2020-5-13 – Kriyas of Commitment

It took time to get to here. To gradually come to understand the lifeforce and the nature of yogas over the years, with their combinations of inward and outward asanas; the postures, breath patterns, attitudes and cultivations; all being based on the attainment of particular styles of being, of embodying different states of consciousness.

the Seed Within

It defines the meaning of the progression along our timeline, and I’m gradually coming to see this as the nature of the thing. That we must surrender to what is necessary, to become our most luminous selves. Our spiritual practice being an important part of actualizing that, the evolutionary impulse coming through the Self, that which births yogas to begin with.

Morning Ritual

Kundalini yoga first thing this morning. Did both the energizing warmup and a kriya for Mastering your Domain, on Life Force Academy’s Power Practices, guided videos that take you through basic kriyas for cultivating and activating the life force. Definitely feel the effects, heart more open, tingling energy flowing through the body, the sacral holding more creative energy, and the third eye feels clear, where the stagnant energy held in the lower body is liberating to flow throughout. Was challenging to hold some of the postures and breathwork for extended periods, began to burn, but managed through it with only stopping a couple times for a few moments for a break. Deeply feeling this sadhana as core to balancing out my creative energies and life force between the polarities, as everything is coming together.

It parallels the development of the application of the Royal Alchemies. This morning I took both the C60 oil and the black salt ormus, drinking some water as I went through the kriyas. Now I will take 2 cups of the ferment potion, for cleansing. Really felt it clearing out all the stagnant energies and toxins in the gut. Feeling energized and inspired, a clearing inside of the soma, I open up a portal to cast a video.

As I open the Mythica storybook to flesh out my journey across the realms, the yoga of Story reveals a leaf in the larger tree… reminding me of our journey to Maui.

Walk to Cherrywood

As I walk to Cherrywood, I look at the nature of my commitment to the sacred path, proud of myself for how far I’ve come and how much of myself I’ve given to it. And with true effort comes reward, fulfillment, and I continue to see this relative to the seed within, the divine purpose to which were born.

Treasures of the Self

Such statements as “be here now“, and other vogue comments, come to the light as a relative to a spiritual ideal of presence. It would take me time to see that this is related to many things, to honoring our experience, to loving the self, to dropping into what it means to be a spiritual being having a human experience. That the Present is in the Presence. It is only through our awareness that things may emerge, at the treasures of the gift of life may come to fruition.

I stop and smell the flowers along the way, giving thanks for the sweet life. There’s always some message, some lesson , that the leaves have to whisper us. Remembering, the breath of life, the gratitude for existence, saying yes to it all.

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Casts Vibrational Sovereignty

Part of the challenge being how to maintain that positivity, that expansion and grace, in the busyness of the modern world. One realm of many along the world tree, yet has been my privilege and deepest challenge to find my way through, to walk the line between the green and the gray. Where the toxins enflame as I approach from the smogs of fumes and EMFs, the thoughtforms a medley of the surface world. I hold true, keeping to my invocation, holding the field in radiance, while protecting myself with the boundary of vibrational sovereignty, to stay within my own essence. I don’t become overcome, I stay steady, balanced in the knowing of my path. Invoking the rainbow road, I shift realms to an expansion within the cafe gardenscape.

The Garden District

Coming to the garden district to grab a drink, I’m thankful and blessed for this area to come be and chill amongst the open air and green, where WiFi and nourishment is availed, along with fellowship kissing the wind of possibilities. Natalie here and her presence is a drink of fresh water, she’s wearing a shirt with a wolf on it. I complement it, as a sense of confluence moves between us.

“You know,” she says.

“Yes, the wilds.” I reply, hinting to the scent of the free, the lands beneath. It reminds me of North, and the wildlands where I trusted the path through the dark nights of the soul to only be reminded of the truth of the magic.

I’m complemented by the other coffee priestess on my headband. “Rock royalty.” I say with a smile. They laugh. Natalie comments, “I saw that. Gypsy Kings.” Peter and I had always felt the calling of the road…

Such is the nature of the Mythica unfolding, the causal embodiment of the true undertones. Divine beings, met in the tavern, holding it down amidst the quarantine.

Chat with the Crystal Kids

A little girl turns to me in the patio area outside the cafe, around 5, sitting there wide eyed and innocent in a dress with unicorns with wings. She says that she and her sister are angels who lost their wings, but really have magical powers and fly for real.

I replied, “I know. That happens when we come to earth.”

“yeah, it does. They come out when we are scared.”

“They are still there.”

Sensing the Realms of Faerie in the Underlands of the Mythica

“Yeah. But for real I’m a queen of the mermaids, who can fly over the ocean to meet with the faeries. We have real magical powers.”

I think to myself, wow, it must be challenging for you to be a human.

“We all do. It’s just that we don’t all remember. I love the faeries, and the mermaids. I look like this, as a human, but I’m really an elf from really ancient times.”

She looks at me with knowingness, a crystal kid for sure, coming in with remembrance. Children still know the power of imagination, and it is in this innate connection that the wisdom we need to heal the earth lay.

“We only use small part of our brains, but it’s really much bigger.” she draws a giant circle on the table showing how much bigger our minds could be, before her father returns and they enter into their own interaction.

Turning to write this, I see that I encounter other aspects of the Divine expression incarnate here on the Earth plane, who carry the sparks of remembrance. Starseeds come here to spread the codes of the Awakening. The physics of the Quest hold true, that we encounter each in the sacred mirror of synchronicity, each carrying an aspect of the great remembrance.