2020-10-18 – In and Through the Body

In and through the body, is a song by Trevor hall I was listening to this morning. I woke at 3:40 sure enough, just as Sadhguru had mentioned, happens naturally when you get in tune. Second morning this has happened. I went into a yoga flow, meditation and movement, as I listened to the song.

I reflect , that is what this movement is about. In and through the body is how we experience divinity. We want to experience the awakening with all our senses. To remember, is to bring it back into the body, the Embodiment.

Peter and I have a conversation about this at the diner. Where he shares, “if you want to manifest Heaven on Earth, you need to get to Heaven through Earth.”

We have a deep conversation about the nature of electro-magnetics and resonance, evolution and honesty, vs the ideals of compassion and kindness that some can have unclear compromise around. There being a balance between surrender and assertion.

As we walk from the diner towards the park, there is both clarity coming through, and in me, agitation. I could feel the fluorescent lights, the doldrums of the people, the fire of the coffee, the quality of the food (which was pretty good but nowhere near that of the local high vibe we get at the Tea House), all contributing to it.

Of course, what was the nature of why it went down? Is really an investigation into the nature of how we only have so much influence over events, that things are lined up in the dance of forget and remember, how much awareness we have at any given moment defines our access. Hence, why forgiveness, acceptance, or surrender to What Is.

Peter of course reflected in all playing out as the resolution of the patterns in the field, and though I reacted to the masculine assertion of it, asking for space to allow myself to feel, I saw the truth in this, seeing that it was futile for me to dwell in the past.

As I came back to the trees, I could feel the wind flow through me once again. I released into surrender, allowing things to shift inside, becoming ever more mindful over time of my vibrational state and the sovereignty therein. In this, I recognize how this state of alignment is the goal, as Peter and I discuss the nature of us all coming to realize this as the movement towards coherence, collectively. That this is what expands our access to the assets of consciousness, the abundance that is our birthright.

It is beautiful to witness how the earth and sky meet with Peter and I, where his own sense of the akasha reminds me of the bigger picture, and my dropped into the movement towards wholeness reminds him of the body mindfulness. In many ways, we have been temple keepers for each-other, and in the way of the Sifu, bowed to the expression of God that was coming through each of us. This has allowed to transform the teacher student relationship and the old ideals of youth and elder, into where we are more listening to the energy of the divine that comes through us, open to support that in the balance of our own alchemy of empowerment and humility.

The true guru is within, but how do we come right regard? When other aren’t always being that version of themselves, or we are fluctuating in our awareness. This is a deep conversation we have navigating across the tides of consciousness, towards that place of harmony where we can both have discernment and compassion. Love married with Law.

I saw him there amidst the weave, in so far as I could see, there is a pattern vast and grand, beneath the world tis God’s Plan.

As we walk back towards the Tea House of the August Moon, we see this sign.

Yet, what is it to know this for ourselves? I could see that this is the stilling of the waters of our consciousness, that as we come to coherence, we see the divinity that is already there within us all. Yet, the process of this is the spiritual journey itself, where we make our way across the incoherent realms of chaos and fear, to that of wholeness and love. Where the ever present pattern of the abundance beneath the surface of the water can be seen as the ripples clear to show the truth.

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Conversation with Xarissa

Coming upstairs, I think of Xarissa, feeling into the still resolving feelings around us splitting ways, as we were lovers. Feelings of question, of not knowing, of desire to connect yet an anticipation of uncertainty. At that exact moment, I look at my phone to see she messages me reaching out. There’s an expansion as we drop in.

I laugh, as I say, “this is how the magick goes down.”

“Of course,” she replies.

It was so beautiful to be reminded of the divine feminine, to feel the opening of that in the space. Just connecting brought me back to that space within myself… to the reminder to drop in and feel the stillness in the water, the sensual grace of that connection with the Goddess.

I mentioned to her that I had forgot this feeling, that was invoked in our connection. She had too, in her own way, regarding me. Still, we had left off on good terms, but it was beautiful to see the contrast of the distance bring us closer to the truth of the resonance we actually shared. For a time, I wondered, are we just not resonating anymore? But revealed to be the reflection that I needed to see where we are on elementally different parts of our path, and are different expressions. Yet, there is a shared tone underneath that.

In the space, it was revealed further how we simply process differently. That she is more where the water meets the earth, and I am where the trees meet the wind. That the compatibility of our approach with the healing just isn’t there right now, as the somatic approach of our elemental balance is simply different. With her, there is more water and earth, and with I, more fire and air.

We have our own access points, and way that we feel called to approach the expression. Yet, in the sharing of this, there was an open receptivity on either end, and a style of acceptance of that, where we didn’t need the other to change. This created a beautiful opening, in that it allowed what wanted to come through to be expressed and shared.

Just that put us on the same page, and found where we could meet. It was easing to me, on my whole nervous system, to feel received by her. The Divine Feminine of that softness and the fluidity of the soma that she was holding, brought me back to that space. Where, I softened, inspired by her emanation. She shared that she noticed a point in the talk when I shifted from a more articulate professional sound to a softer heart space, and I saw that it was influenced by her presence. That I am very much learning this about the feminine, about my own feminine, and the appropriate balance of the elements.

Clarifying the Temple

As I shared with her the clarifications of the Mythica temple, and how we are leading with the sharing of our stories, creating a more bardic space to share out articles, comics and videos, to bring people back to the site, there was a great expansion we both felt. That, which is what Peter and I got clear on earlier, would be the reader level membership, and lead into the sharing of the content creators and authors, who would be a part of the content curation level. As I shared with her how we recognized the electromagnetic distinction of people having “skin in the game”, vs not fully utilizing what we are offering, or recognizing its value, that it’s important for what we are providing for them to be fully committed, which resonated with them doing the $99 a month; where they are receiving training on how to share their story, create the media weavings, with the weekly meetings, inside a supportive platform that presents their content, with the templates and forms to easily create it. She really felt the grounded expansion of that, and resonated, agreed and wanted to be a part of it.

In that moment the unsettledness came up, and in her the question of when it would reach the people. I brought my awareness to it, reflecting that that is what we are collectively resolving, that resolves around the root chakra and being received. That it is in contrast to the other electromagnetic state of simply feeling the easement that it is all happening. She saw this, that it is about simply trusting, that when in the vibration everything else follows. I shared that if it’s your dharma, then you just settle into it and commit, regardless, as it’s connected to your reception in the world. She agreed, and I left it up to her own discernment. Still, it was beautiful to see how we navigated that, and the trust that was there. That felt more solid, a way of showing up that is mutually accountable, where she just would drop into the energy immediately, which I really appreciated.

She asked, “If you could describe what the Mythica does in one sentence, what would it be?”

I reply, “Anchoring the Story of our Awakening.”

“In the world.” she says. It takes me a moment to register it, as I was so deep within that it is all One.

She continues, “I love that, yet, when I share with people what it is, I say that it’s a place where I can be my fully magical self and express all that, while being received.”

We joke about how really people want what really serves them, as I honor her for her unabashed honesty as to her self-serving desire. She shares how people in hypnosis just go on to share their deepest desires, plain stated. I reflect how most people have a thin veneer of prudence that covers up their shame when that usually comes to par, and how it’s rapped up, even in the spiritual community, around old paradigm ideas of ego. For us, it’s more about being honest, what really wants to come through me. Because if it’s truly in service that divine seed, it’s in service to the whole.

“It’s just about remembering how we are all One.” she says.

As I walked the night speaking with her, I could feel the resonances of the nightfall and the moon energy. Appreciation swept throughout my body for what remembrance was inspired by our interaction, as we shifted deeper into the Mythica, into the recognition that we are literally the embodiment of the archetypes upon each others path, and the subconscious patterns we are working through. That this plays out upon our path to a more heavenly world, as the resolutions and conflicts, of our coming to right relationship, to the harmony and the wholeness that is our birthright.

A sense of that inner child, that creative wildspark, of flowing in the tides of what wants to come through. That listening to the gift that wants to emerge through us. Where I could see a vision emerge myself in the adventure, being invited to these magical gatherings, such as Zen Awakening, in my elvish bardic expression; just as she was also feeling the call towards that realm. Where, we could feel the sacred confluence of our timelines. Just as the synchronicity that began the call, of our timelines coming together in the weave of space and time, all a part of the larger story of our shared awakening.