2020-5-17 to 25 – Ask, and It Is Given

In this week long update from the Quest, I go into the nature of the healing and the journey of synchronicity and Awakening, along the rainbow bridge to Heaven on Earth. We’ve been at the Temple of the Sacred Mirror for a couple months now, Peter Fae and I, in the gracious fellowship of Misty Odom, as we forge the opening of the Mythica Network in service to the Planet.

Temple of the Sacred Mirror


Deep rest since the journey. Integrating into a more yin, relaxed space, the ongoing balance to the assertion of the masculine. There is a settling, a distillation, where I see the progression towards cohesion in consistency as relative to the collective shift in consciousness. This goes along with my ability to cast the Mythica spell, the songs, doing the kriyas, all of it, to my very reception in the World Stage. It is a honing of casting, a djedi training of the deepest order, that has been aligning me with the very purpose of my life, the Seed Within.

Composting the Self

The composting of the self reflected in cutting my own hair and offering it back to the earth, along with new yogic garbs arriving appropriate to my ministrations.

Deepening Devotions


There is a deepening distillation of the nature of the practice, rising into gratitude, reading the field of the abundance, shifting out of the old patterns of association that create the matrix of lack. Invoking a new pattern through a blend of kundalini yoga and coherence meditations that balance the mood, clear the mind, and focus one into manifestation. I’m really getting on it first thing.

Facing the necessity of being here now. Being aware that as my thoughts would drift to future or past, that it displaces my energy, and very intentionally drawing back to present, presence, centering. Viscerally feeling how this empowers. The clarity of mind and life force to create, subsequent inspirations, are all drawn from having consistent coherence.

Gratitude as a stance, an inner asana, begets that access, because of a structural effect it has of opening the soma. The ability to remember this, to recall it and bring it into embodiment, is all relative to my timeline, the gradual progression from ignorance to realization.

Trip to Blackland, our food stores are full. While waiting, surrender invocation, bit of energy work in the green.

It’s beautiful what Alan and the volunteers do, saving the food that would normally be thrown away to distribute to the community in Blackland. It goes to show, again, that there is more than enough abundance to go around, it is how we distribute it.

Return, har abundance chant. Feeling tired, read Magdelen Manuscript to dial in more of the tantric alchemy of raising the djed and working with the serpent energy of the kundalini.

Desire & Dissapointment

Transparent share of the authentic layers of shadow-work. Something really present right now, is a fundamental disappointment at relationships. A long standing feeling of “what’s the point”, of feeling that it’s more hassle than its worth. A constant push and pull of needs and boundaries, of declarations and compromises. A deep desire that has been unmet, has reared its head again and again, as a starvation for real connection, in a world of false promises and niceties, of societal constructs and modernity.

A disgust and depression, that sits on the heart and gut, repressing any desire to reach out and connect. A fear, a hesitation, that when I do, I’m only met with the same boring repetitions that have defined the mortal merrygoround. Where, the very love that I’ve sought, has not been requited in the past, leaving my heart broken over and over again. 

Realms of Shadow

I’m not sure what else to do besides do process work around it. Balancing when to talk about it and not with others. On top of the sunrise waking up and the unrelenting yogic process, I find it challenging to navigate the unending nature of the patterns and resolutions. I just want some respite, some soothing and release, a more juicy, connected fulfillment, with depth relationships and the divine feminine lover. Yet, I have to navigate what is, when I feel that the very manifestation of what I want is connected to me resolving these things inside.

What are my true needs and desires? How are these triggers relating to showing me how I can advocate more for what those are?

Reorienting to Devotion & Discipline

The devotion becomes a cultivation; the surrender, the acceptance, the softening into the unconditional love, all a way of working with the emotional pallet to have an effect. Yet, this does not give up on the desired result, there is still the consistent work towards the manifestation, along the way, there is tolerance and compassion, the spiritual ideals of non-attachment and the like all come to the fore. Where I see them in the context of “something unpleasant is happening, and you don’t like it”, where they are ways of working with not getting what you want in the moment, on the way to getting what you want, if that’s your goal, unless of course you subscribe to the “giving up your desires” dogma of eastern philosophy. Which leads one to the perennial question, what is the point of desire?

Desire is the drive of life. Without it, there is no creation. There is no life. When I came to see this I saw the orientation of many yogic ideals in a new light, and the spiritual reformation happening around the reorientation to the Embodiment paradigm, which is about enlightenment through fulfillment, instead of disregarding the self as something to be transcended. Rather, there is something that wants to come through you, that I’d come to call the Seed Within, the name of my story as well, for the pattern of our purpose emerges through investigating the meaning of our life.

This quote comes to me…

“Ask and it is given. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door is opened.”


How to tell a better feeling story, that leads to Heaven on Earth? This is what we are all addressing. It’s a matter of our own mastery, and we are each our own masters. There is no other that can do it for you, for it must happen within the alchemical crucible of your own change.

Just listened to this from Master Nigel, your trust level = honesty x integrity x precision x responsiveness. Interesting his Change Angel Activation came at this time, through the portal of the comments on Into the Mythica on a post that Peter Fae wrote. It’s all connected.

As prompted by Master Nigel, I answered a few questions for the Change Angel Activation.

What do I know in my heart is  my highest life Purpose? 

Empowering the Awakening. Serving the planet through transformational media, services and practices, so that we may return to the sacred Land.

What is my highest vision of “Heaven Here On Earth” for my self  and others?

In my life, fulfillment through sharing my gifts with the world. Relationships that are deeply supportive, intimate, and galactic, with a direct connection to the Earth. I am in communion with Source, channeling the solutions for the New Earth into form, with ease and grace, with consistent access to the inspirations and enjoying the creative process.

This leads to the abundance, that spreads thrivance throughout my life and all around. An amazing state of well-being and magical wonder at the gift of my life, while realizing the unique golden thread of my story. Sharing the influence of my art with the world, and being received. Becoming more connected with a world-wide community, highly financially abundant, traveling, creating lotus centers, co-creating with other angelic influencer, while supporting the Awakening… the list goes on.

For the World… A world living in harmony with the Earth and one-another, where the gift of life is in blossom. An overflowing cup of appreciation for the abundance that is already here, with the access to actualize and spread its expression through our innate gifts and talents. Enlightening society from the grass roots up to high levels of influence, reforming our current systems and structures to integrate free energy, sustainable technology, quantum healing modalities, harmonic relationship dynamics, that all support our thriving in Unity.

What changes in my “Business and Personal Life”  are required to fulfill this vision?

Consistent access.

That’s all I wrote for that. That’s it. It’s the access to the abundance channeling through the self in consistency, granted by the coherence, given that I am in alignment with my divine purpose. It’s definitely interesting to witness all of this coming to me in the field…

Witnessing Collective Shifts

More people are coming to the cafe, and they seem happy to be out. I overhear a woman expressing her gratitude for the simple enjoyment of being able to go out, and enjoy the nourishment and company, after being cooped up due to the quarantine. It’s a beautiful thing, to see people enjoying the simple things, having more gratitude, put into context due to the circumstances. I comment on this to the server, and he agrees, as the technician comments, “for now.” stating how people have a tendency to revert back to the previous pattern and forget. I reply that that is the issue, if we were in the other state all the time, we would be living in Heaven on Earth, and that is the goal. He completely agrees, almost apologizing for saying something negative until I met him with regard.

There is a sense that the consciousness is ripe, collectively, for this truth. That everything is being put into place. I thank him for handling the fixing of something with the register, and he appreciates that, saying, “Thank you for being here.” Under it, is a deeper tone, not of just being here at the cafe, but of being here on earth, a recognition of my aspect as an angel. As I walk away, I say, “you too.”

2020-5-21 – Walk through Cherrywood

As I walk to the waters, I see the lion totem, reflecting my wild nature back.

Here in the sanctity, I draw upon the deva for strength and clearing.

Left ImageRight Image

As I clean up the trash without, I clean within, for there is no separation. Feeling the textures cleansed from the land opens the breath of life.

At the free local library up the dirt path, I see a book “God Calling” and open to this passage.

Reflecting on this, I head to the cafe, passing the sign of a faerie queen water the garden. I think of how much my journey is about returning to this Divine Voice, of heeding the callings and whispers of Spirit.

I step through the passage way, walking the middle way between the green and grey. I must find balance.

The Crystal Kid

At the Temple of the Sacred Mirror, Billy offers healing to Peter and I, laying his hands and sensing the energy. As soothing moves through, receiving the aspect of the Sacred Child’s innocence and purity and supporting his giving, with respect and appreciation. We heal our own inner child.

Left ImageRight Image

It is a wonder to watch the intuitiveness of this crystal kid, how when supported in their gifts, kids are natural masters here to bring healing to the world.

Divine Remembrances

Misty and I have a conversation, where she brings up the pole shift we are having, of re-orienting from crown to root, the top down, which Peter deeply embodies. I shared how I saw this as a reflection of the planetary shift, of the rebalancing of the masculine and feminine polarities as well, and went much deeper into this in a transmission following.

Cup of the Self

2020-5-22 – Temple of the Sacred Mirror

Misty – “We must create the cup.”

I felt the waters of life filling me as a cup. Invoking the Cup of Life, inspired by the shared presence with Misty, her embodiment of erudite sensual awareness of the flow in the akash.

Design Breakthroughs

Learn more about this aspect of the Physics of the Quest

I see a new plugin through a search phrase appearing in my mindseye, that allows us to upgrade our design, as Peter discovers a new visual designer for use with the website that further deepens our ability to quickly and easily creator for you. We saw this as results of the practices, and the Physics of the Quest in action, that as we clear the lens of our perception, we are led to see the expansions of abundance in the field.

“I can’t focus on the structure anymore, the stone. I must flow, and just be present with the waters.” I say to Peter.

“I just love that you’re aware of that.” he says.

Lightning Flash Upgrade


The super high speed internet upgrade came in today, Google Fiber allowing us to master the upload and download of content for the Mythica. This brings with it a huge expansion in what we are capable of doing with our media; our photo libraries, video content, and beyond; to quickly move things around a publish at around 1 GB a minute download speed. 

I feel this as the lightning coming into the temple, incarnating as the surface expression of our access to the high speed internet. An access granted by the grounding here at the temple, the abundance as result of our practices. Around this time, the scene from the new season of the Flash comes in. Definite mantra at this time. “Flash, ah ah, king of the impossible.”

Google fiber is only available in certain areas, like around those of the Google buildings, of which we have one downtown in Austin. This shows that we have arrived to an intersection of leylines; that of the power of lightning (electricity), emergent technology, and the arts. This plays out on the surface plane as our access to these assets. They were already present in the field, but through the clearing of our consciousness we were able to anchor the consistency for them to manifest into our grasp.


It’s storming right now. I can feel the power of the lightning and thunder, as I gaze at the sigil of the Flash and put on his mantra, the power of the super fast internet humming beneath my fingers, a reflection of power granted; allowing at last the ability to publish out to the world easily, with the grounding of the temple in the redemption of family.

In the infinitude of all possibilities, why were we led to these expansions?

Peter – “We’ve done the work.”

It’s this perspective and conversation we are anchoring. That as we cleared the subtle patterns from our subconscious, the ripples in our gaze clear, and we see the treasure that was beneath all along.

Rising Devotions

Day 10 Sah Ibi Kriya, waking up with kundalini warm up first thing. Noting that the lifeforce is building, ability to retain and direct more creative energy. Immediately dropping into the physical practice, allows the reset in the nervous system, making me more pliable for the subconscious work of reprogramming for manifestation. Deepening devotion and surrender to the process, as I face the agitations of the unrelenting nature of things.

We gather more supplies from the saved food drop, invoking the elemental energy work of flowing from earth to sky.

A clearing and softening into centering. Encountering a fellow traveler, I share with her the live production of this magic.

Reflections on Avatar: The Last Airbender

I come back and rest for a while, watching Avatar: the last airbender series on Netflix. Loved the part where Aang is seeking an earth bending teacher, and is led by the call of the forest to a man who claims to have come to enlightenment under a massive banyon tree. He speaks of how he came to see that everything is born from the massive tree, and extends throughout the forest. That the whole world is like this. Then Aang realizes everything is connected. 

Learn about the World Tree

Seen from the perspective of the Great Story, this is the very idea of the collective awakening pushing up through the soil, causing the casting of this episode, the idea given to the people, the delivery of it across the world, to it arriving right here in this moment through the synchronicities of the World Tree. It all happens in right timing, relative to the divine mind of God through Gaia.

More Progress in Development of the Mythica

Further clarifying how to deliver the content, it will actualize everyone, allowing new contributors to come in and for people to tell their story through the Mythica and teach the mystic arts. As we outline the Authors Guide and the outline of the Academy, it leads into everything else. We only see this now, inside of the clearing, relative to our Access to the Abundance already in the field. It’s all connected, requiring the weavework to be clear, a reflection of our own movement towards coherence over time.

There is a certain degree of masculine focus needed in building the cornerstones of the temple, that set the stage for everyone else. It’s also said that the divine feminine naturally swims in the waters that held by the stone of the temple, created by the sacred masculine. There is a place for everyone in sacred hoop.

Cleaning the Doors of Reception


“We are cleansing the doorways, so that the people may enter. The doorways of perception, of reception, for new beginnings. The dirt is like the shadows.” Misty says, as we clean, preparing the temple for the return of her healing clients.

More and more I come to appreciate her embodiment of sanctity and healing, the motherly space that she holds, and her temperance of character as an Empress Archetype.

The lesson of the Sacred Mirror: Everything is a Reflection. We have arrived to a place upon the skin of Gaia that is the very manifestation of that which we’ve been saying all along…

It could only be so. We would have to pass through here, as the temple embodies the very aspects of reverence towards the earth plane, and when the shadows arise, at least that of aspiration thereof. A realm where there can be healing of the root causes of the blocks and suffering, where the redemption of family can come to proper light.

It is not easy, to be in a crucible suddenly caused in the quarantine, yet we have all met each-other with honor, and through the codes of conduct of the emergent paradigm, have experienced clearings, expansions and actually more abundance. It has been amazing to witness for all of us, that we have finally made our way to a place where we are all respected. Where those that are nearest to us actually support us in a way that is more nourishing. That despite being born into the day and age, as Misty puts it, where we were not given what is necessary to thrive naturally, we have navigated the yogic path of redemption to a realm where we can shift the fundamental errors of the kali yuga towards the golden dawn.