2020-5-11 – Pantheonic Presence

Wow, such deep healing and expansions here at the Cherrywood Garden District, where we have access to the patio space within the green upon the edges of the commonwealth. There is a flushness and a grace, an ability to cast the telling of the Mythica.

Yet, it is not without challenge. The shadows of value flicker and flare across the lands beneath the land, where the very healing of the rooting to earth comes to the fore, met by the practice of the clearing.

Expansion, Pantheon

Peter and I met in fellowship, facing the healing of either side of our rippling gaze around how to easily share the resources in equity, not just for ourselves, but related to setting up of the entire Mythica platform to spread abundance to the tribe. Coming to see, that we were resolving our part in the play, and then the light shone clear, where the expansion marked by our steadfast application of the codes of conduct, mutually navigating to right regard and appreciation, opened the gates…

Peter and I talk on the nature of the magic, and our progression along the heroic journey.

The movement along the roads of redemption are constant, the cues lay within the field at all times, when only we clear the ripples from our gaze to perceive this. Just as I see Greg at the cafe, I mention that we are experiencing the halo of our manifestation through the lens of consciousness.

“I knew there was a reason I had the Pink Floyd poster of the prism.” he says.

Kristica had also appeared in the field, bringing the element of dance and the feminine, I noticed briefly as we intersected, as I was returning from clearing trash from the land and weaving an elemental dance spell. Peter wove her into the story in the moment.

I see that over a thousand people have visited the site today! and with over 10,000 this month. This is new! This is absolutely a reflection of our charge forward, clearing the way to the access the abundance.

It has paralleled our ability to weave together the network of our stories and teaching, in service to the Awakening. Where, the very forging of the telling reveals the path to the magical world…

The storybook is a portal into our journeys, revealing the rainbow road along the sacred path. The Quest itself, to deliver this to you, and open the gates to a platform that supports our shared chorus. We saw that each of us is a part of something much larger, the shift in consciousness sweeping the lands, and that it’s time for a New Story. One that reminds of the deeper gift still, that lay beneath the rubble of a fallen era, towards the righteous dawn of a blossoming Age.

Return to the Temple

Returning to the temple, I have a potent and deep conversation with Shelby Dawn, regarding the opening of the Mythica. She admires all the facets of the story and academy and how it all relates to what is needed in the new paradigm. She joins our membership, supporting the crusade in service to the Awakening. She continues to arrive in my sacred path as the embodiment of the redemption of value, of fellowship and appreciation.

Within, Peter opens the bardic, and Misty speaks into the void of creation.

Misty speaks of her vision of being a star being that was seed into her mother, and I share that I’ve had the same impression of my own incarnation. Reflecting on visions of having come from the pleiades, of being on the moons, of seeing holographic DNA spirals, that I meant to come to earth to unlock the codes in the DNA to provide in Ascension upgrade for humanity. It’s my Earth mission. And we share this, as Galactics. 

My eyes glance over to a book on a shelf, one I have not read but seen once before, about Marconics, the energy work of ascension.

I open to read about an aspect of the Ascension process where the body is downloaded with a template of higher dimensional consciousness, opening the Star gate to enter galactic travel through the pineal gland. Where the DNA upgrades are unlocked, and one works from the fifth dimension upward. That we’ve been in a progression of completing the karmic cycles, in order to expand our toroidal field into the galactic centers. To ascend and assist in the anchoring of the crystalline grids of consciousness into form.

Why is it, that just as we are touching on the quality of the Galactic in our conversation, that this appears to further the transmission? This is what we track upon our timelines, showing in our stories on the Mythica. It is part of the physics of the Quest, the very nature of synchronicity. That what is appropriate unto the perfect pattern inside us, appears in our field to reveal more of our story.