2020-5-14 – Pearl of the Lotus

At once, Peter and I follow the remembrance of the free food drop, arriving to save that which would otherwise be spoiled, the leftovers of an abundant production and a reflection on it’s distribution. Our fridge stays full with mostly organic food, during this time of world-wide crisis. Thankful to the stewards who bring this every few days, such as Alan, supporting the Blackland community. He shared with me of it’s lore upon these days, the land named after the rich black soil that supports its green and flourish.

There was a lot of inner pressure and old emotional patterns coming up first thing in the morning, and felt this connected to sleeping in a bit, feeling the calling to rise before the sun again tomorrow and immediately get into ritual. We have noticed that certain patterns stir up the same bio-chemical reactions in the bodymind, which requires a proactive approach to the clearing and manifestation. The goal being to “condition the body to a new mind” as Dispenza puts it, which creates the emotional patterns of being in the manifestation our heart desires already happening. I sat outside while we were waiting for a half hour and did a har mantra for abundance, and some breath of fire. As things cleared, I got on it with the proactive gratitude, feeling an expansive texture of opening begin in the heart.

“Of all places we could be led, we were led here.” Peter says. The proof of synchronicity and the results of the manifest arts speak for themselves.

As we load up the goods, I reflect again how the abundance is here. Nature gives us all we need. The issues in our world are that of awareness and distribution. With simple changes, everyone can thrive, yet it is about the deep reprogramming of our reality creating algorithms. As Peter and I return to the temple, I remember, speaking of how free energy solutions have already been invented, looking around at all the power lines, such as Tesla’s tower that would harness the electrical energy present in the field of the Earth, that produces the Schumann Resonance, that which lightning comes from.

“It’s not new. It’s what they were on about in Egypt.” I say, as flashes of the true use of the pyramids come across my mindseye.

“And Atlantis.” he comments.

Morning Sadhana

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Day 2 of the Mastering your Domain Kriya with Life-force Academy. Intensive activation, where I felt my blood circulating, my energy transmuting, and the polarities of life-force, yin and yang, balancing.

Learn about drawing on the Mana

After, I felt my mind more focused on creation and a reclamation of stagnant life-force. This led into a space meditation for peace and prosperity, as the intense kriyas had stirred up alot of agitation and were burning through layers of sanskara, so I settled in and relaxed my nervous system into a more yin receiving state. Coming outside, I draw upon the deva, flowing the energies of the sun down into my form, as I ground to the earth.

In the temple, I notice something I hadn’t before, the sign of a lotus holding a pearl emerging from its center.

In the ongoing divination of our lives, the “what things mean” in the context of our story, what appears is always appropriate unto the shape of our soul, the unique imprint that wishes to emerge, the Seed Within.

Return to the Garden District

Walking to the cafe, I listen to “Already Here,” by Srikala, feeling more and more coherence towards the embodied remembrance that Heaven is here, underneath the ripples in the waters of our subconscious. I continue my invocations of gratitude for manifestation.

As I approach the door of the cafe I see myself in the reflection of the door and have a glimpse of a vision of myself wearing more loose fitting pants and sandals, that I’m on my way to Costa Rica and Bali. This connected to my dream of world travel.

I see Natalie again today, noticing again she’s wearing a shirt of a divinity of the wilds, that I resonate with.

She shares she’s been resonating with this power animal all week. Again, this totem arises in the akash, reminding me of my fae kin who share the leonine and tigress qualities of royalty.

On the way back, I sense the tones of the tribal, passing a bungalow with a world map flag draped up, and shortly after see a sign of the snake, pan and the spiral.

At the Temple