2020-5-15 – We Are Chosen

In From the Quest by Yeshua Lucis

Another round of kundalini yoga this morning, with the Master your Domain kriya. Sensing the reclamation of my life-force deepening into integration. I do some work on the Mythica at the cafe, then head back to the house, which is locked, noticing that Misty and Peter are away, and I had forgotten my key.

Brothers in Resonance

Felt the call to go to the Greenbelt, heading to the bus where I am counter Dre for the first time in serendipity. We immediately drop into a resonance, talking about frequencies and harmonics, and how they relate to our health and consciousness. It happens when I mention something about yoga, and my work. He shares his interest in contributing to the grounding and harmonizing technology that I’m developing.

I share with him my perspective that it’s all about getting into coherence, that the abundance of the new paradigm is here, underneath the ripples of the disharmonic electromagnetics. When we are in the state, we are in tune with the earth and naturally unlock our health and radiant expression. He feels me on that wavelength, commenting that if we were all in that that it would be completely different. This is the movement. And it’s happening over time, where this very interaction is an expression of a principle, that we are waking up, in countering each other in perfect space and time per the laws of resonance.

The Dragon Springs

Drums sound in the distance, as free folk and local Austinites join in communion at the waters of the dragonspring. Here, I feel to draw upon the water deva, the crystalline spring waters fresh from the Source, for healing and cleansing. Sensing the realms of the bardic, within the faerielands of the water elemental, I divine my way across the underlands of the Mythica.

I wondered if I wanted to charge it with some music, because there was some tribal going on. But instead I felt to cast a more yin spell, connecting with the soothing energies of the earth and water Deva. Feeling my nervous system relax and open, softening into the textures of the Aina. I still find myself wondering what my place in the tribe is, how to enter with the world at large, how to relate to the community, then I pass a rock painted “Belong”.

It’s interesting to see the people gathered, sign that no matter what’s going on on the surface, the tribe still appears at the watering holes along the skin of the sacred land. “It’s the original G,” as Misty slyly commented, “Gaia.”

I was feeling that I would have a breakthrough with the music, alone in the green. So, I make my way to check on the tents, passing the bridge of the waterway where a dragonfly dances with a butterfly.

Pass a brother on the trail who complements me on my walking barefoot on the slightly gravelly dirt path. He asked me how long it took me to build up to that. Been a few years now that I started walking mostly barefoot. Just reminded me of how much I’ve committed myself to becoming closer to the elements.

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We are chosen.

Was feeling this deeply. That we are the resurrection, the redemption, a collective christ consciousness come to restore the Garden of Life.

The lightning strikes. I make my way back to the temple. Deep inspiration poured through into the recording of a couple tracks with the newly discovered features of BandLab, at the tent, which allows me to pick from beats or create my own and record songs that I can just sing or rap over super easily. I had an intuition that I was meant to go up there, to the Aina, and tap into my creative expression. This was what was meant to come through. I continue to be led, divinely guided, to the expansions of abundance in the clearing.

I’m picked up by Misty and Peter, as it starts to intensely pour, the lightning cracking in roars of electric wonder, pondering across the atmosphere of Gaia, pulsing with the life-force of anew.