Brothers in Alchemy

In Visions by Yeshua Lucis

The Quest leads Peter and I to the realms of the alchemy, where we encounter Seth Mikhail as an emissary of the Diamond Body, of bringing the heavens into the body, where we share the light codes of awakening for one another in our journey to embody our highest selves.

Seth has such a mastery that dials into the alchemies of the earth, of the potions and raw food, and relationship with the elements of the self that result in the more golden access to vitality and health. We bow to his quality, allowing ourselves to receive its majesty, in the knowing of the redemption of value from collective consciousness. Just as he opens to receive the clarifying gaze of the Akasha we bring forth.

To this, our light shines brighter, as we initiate the new paradigm of right relationship. Its an expression of the emergent consciousness, of the blossom through the soil of the soul, that each our paths are brought together in a perfection of alchemy. Each of us serving the elemental function of bridging the healing for oneanother.

As I gaze across the vibrational underlands of the Akasha, I sense the harmonics of our brotherhood, an ancient and primordial tone wrought to modern form. The sense of the alchemies flows throughout, as we come to harmony with how the Aina wishes to express through us.

Its a way of witnessing, and of wielding, in which we come to gaze with honor, to behold the beauty that each of us brings to the roundtable of our shared evolution. Its, of all things, a way of being, of looking at our shared unfoldment in the process of becoming. As we do, we may step deeper into the radiance of Zion here now, knowing us each to be the divine in human form.

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