only go so far on the spare, as it starts to wobble. We realize we need to call a tow, and I remember we can use AAA. There is question whether we will have a ride there, but they are nice, and we get dropped off at the tire shop.

I come out to see Xarissa invoking the cutting of cords with her dragon sword. We want to get to Chocolatree while we wait, and just in that moment we are offered a ride by a local who works with the sacred hemp spirit.

At ChocolaTree, the atmosphere reminds me of why I fell in love with the path. Of discovering sacred spaces along the way and connecting with fellow travelers of the Rainbow.

“Believe in the Magic” it reads on the door, by a dove under “Aloha.”

Xarissa is carrying her warrior staff. Passing a tarot card along the way, of Justice, that is a sword crossed by a staff, holding the balance.

A theme in our relationship, of the yin and the yang.

We order a delicious meal of vibrant nourishment, and pass 11:11 on the way back. We can’t get an Uber, and need to get back before the tire shop closes, so as we exit I call to the nearest car. It turns out to be Giselle Koy, who I met in Austin, who puts on the Conscious Media Festival, and she gives us a ride. She has her glasses on and I wasn’t sure if it was her at first, and she comments she’s “under disguise”.

Returning to ChocolaTree, I invoke my own sovereignty and pull the card of the Lion, “Strength”, as I walk through the alley to the back, where I sit in the Garden.

Here, my father Rob comes to meet with me, again on the Summer Solstice with tomorrow being father’s day, just as we had met at this same time of alignment in 2015.

We know it is of no accident, but divine providence, all a part of the healing of family and our return to Unity. It is a magical communion, where we share of our journeys and see how Spirit has brought us together again at just the right time.

The Water Way

Xarissa brings me to a secret local spring that she had been told through her own connections, and we encounter the datura along the way, which she shares of her special energetic connection with.

We take off our clothes and skip along stone, touching the waters and making our way deeper to connection and Love.

It is an expansive place of intimacy and sacredness, where the wild and the gentle meet, where freedom and closeness connect.

That night we visit the spring along the forest that is always a point along the ley that I am led to when I come to Sedona, and replenish ourselves with the healing waters, filling up for the day to come.

That night, more money manifests, and we must find a place to stay. I get stressed, trying to navigate, and questioning what the “flow” is. Not feeling to go with the hippy caravan offered at the Whole Foods, but rather to ground in and invoke the more masculine approach of sovereignty.

Xarissa trusts me in and stays with me through the process, and I remember Camp Avalon as an option. A place I was led to with Rob 5 years ago that was meant to become a place to connect with the sacred Land. We make our way there, and stay for a few nights.

It is the New Moon, a perfect time for the sanctuary to manifest for us in the realms…

Camp Avalon

The six pointed star adorns the ley of the land.

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A connection with the Avalon vibration arises, of the roundtable and that of the fae.

Making our way to the river, the datura appears again, and we jump into the cleansing of the water.

The roundtable appears with the six pointed star on it, which I first saw those years ago. Rob had shared a dream he had the night before we were led here together at that time, of being led up to a golden roundtable with a six pointed star on it and meditating in the center, that we were ushering in a new time.

The sign marking the ideals of world Unity adorns the entrance.