2020-3 – “Gifts of the Garden”

World stages invitations, allies arrive … Tell tales to win, begin again, & make my way to realms of Yin.

There is a deeper meaning behind the events of our lives, a more consistent landscape of synchronicity that dots our path to the new paradigm. Since coming to Austin from Maui, I’ve witnessed a shift even deeper into the abiding Mythica, where the continued signs of support and story affirm my movement forward. Not only that, but that we are all coinciding in perfect timing to serve the revealing of the Great Story of our shared Awakening.

Austin, a City of Fortune

It had been a few solid months of work since I had left the sacred isle of Maui come to Austin, a bastion of production and fellowship, known locally as the “City of Music”. I’m fully devoted to this sacred path, that keeps unwinding as I’m led across the skin of Gaia. And it just keeps deepening, this sacred mystery, this story that is unfolding across the pages that make up the days of my life. That’s really what my story is all about, learning to track my way deeper into the Mythica, the landscape of synchronicity that dots our timeline on route to Heaven on Earth.

Camping near the springs in a hidden safe zone, I rested in nature every night, waking to again invoke the meditations necessary to transform my consciousness. This has been a path of deep discipline for me, of consistent and arduous training.

Most days I my way to the story temple of the library or the cafe to work my spellcraft, occasionally visiting the sanctuary of Misty with Peter, the Temple of the Sacred Mirror, where our trinity would meet as family, friends and allies bringing forward this very platform and distilling our alchemical offerings.

Death had been on my mind. The nature of mortality and incarnation, of being an unlimited spiritual being having a temporary experience of limitation on earth. Of what facing this quality means to me, as a deep change winds brews in the ethers. There cannot be death without life, nor life without death, in this context. Is it not a healthy thing to question one’s place in the universe? A book had come to me on a visit to the story temple of the library, an idea had come up to look at graphic novels by one of Peter and my favorite authors, Neil Gaiman. Death is about just that, a goddess who embodies the role of death, and a touching tale of “coming to terms” with Death.

In many ways, my story is one of resurrection and redemption, of being born again to grace, and part of that is the death of the previous egoic shape. In order to experience a new reality, you must become a new version of yourself. It is the essence of shifting shapes, of transforming our consciousness, that has required the temperance of learning to let go, and to hold the line, as I navigate the balance between.

Divine Remembrance

Gazing at a photo of my training at the Magician’s Oasis, I’m reminded of my djedi aspect, of the ardency of application and potency of my craft gained through consistent practice everyday for years now. An appreciation of my character in the Great Story flushes across me with healthy pride in the deep inner work I’ve done to reach this point in the Quest. I mention to Peter as we walk that I don’t always remember this part of myself.

“That’s the issue. We drift, and forget. This is what we address, and must hold it down in the field, entering from there,” Peter turns and says to me as we return to the story temple of the library after a jaunt to Whole Foods for lunch.

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“Right, this is the perspective we are anchoring.” I reply, “That of the journey between the realms, deeper into the Mythica.”

But that is the very thing, the shifting gaze of our access. What grants us the vantage into the more mystical unfoldment in the context of our sacred path of Awakening? It’s the quality of witnessing it into being… me not having always seen myself in my mythic aspect, and coming back to that space, has formed the basis of understanding what everyone is going through on a macrocosmic level. It’s God being us, as the cells of the Self in the body of Gaia.

We had come far along our journey to a more heavenly earth, navigating the deep rooted vibrational patterns that define the surface expression of our path.


Affirmations as I walk, breathing into trust. I’m supported every step of the way. I can trust that what I need comes to me when I need it. I can accept the challenges, and see the compost for my growth. I am Abundant. Everything is happening in right timing. I’m learning to be patient with the process. I surrender to the will of the divine. I know what is rightfully mine will be mine. I breathe into my sacred heart, and know this truth. I center in trust, letting go of all the no longer serves.

As I walk to get some breakfast from Trader Joe’s and then go to the library, it’s super windy. I close my eyes, focus and soften, each step feeling to gratitude fill my body. Feeling myself moving through space, in divine intersections. Knowing this awareness to be the gold, the lever of my manifestation. Stop along the way to connect with the tree, into non-dual breathing, feeling myself as an extension of Gaia.

It’s beautiful to witness the evolution of the journal, combining the training with the documentation of the journey. Such is the very alchemy of transformation seen through the pages of the story of our lives. It’s such a thing of faith, to keep with the ongoing process.

Returning to the library, my eyes meet a book on the shelf, “Tell to Win” all about the power of story to convey your message and ignite your movement. All along the Quest this same pattern has appeared in the tapestry, a guiding thread in my journey to a more heavenly earth, where the very seed within me of divine purpose is directly connected to the Telling. Again, this synchronicity affirms my sacred path, reminding me for why I came here and the larger purpose of the Mythica.

Walking the Rainbow Road

Another portal of the rainbow road unfolds on the byways of synchronicity, as I journey from the library back towards camp to arrive unexpectedly at the Kava Bar, as my bus stop was not a ways a way, where I intersect with Peter Fae there with Ashleigh. They speak of the journey to a more heavenly earth, as she joins us as allies in the Quest.

What was interesting, was that Peter ended up there by accidentally missing his bus stop, and they dropped in causing that exchange to go down. Showing once again the Physics of the Quest, the larger forces of the friendly universe at play, supporting our venture.

They had first met at our first jaunt to Zen Awakening, as Peter and I joined forces to meet at the eastern shores of the Americas, him flying in from Bali, the Isle of the Gods, and I from Crestone, the Spine of the Dragon. Though, I was not led to intersect with her at that time… till these days in Austin, having arrived here after a jaunt all across the realms to a more heavenly earth, flying in from the jungle fringes of Maui.


Now, she mentions that she too will be going to Zen Awakening in the coming month, just as we will, organized by our fellow angelic ally in service to the Divine, Niekko Chin, who received the vision from Mount Shasta to organize the festival to begin with in 2014. So, naturally, Peter turns to me and lets me know that he will be showing up tomorrow, stopping here shortly before his jaunt to Florida to set up the grounds for the gather.

A nexus point unfolds

Suddenly, I begin to feel all these synchronicities compound into a nexus point, a revelation in the Akasha, the space between worlds, that I am right where I am meant to be. That we are all being arranged in perfect form to intersect upon the skin of Gaia. A sense of divine providence falls over me.


My younger brother Daniel comes into the field, as we talk over the phone at the Y. Our recent reconnection in visiting my childhood hometown in January had been divine, an affirmation that although we didn’t grow up together, and haven’t been contact for years, we both carry the codes of the awakening. Now, we’ve been brought back together to share in powerful downloads and healings, where I hold a tone that affirms for him what he’s waking up to and applying even though he’s in a realm where most people don’t understand. A similar situation I was in before leaving Indiana in 2014 to travel.

He remarks, “Watching a lot of your content has helped me see how what you’ve experienced is playing out in my life in its own aspects leading me to the realization that we are all connected and are one being in many forms.”

I reply, “That’s so perfect! That is exactly the intention of why I am sharing the content. Then, we demonstrate it in the stories of the Mythica.”

“I’m realizing you must have awareness of the situation and be mindful in order to clear what is blocking you. I’ve had a lot of doubts and fears of if this path is for me over the past couple weeks and became mindful of the fact that these beliefs and emotions about my situation are not mine to begin with and from there I have been able to work on clearing those beliefs. And now that I’ve been able to step back and become aware of why I’m feeling this way it’s given me so much relief in releasing these tensions and blockages that I’ve allowed to have been put in place by others around me.”

“That’s why sovereignty is so important, and I talk about it often. Because, although it’s not yours in a certain sense, it is your responsibility to clear your portion of the collective distortion. So having sovereignty over our vibration, and becoming aware of the narratives that we’ve unconsciously agreed to, is key to liberating ourselves into a new context and gaining more access to our talents and abundance.”

“That makes perfect sense. ‘our portion of the distortion,’ that’s a new way to think of it. That’s great, it just goes to show that outlet intention is what drives the results. Yeah, exactly because we have no power to change others so the best thing we can do for everybody is to embody our truth and do our part in the clearing. When you come to that realization you can remove what is not truly yours and show others how to do the same.”


Heading to the bus stop, a brother whose face I didn’t recognize in the darkness of night walks by, sees my guitar and says , “you’re into that mythic music. Yah, you’re into the mythics.”

“Yes I am” I say with a wide smile on my face, absolutely knowing the magic of synchronicity to be real and unfolding as the divine reflection of the present.

“Yep. You’sa mythic being.“

“You know it! So are you.”

He wanders onward and disappears as I scrawl this out, documenting my movement across the realms.

The recognition is so auspicious, my spirits soar in appreciation of the affirmation that I am Seen in my Aspect. I wonder, does he see me, because I see me. Yes, there is no separation. When you witness this expression, it becomes more anchored in the field, and all the other aspects of the Self respond to the vibrational embodiment of the value. Such is the Akasha yoga of weaving and wielding the true name of what you are being.

Not knowing why I missed the bus, which never showed up, I follow my intuition to take the 803, landing me in Barton district. The bus passes my stop for some reason, and so I end up walking, which leads me to listen back to the track “Listen”.

I decide to check out the Kava bar, where I encounter Jay. I knew I had been led here for some reason. Turns out he is a profession videographer, and we instantly vibe. As I share with him what we are doing with the Mythica he instantly lights up.

“I talk about this all the time,” he says, “the nooetic poetry.”

I share that it affirms the neural network of Gaia, that we would connect here. Just as the mycelia networks resemble both the neurology of the body and the structure of the universe.

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I see why I’ve been led here. I hang out for a bit and am offered a ride by John.

“There’s something to tantra, to energy, it’s sacred. Of the kundalini.” he says.

He shares his background of having grown up with Christian influences and the deep programs that he’s unwinding.

“It gets caught in those neurological pathways.”

I reply, “That’s the purpose of meditation, to get the mind out of the body, and reset those patterns so you can take on a new condition.”

“That’s exactly what it does.”

Describing the akasha lands when I say “energy moves through space”.


Traversing Shadow

Turns out I would be tested in my ability to tend to the Temple of the Self…

Resting for the night, shadows of health arise. Exhausted, I wander into town to get provisions, as the smog in the air burns my lungs. I am intensly congested and heavy. A dream had come the night before, a faerie had told me to work with the honey and the salt, and so I make my way to whole foods, where I rehydrate and address this major challenge in my body temple. I recognize it as an opportunity to cleanse and get even deeper into the realms of health.

Medicine appears in inventory

Ideas come to me, as I face the immense inner question and discomfort, currently on the road. Will the universe bring me the right medicines and allies? Does the idea occur in right timing? I breath into trust, as a slew of synchronicities leads me to foods and solutions to rebalance my body.

Arrival of Niekko

Peter messages me, and says that Niekko is here, they are at the library and going to do a video. I seriously considered just returning to rest, but decide to make my way there, chill for a bit, and then see him. What follows makes me so glad I faced it and just followed through with my guidance.

He signs me onto the main stage as a performer for Zen Awakening, to share my music and story. This is part of the ongoing fulfilling of a guiding vision that clarified at the Desert Oasis, I’ve been following all these years. To offer my voice and vibration at the transformational festivals and spread the message, my mission in service to the Awakening.

As Nature Dreamweaver appears, I get in the truck with him, to discover the giant buddha head is his copilot, and we go with everyone to visit the 3rd Eye Meditation Lounge for the first time.

3rd Eye Lounge

Entering, there is an immediate soothing quality. We find ourselves in a temple tavern of alchemies and fellowship in modern form.

We have a lovely interaction with Neil, the steward there and sacred guardian of the space, as an opening of fellowship ripples a flushness of grace across the space.

As I drop in the pain starts to soothe and sloth off, dissolving in the Yin energy of the relaxation offered by the space, held by the meditation tones and a gather place for us to share our tea and talk.

We are all reminded by ourselves to balance out the masculine and feminine energies coming through the field.

It’s so rejuvenating, as the answer to my question becomes apparent. In fact, this isn’t an illness, it’s an upgrade, causing me to come to deeper attentiveness to my body temple. As Misty arrives, she reflects this in her talk, as Niekko asks about her life.

She valiantly shares her story and the codes of the Mother Matrix. That we may come to honor the mothers as the embodiment of the Earth, redeeming the patterns of relationship in our personal lives to ripple out throughout the collective. The quality of the Mother and the Magdalene anchor into the field through her, rippling through space as the sanctifying waters of clarity and kindness, defining her part in a new paradigm of education. Niekko receives her in kind, thankful to see this aspect, bringing new definition to our relationships and future alliance.

Returning to the Temple of the Sacred Mirror for the night with Peter and Misty, the shadow of value arise in the field for clearing.

Misty, in her erudite sense of nurturing and medicines, recommends a few of herbs and tinctures that Peter and I had gathered from a nearby food bank. I experience an immediate soothing, again in the yin of the temple. I am able to actually relax, and breath deeper past the irritation of the dry fire in my system. I start cleansing, intermittent fasting, and only taking in high vibrational substances into my form more ardently, avoiding meat (which I mostly eat none for quite a while), dairy (which I rarely have), sugar (sometimes), and wheat (more often), while drinking tons of water. I cleanse the stale air from my lungs, dropping into intentionally work with my breath.

Invocations of Opening

Laying down, an energy of liquid light gracefully raises up through my spine, a geometric vision culminating in my third eye, that spun out these golden threads of white light as a caduceus of heavenly vitality. It felt like nectar of bliss as this united the hemispheres of polarity in my being, gently before I fell asleep.

I feel vitalized and inspired upon waking in the morning, and go out to the garden to open sacred space and cultivate the energy of the heart, combining the heightened emotion with the focus of my intention. A flow state of creativity unfolds as I weave my magic to live my life as a work of art. A short talkstory and music follows of recent events…


Invoking the NEST

Then, our sacred ally Nature Dreamweaver invites us to the Festival Beach food forest nearby to invoke the early stages of the NEST, the New Earth Sacred Temple, of which he is known to travel the skin of Gaia to invoke at festivals and eco-villages far and wide. Earthen sanctuaries in nature woven of branches and materials gathered in sacred relationship with the Land, to create diverse and creative environments for community, expanding and healing consciousness.

Rummaging through his inventory to gather sacred tools for the invocation, I see a sigil of a seed of life, a token of a totem, representing our shared purposing as emissaries of the emergence.

On the way into this little patch of paradise in the city, he hands Peter a carved wood strip that says, “Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing.” Which is so appropriate to what we are showing here in the Mythica, showing the landscape of legend as we make our way back to the Garden.

We walk a path of green deeper into the patch of eden within the city of Austin, filled with the textures of sanctity, goodwill and community. Of all places that we could be led to, it’s here, in the infinite field of possibilities that is this position in the indric net of the akasha, the synchronicity being the guiding force along our timeline.

It’s beautiful to join forces in fellowship, and call upon the forces of nature, to hold sacred space. We forge new territory together, as we carry the portal to new realms for eachother. Without the seeds of the divine mind pushing through Nate as his inspired initiative, we wouldn’t have been led here at all.

Here, I shift into the Mythica, to witness Nature in his avataric Aspect. A world bridger and weaver of pure elements, a community builder and realm traveler, a warrior of the heart and Guardian of Gaia.

Left ImageRight Image

It is so fulfilling to showcase Nature in this way, leading to his NEST portal, which is soon to appear again at Zen Awakening… as we show the real magical World of our shared Awakening, ambassadors of a dimension of experience only accessed through sacred devotion to the Path itself. To the Divine, ourselves, and eachother, we forge the telling and show the path back to the Garden.


Sadhana and the Bardic

Returning to camp, I open sacred space and connect with Source, drawing upon the elements, weaving my intention into the cultivation of an expansive emotional pallet. Aware that this energetic field is the substance I am working with in the manifestation of conditions. I focus, into the sense of limitlessness past the edges of space, while holding joy and bliss, clearing stagnation around the heart and gut, while envisioning the success that I desire already happening.

Left ImageRight Image

This time, with a sense of peace and easement. I truly feel it all coming together. Coming out of the meditation, I’m blissful and inspired, flowing with life-force.

Checking for the bus, I decide I’d rather walk through the green, and pass a sign that reads “Bard” along the way, taking it as a sign to invoke this aspect of my character. I stop and weave a song of the trees in the midst of the green path, held by the bosom of the deva.

Family of the Trees

Grabbing the bus, I go towards the library, and stop to play some more music by a tree, where I see a group who waves me over! It’s rainbow family, Gaia and the One, they are called, with a musician train hopper Arrow, who we have an amazing jam and I share with them about the Mythica, adding them to the living story as we go!

“Babylon is falling,” they said.

“We have to plant these seeds to bring about the Garden.” Gaia said.

There was mention of faeries, so I shared of documenting our journey through the realms of faerie, from Faerie Worlds, Living Well and beyond.

It’s a full moon tonight. Feeling the essence of culmination and fulfillment, I give a prayer to the moon of thanks as I walk the dark and lone path back to my camp, in a sense of accomplishment.


The sacred path leads me through the green along the edges of the cityscape, to discover new aspects of Austin.

I continue my divinations of what will lead to the big abundance. A sigil of the Mythica appears through the surface plane of the world through a mural of Wonder Woman snapping the chains. I see this as a reflection of my own movement towards liberation from the patterns that bind me.

I attempt busking, heading deeper into the districts of downtown. No-one responds, and I grow bored. I wonder, that perhaps this approach is not for me, that my heart just can’t get fully behind it. That there is a deeper vocation that is still of the bardic that opens to me the World Stage and the larger performances and productions, where I am honored for the context of story that I live within.

Again it leads me back to the Mythica, as in the coming days I work diligently to present this to you, filling in my timeline and articulating my perspective on the progression to a more heavenly earth. Where the resource over time has manifested to support the movement forward, from the laptop appearing in my jaunt to Indiana in December, to the highspeed internet being discovered at the Temple of Story that is the central library of downtown Austin, and the ongoing donations continue to appear, down to tooth and nail, to keep us fed and the basics of developing the network online. Such has continued to show the physics of the Quest, that I am supported by the universe in fulfilling my purpose.