The Sacred Mirror

In Reflections by Yeshua Lucis

My tale is a mystery and a wonder to me even now. An expression of universal Truths. One such expression is that of the Sacred Mirror, of the witnessing of my experience of consciousness as a divine reflection of my Soul, in Form.

In 2014, I had a magic mushroom journey that completely shifted my perception of reality. I had prayed and listened for the guidance, and was about to embark westward for New Mexico from my childhood town of Brownsburg in the suburban matrix of Indiana, to mark the beginning of my travels to the New Paradigm.

Now is the time I will share this journey. 

I was brought down to a single point of consciousness, and from there unfolded through the dimensions back to my body, seeing my manifest physical reality as a mirror reflection of Creation. Then an angelic presence, that was my Higher Self, wrapped itself around my body in pure love, holding my animal human nature and body with all its perceptions and fears. This was showing me how to anchor higher love light into my body, to embrace embodiment and love my human self. 

I heard the voice of God, and he spoke through me. “Your reality is a dream within my mind.”

As I stood up, a divine white light filled my being, as my sense of self began to dissolve, the borders and edges of my connection to my physical vessel fading to pure bliss and ecstasy in Love with Source. It was the most amazing feeling. Absolutely pure love with no suffering. As I was here a while, a voice said, “Identify with this Light and you will not return.” 

I had a vision of me leaving my body and my parents finding it without my spirit in it, and my loved ones and friends mourning my loss, unknowing of why I had died. I felt compassion for them. Then I wondered why this was important to me, what about my life was worth experiencing, if I could exist in a realm of absolute union with Source in pure Unity forever, unfettered by mortality or suffering. Then, something struck me, I felt my semblance of self coming back into form, as I only said “Wait.”

At once, I came back into my body as the immense light left me, yet more radiant than before. I looked in the mirror, then, and as I saw my reflection, the faces of my loved ones and friends I had seen before appeared within my own face. I understood then, what it meant. We are not separate. We are all connected. We are all One. Our relationships are a sacred mirror through which we see our Self.

Then why am I here? I asked. “To spread this message. To help the remembrance that we are all One.”

I realized that I had touched sublime truth, and that the world was thirsty for what I had discovered. That we are only just Awakening. A sense of divine purpose washed over me, a remembrance as to why I had come here to earth at this time. It was later I would discover the legends of the Bodhisattva, he who choses to forgo full enlightenment to continue embodiment in the wheel of becoming, in order to liberate all beings to Love. I’ve always felt  a deep connection with this myth. For the first time, I felt a true sense of understanding and caring for the evolution of collective consciousness, and my part in it. Everything connected.

What I reflect now, is that the Divine Purpose at the center of our soul, that is our intrinsic function, as if we were a seed planted by the Divine with an exact blueprint of growth pattern, is always blossoming and reflecting back to us through the Sacred Mirror of our experience. This is the weave of karma and dharma, of the patterns that unfold into the Great Mystery of our Destiny. That when we touch upon this fabric of creation, our life breaths with the meaning of a thousand stories, and we remember the magic of the Sacred Mirror.

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