2019 February

2019-2-6 Balance of the Spheres

While I’m in a deep crucible of creating the opening video of the Seed Within, Peter returns to the temple with Natural, an emissary of Peace, Love and Unity, having encountered him in synchronicity on his walk out from the jungle fringes to a nearby cafe. It’s perfect, further unveiling of the Great Story that connects us all. 

We give him sanctuary to work his ministrations for the day, as he hosts the daily streamings of the Divine Masculine and Feminine Summit, a creation of our ally Destiny Fae.

Its beautiful, seeing us all intersect here again, far and away from the realms of the Dream Weavers Sanctuary and the Awakening Sovereignty Collective that I first encountered him in in Crestone. A sacred gaze descends through me, revealing that each of us is moved around in a perfect divine unfoldment to serve something much greater than our individual selves.

I end up riding with him into Paia to meet Astaria Lupuna, a traveling avatar of Kambo, a shamanic toad medicine, led here to share her healing with the community. Just recently she had arrived in the field accompanied by the shifting tones of the Aina, sharing a resonance across the Akasha through the internet. A primordial sense of the mycelium intelligence that connects us beneath the surface of the world came upon me.

Angels of the Aina Align

Astaria Lupuna

At the cafe, I continue to connect with other avatars of the emergence through the internet, such as Ava, a fellow warrior of the light, noticing that as I align with my Gift, that I am encountering others more in resonance with my octave of being. Astaria arrives soon after, carrying a similar angelic aura that I sense immediately.

“Some call me Kambo Kali. I wasn’t initiated into serving kambo by a teacher or tradition, the spirit of the frog itself told me.”

“The direct communion is the way.” I say, reverent towards her relationship with Nature, “We and the land are one, after all.”

Her presence carries the gravity of the shamanic, I bow as the textures of my being open more to those realms in the shared radiance. Such is the Akasha Yoga I’ve been learning.

“We are both definitely celestials.” I say with a smile, as she agrees.

Encounters of the Elvish

On the way to Mana foods, we encounter an old friend of hers she met at Beloved festival, Ryan Herrygers.

Joining us on an adventure to the beach, we sit by the shore and open sacred space to share story and song. I scent a familiar undercurrent, one that I’ve felt many atime amidst the gypsies and the Fae. It inspires me to pull a magical storybook out from my inventory, recounting the tale of my journey through Faerie Worlds.

“I was there!” He exclaims, pulling out a video of the opening ceremony to show me, where I see Peter Fae wander across the field.

Bardic realms of Faerie

He pulls out his wooden flute and begins to play Celtic tunes, reminding me of the avalonian bards of Oregon. The realms flicker across my mind’s eye. Checking my akashic compass, I sense the landscape of the Mythica that connects us all.

We discover that each of us was in Oregon before we came to the islands. The story that connects us all opens a bit wider.

“I’m definitely an elf.” I say, with a smile.

“As am I!” He replies.

“I’m more of a forest faerie.” Astaria says.

Astaria and I rest on the beach that night, finding shelter underneath the stars in the trees that hug the shores of the ocean.

Footsteps on the Stars

In the morning, a luminal space opens between us she shares some of her mythos, “I am Astaria. A star walker.” She shows me a tatoo of a star on the bottom of her foot. Her celestial lineage unwinds as constellations of consciousness speak through her.

“I was shown that I am here as a leader of Aquarius, to aid the transition into the new paradigm.” She says.

“We share this purpose. I am moved by Shiva, as is Peter, a different side to the Kali expression.”



“Part of my function is to initiate.” She shares of me her deep journeys into the shamanic jungles and her relationship with the healing forces that live in those realms, revealing more of how she came to be an emissary of its medicines.

Returning to the Cafe

“I’m a royal.” Astaria says, with a twinkle in her eye.

“As am I.”

“We’re the true kind. It’s not about status.”

“It’s that which goes beyond those surface forms, which is the true primal nature. Of alignment with the royalty of our divinity in service to the land.”

Our conversation turns towards that of the clearing of creative energy so that our gifts may emerge more completely. It brings some deep shadows up for me, of which I go on a walk to process. I question, where have I been dispersing my creative energy? Not fully aligned with the flow of life that wants to come through me?

Learn more about why we do Ho’oponopono

A raging ocean of frustration begins to churn within me, accompanied by a cacophony of thoughts. Anger towards the community, for advice without consent, for offerings of no real support in blood and marrow, for flippant behavior based on comfort over real devotion. I work back to ‘Pono, tracing silhouettes of disappointment with the touch of forgiveness, breathing through discomfort to come back to grace.

These thoughts and emotions are patterns across the subtle space of the Akasha, requiring mindfulness to clear and not be attached to that shape of myself and its associations. Its all connected. It relates back to a sense of support, of feeling like I can fully embrace my creativity and be received. I trace the sense of fear within myself, forgiving and letting go.

The sign appears on the path in perfect form, reflecting a divine reminder.  I reassert, breathing into gratitude and feeling the textures of the Aina wash over me, adjusting my inner asana to treat my life as a miracle.

Returning to the cafe new inspirations of how to market open to me in confluence, not without constant vibrational readjustment and steadfast focus. Its quite a challenge to hold course.

We encounter Madhav, who happens to be on his way to the same medicine ashram as Astaria, having heard of her approach yet not even knowing he was talking to her as he spoke of it. A divine alignment of circumstance revealing more of the Great Story that connects us all.

Parting ways with Astaria, I catch a bus to a nearby town and walk through the night back towards the temple. A woman stops in front of me outstretching her arms.

“I’m Yeshua.”

“I’m Mary J.”

“Mary has many faces.” I say with a smile.

We stop by a wall carved with a Ying Yang.

She points to my power center. “Its this, the spark of life.” I feel a flash of energy opens, reminding me of my divine purpose. “It’s what you forget, sometimes.”

“Yes, and I see that everyone is going through that. The opening and closing of the lotus of our awareness. You know, that is why I named my story the Seed Within, was to remind me of that very thing. I saw that I was drifting, and did that to help me anchor.”

Passing the Temple of Peace

Its a long walk back to Mandala Gardens, leading me through the darkness and across backroads, walking the edges where the grey touches the green. The rains begin, and with it arises all this muck in my being to be washed away.

What is it?! What is my greatest learning? 


How to love it. To marry the light of clarity with the waters of love. Its such a challenge, to face the ripples of unresolved resentments flashing across the temple of my body. With every step, I invoke forgiveness in pouring rain, breathing back to ‘pono. Knowing this to be the way to greater access.

Washing out in the torrent, the wilderness of my spirit opens. I allow the path to take me, to step beyond what was and align with what wants to come through. Through arduous effort and applied practice, it all clears and opens as I approach my tent by the temple, exhausted.

Crossing this sign on that last stretch of road, I know it to be divine affirmation, as the Quest continues…

2019-2-10 Satvic Witnessing

Deep work continues at the templescape. At the last of our stores, I follow my feet to the land, down the driveway betwixt garden and jungle. Bananas hanging ripe and fresh from the tree catch my eye.

Victory. Proof of the manifestation in proper form.

Reflecting on the manifestation

Returning to my sanctuary nestled in the trees, I continue my ministrations from my mobile workstation.

There’s something deeply apropos about this. Being in the modern gypsy bardic, of an adventurer on the Quest, writing from atop my guitar case in a tent granted on the crux of the jungleside I was led to in synchronicity. My heart swells in recognition of the journey, as access opens to reveal the Way forward. This of course is in concordance with the deep healing practices I’ve been devoted to.

Peter and I go on a hitchhike to get some food from a local town, where we are picked up by a woman who recognizes us as holy men on the path. After eating, we encounter Lotus Sattva and her son Finn, in perfect form, who offer us a ride back in the flow.

“We are resonant witnesses,” Lotus says, “The Sattvas.”

“Its so perfect,” I reply, “As Peter and I have called our gaze, ‘Sattvic Witnessing’.”

We invite them to the temple, where we have an opening into the Mythica, passing the goddesses guarding the front and descending through the thrush of green to settle in its sacred carriage.

“I call this social permaculture.” Lotus says, “Bringing about the new economy. One of regeneration for the good of all.”

Peter enters, “The Mythica is here to witness our story, to share the context of our journey and how we are all connected.”

I say, “This is how we bring about the new earth, blossoming the seed of light within us into a new language of self-realization.”

In a blooming aura between us, Lotus replies, “As you say this, I see a honeycomb sacred geometry unfolding…”

I feel the shared telepathy with an expanse in my heart space, “This is my favorite kind of consciousness!” I exclaim.

A fellowship blossoms between us, revealing our shared dharma.

“For years I’ve been looking at these same synchronicities, witnessing the magic! The same desire to share that story moves through me.” She says excitedly. “I also know that I want Finn to have the chance to learn the magic in a supportive setting.”

A light radiates from Finn as a innate starseed consciousness. Later he shares with me his innate knowledge of the sacred geometries and subtle energies that underlie our experience.

It’s obvious that spirit brought us together for a shared purpose in the Great Story.

2019-2-19 Moon, Madness and Majesties

Jaclyn, the Akashic Angel, arrives in the tiny temple, joining Peter for an opening into the Mythica and what he’s showing through the Academy, such as the Akasha. A resonance is radiant through the space. Its perfect that another aspect of this kind of consciousness would show up now in the field.

I follow threads of inspiration to streamline the marketing. Soon after, Peter invites me to come to a full moon ceremony.

I’m a bit frazzled from working the lightning of the internet, so I go out to ground, flowing into movement and breath, drawing on the sanctity of the Aina.

Leaving with them, we pass thorugh the jungleside down the road as Peter gives faerie lymrics.

Within the field comes up the threads around boundaries and standing in one’s power through Jaclyn’s path and recent events at the Mandala Gardens.

Arriving to the place, Peter says, referring to Mike, “Its a castle. Makes sense, its in his impressions in the Akasha, playing out through the surface manifestation.”

Here, those very threads from earlier come to the surface in my own path, as I encounter a person that I had not expected to see. An unresolved tension arises within from our last interaction, centered around consent and assertion. Such is the divine mirroring that we track as the physics of the Quest.

I ask what I am meant to do, while breathing through my inner tension with continuous ho’oponopono. I just listen and stand present, considering my approach. I enter the home with Peter to see who else is present, unsure of the domain.

Within, the space is open and calm. I encounter Andrew once again, sorting his mycelium offerings, sharing his journey of going deeper with the mushroom kindgom and the power of these types of ceremonies for healing and connection with the divine.

All across my journey deeper into the magical world, the mushroom deva has been a powerful ally for awakening perception and clearing impressions.

Soon after, I encounter Wim Dass, bearing the shirt in honor of the Mother Earth. He immediately recognizes the holiness of my mission, bowing to the shared gravity of the mycelium that brought us together.

He arraigns in the synchrony in front of a tapestry of the Goddess illuminated by the light. How appropriate, I think to myself with a smile as I witness him.

As I see Mike, and see the unfoldment of the space being set up, I realize this is his place of stewardship. I admire the aura of his kingship and feel the nobility of his intent to hold space for the healing ceremony.

Encountering the person who I had a tension with, who I will leave anonymous, I respectfully approach, intending to clear and have more mutual understanding to have more of an opening before going into a shared medicine space. Honestly, without mutual understanding, I wouldn’t feel comfortable to go into the space. I didn’t plan this, unknowing of our encounter. It was planned by Spirit.

From my side, we were unable to see eye to eye, as I didn’t feel properly regarded in understanding my boundary, nor met in my modes of engagement, and felt jarred by his assertions of correction that were not welcome. Therefor, I held my ground and reasserted the position of my boundaries, along with being authentic as to how this agitated me.

He attributed this being “my ego” and that I am in resistance, not willing to learn the lesson of surrender. This is the same repeated ripple that came up at the Wynden Keep between Peter and another of the kings, along with the same as my last interaction with this same character. Yet, when I felt into my own inner compass, it didn’t resonate as being the fullness of my lesson, rather that it has to do with standing in my truth and being authentic, not just giving over immediately into a soft peaceful state.

No matter what, it still serves me to surrender to what is, yet there is a gravity of what is authentic and appropriate for one’s evolution. It isn’t my truth to just relegate that to “ego”, wielded in certain way, can be disregarding someone’s entire sense of self and where they are coming from for some sense of detachment that may not be authentic in the moment. For me, authenticity trumps scripture.

What felt appropriate was to stand in the way that I wish to be regarded and present my modes of engagements, while being quick and clear with my boundaries. This set off a feedback loop between us, in which he kept asserting and I kept saying no, that resulted in me being asked to leave.

Whereas he was just approaching from what felt aligned with his own guidance, and I was having a resistance. So there isn’t the feeling of reception. On reflection, this is either side of a ‘yin and yang’ dynamic that is seeking balance on either side, and there is a pinging back and forth of not feeling met in either mode of engagement. I didn’t fully see this til Peter reflected.

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Invoking a deep ho’oponopono, grateful to the reminder of Peter Fae present, I actually said, “Please forgive me, for my portion of this, of what I share with this aspect of my Self.” Working through immense frustration and feelings of being unmet, I walked through the nightfall, slightly drizzling at the edges of the jungle. I kept bringing it back inside, taking responsibility and forgiving, to clear my side.

Rage boiled within me. Old patterns of masculine dominance, of wanting to “one up”, or use my powers in a way to “teach a lesson”, flashed across my mind’s eye. I kept reaffirming personal responsibility while holding their face in my mind’s eye, forgiving them as my own self. Knowing that I am processing my portion of a collective distortion around assertion and reception, also called the masculine and feminine.

Past lifetimes of kingship and conflict flickered across my mind, sensing those threads in the Akasha. Childhood events of not being heard, of people dominating one another, all came up. A quality of imperiousness, and wanting to establish. I am always learning, and have my side of the healing.

I’m not perfect. But also I see the valiance in holding the line, while learning a temperance in mutual engagement and also the flexibility of surrender. I did the best I could. I had to charge the line with what I had at the time. Anything else would have been disauthentic and felt like bypassing.

The quality of “you’re not being a real man” came up, directed towards a sense of fragility in me. I thought this was interesting, as stepping up and doing the difficult thing was me approaching this being directly and speaking my truth. It would have been much easier in certain ways to just avoid or say nothing, but I did the more challenging thing for my growth, which was to approach head on.

Returning to the temple, I watch some of a movie set in ancient China that is about a conflict over a Dragon Taming Rod, which has the power dismantle the Emperor’s throne. Felt the relevance, of this particular story arriving in the field of the Akasha. It felt like this classic struggle between the balancing of the Yin and the Yang.

In the morning, I invoke further clearing, continuing to bring it back to the self and take responsibility. Maria stops by and drops off the Goddess statue, which I recognize as a sign on the path.

Soon after I see KeKoa, arriving to finish up the earthworks.

We share a resonance as he shares with me of his relationship with the stones and subtle intelligences of the earth, relating that his necklace represents the sharing of abundance. The silver the free flow, and the gold the bigger investments. More than ever, I see his Avatar arriving as the embodiment of key groundings in the earthplane. Such as his understanding of the World Tree and the Akasha, bringing more light to what we are bringing to the Planet. The arrival of his fellowship is such a proof of the physics of the Quest, that we arrive in each others path in right form to facilitate our shared evolution.

I share with him my journey through Crestone, encountering the magi and priestesses anchoring the grid of the New Earth and setting the tone for the Centers of Light. Of all possible contexts in the Akasha, I arrived to that embodiment of the World Tree, it says something about the nature of Story, the structure of our self and why things happen.

He really feels it. “You encounter such magical people and circumstance because you are that magic.” He says with a smile, “Its all a reflection. Ever since I was a child I’ve been encountering these characters.”

I shared with him what happened the night before, and he reflects with understanding. “It must be showing up for a reason on your path.”

“That’s the truth.” That’s the Physics of the Quest. As I clear, the channels open and I integrate my side of the lesson. To both receive and to stand my ground, to release resistance and surrender while being aligned with my sense of integrity.

More than ever, I witness how deeply Kekoa listens, and the wisdom with which he reflects, the grounding of him as a root of the Tree. I deeply appreciate and bow to this quality, seeing him as this very expression of consciousness showing up on my path with Purpose.

2019-2-20 Blessons

Returning to the costal town of Paia, Peter Fae and I feel a shift in how to be service to the people through the Mythica. Again, we come to realize that we are meant to be sacred witnesses for the larger story that connects us all. That this is meant to be more of a focus at the front of producing the Mythica.

An inspiration opens on how to craft short videos promoting this new entry stance, coming through as I align with the Aina, feeling how the flow of spirit wishes to express through me.

I encounter Madhav outside the cafe, who I share a video with.

“We were feeling opening with more of a collective witnessing, honoring the Awakening.”

“That makes sense. You get to show the pearls, but you are the string that brings them together.”

I really appreciate my relationship with Mahdav in the conversations that we share. He reminds me of facets of my own self, qualities such as devotion, authenticity, spiritual practice and relationship with the sacred elements of Gaia.

“You and I both know what it’s like to be on the ground level or we have to have trust and faith and we will be provided for.“ he says.

“It’s true,” I say, “The place where we have to clear and align with that which is larger.”

“It’s a fine line not all have treaded, one that gives us understanding having gone through it. Where we see the synchronicities and miracles open up in right timing.“

“It’s the thing that only can come through direct experience,” I say.

“And such is a deep treasure. When we experience something for ourselves it lives on within us. It has a different vibration and you can just really feel.”

“We both share this. Navigating by the resonance and authenticity of our inner compass, that virtue and listening.”

“And we feel that alignment with a higher calling, the transcends conditions and small things.“

“Absolutely. We value direct experience.“

“It’s either a lesson or a blessing.”

“A Blesson.” I said with a smile, I looking him at the corner of my eye as we part ways.

After further clarity, I return to the Paia Bay cafe where I encounter a couple Goddesses, Vallia and Sarine Inna Dream, in the speakeasy, giving a collective blessing and oracle reading that connects perfectly to the underlying unfoldment.

Left ImageRight Image

Beneath the surface, I feel the pulse of the virgo full moon, the ephemeral effulgence of her subtle emenations, coming up through the surface of the priestesses and the oracle reading.

A gentle feminine energy resting in the Aloha of the Aina. From here, I hear the whispers of the world tree moving through these Aspects of the Goddess, bringing breath to a collective voice ready to be heard.

Sitting at the back of the speakeasy, I meet Tiki, admiring his fractal outfit, noting it as an expression of the emergent consciousness. The space opens between us, as ripples of resonance flash across the ethers of the Akasha.

“Its beautiful,” I say, turning to him, “to witness the Goddesses arriving at this confluence of threads in the story. Especially after recieving the divination to enter with witnessing the collective Awakening and publish that in a journalism way. We are all expressions of the larger movement.”

“Completely. We are all fractals, microcosms of the macro,” he says, “there is no separation. Each of us a representation of the fractal layers. Its all the same thing, looking at it from different layers it appears different.”

In the background I hear Vallia say, “Ultimately, all we want is Love. To live in that high vibration and realize that we are all part of something larger.” 

Its visceral, sensations of realization, uncovering layers of the unfolding tapestry of our shared consciousness. Seeing One in many, the reason for this journey…the more that I get that, the hollow read of divine inspiration sings through many channels. I can trace it back to Source. I come back to Remembrance.

2019-2-24 Reflecting on Right Work and Shifting the Value Distortion

Just found this journal entry from 2 years ago, from February 13 when I was in Crestone, deeply recognizing my desire to shift value paradigms and bring my gifts to the planet in abundance. Wow, I’ve come so far since then …

“Reflections on Value and Right Work

Now more than ever I wish to be in full embodiment. To feel full alignment with my soul’s purpose. To feel the grace of proper orientation in life.

I see that I am coming to crux, where old patterns of resistance to old paradigm work and discontent with the current value systems are coming to a head. Touching upon the gap, or what seems like a chasm at times, is where the inner work must be done. I am learning, especially reflected through Simone, that balance is key.

I know I want to be fully empowered in delivering my gift to the world, whilst being fully supported by my environment. The reeling I feel is pattern. Where I jump into work for the money, but then jump out when its not authentic. This keeps me in a teeter totter, way off balance, feeling burnt out then trying to escape.

I must reprogram this, so I am creating work that is truly fulfilling. Where there is true fellowship, true abundance, true alignment, where I am fully authentic and engaged, and my gifts come to the forefront. Where there is a tangible sense of shared destiny.

And yet, I sense a gap, where fear lay. If I only have access to what I have access to, and abundance comes through in whatever manifestation it does…I feel I am having trouble divining that at times, which has made budgeting inconceivable to me. I want to allow for unlimited abundance, so I trust that it will come through…But then one day I am eating the richest foods and another rice and potatoes and not able to pay my dues. How do I find the balance?

I want to leap for greatness. To create a new paradigm. To be fully activated in my life’s work. Yet I still want to be in Integrity. And there are specific agreements that require federal reserve notes at this time. So in this transition I make it part of my manifestations…for my dues, my food, my diesel…

There is no way out in the current shape of my life. In fact, it seems, the only way out is through. I must find balance.”

Even now, I am working with the ripples of this same pattern. I have come so far, to accessing my talents, getting clear and learning marketing, while the Mythica has been being creating, yet something has felt blocked.

Like, it has to do with offering and promoting. When I approach it, there is an uncertainty of how to move forward. Thoughts of all the times I’ve reached out to people and they’ve not gotten back to me, or have made agreements and not followed through, come across my mind. I see it is the same pattern.

Why has it been that we can’t cover the basic upkeep of the organization, haven’t yet been able to gather rent, and have been on such a ground level? How can this change?

I keep hearing, offering and promoting. There needs to be a drastic shift in approach.

I can recognize how its all perfect, that we’ve been supported every step of the way, and that it couldn’t have happened any differently. While also recognizing that there is a deep desire for change, and that I’m constantly working the inner alchemies to do that, clearing, “feeling it into being” and the like.

I just remembered, dissolve the problem. Detach from the condition and allow it to dissolve, while gently reasserting the manifestation. To keep holding this position is challenging.

Ultimately, I know now what I want to do. The type of bard work, having created the album, set up the site, linked it into my story on the Mythica with ebooks, videos and writing. But now, how do I promote it and gain a following? I have a general understanding of the social media, but its going to take time.

It reminds me, the in person work and events, bringing people together…

I saw for Peter it is really creating teaching offers and promoting those.

There must be something more I can do, a way that myself is wanting to shift and why all these threads are arising now.

2019-2-26 Promise of Righteous Use of Power

By the authority invested in me, by the powers of the Heavens and Earth through me, I promise to only use my power in service to life, the good of all, and the fulfillment of my soul’s purpose. I promise to be excellent in my word, and to treat others fairly.

I release all bindings and contracts that no longer serve me back to Source, and align with this energetic blueprint of salvation. I promise to become the change I wish to see.

With this, I take responsibility for any trespasses, and ask forgiveness. Reaffirming my will to be aligned with that of the most high divine. I step into a new era of sovereignty, expansion and service, of connectivity, abundance and grace.

I intend to live in right action, and be the vessel for Spirit, to be an extension of the giving graces of Nature.

2019-2-27 Cirque de Fae

Peter and I emerge from the jungle brush, leaving the cape of mandala gardens for the coastal town of Paia.

Arriving to the road we invoke that we will be picked by the right person, soon after catching a ride to a fruit stand, miles from our destination.

Here I share with him a recent entry I did, about my movement from the mundane to the magical world, how this has played out across the timeline of my Awakening.

“Its so valorous.” He says, “You embody that for all the lives you’re meant to touch.”

“I see now that’s why I was born into the conditions I was. Its like I’m writing in my origins, I was born magical, with starseed consciousness and expanded perceptions, awareness of the Aina, but then I got conditioned and forgot. My whole journey has been about finding my home.”

“We share this. It just played out differently for me.” He replies. “It was more like a raw overwhelm that clarified over time to create the Akasha Yoga and the witnessing of the Mythica.”I appreciate our relationship so deeply. Traveling with a seasoned ambassador of Gaia. Its so archetypically appropriate. Just the medicine I needed arrived through his form to faciliate my conscious evolution. Its like I realized as we were hitching the other day. When I met Peter, I recieved the light codes of Faerie and the magical world, opening me up to the deeper realms and helping me liberate from the traditions of old and integrate that into direct relationship with the altar of the Aina.

Soon after, a couple arrives as we hold the tone of being picked up. We jump in the back to make the last stretch. There’s an immediate sense of Aloha between us all.

A deep magic unfolds between Peter and the woman. An opening, a healing, an anchoring of gravity around the locus of his Avatar, as the he brings awareness to the underlying energies, and their resolve.

She is on such a valiant mission, having been led to the Aina to recieve clearing through a number of emissaries of the land and energy healing. It was a proof of the physics of the Quest, that we are led to be right where we are meant to be, when we’re meant to be there.

Arriving to Paia, we step out into a expanded sense of movement across the Akasha of space-time between positions of consciousness, realms of being reflected in the unfolding play of cause and effect.

“It’s the galactic overtone. The movement between the starscape.” Peter says, as we arrive to Mana for some nourishment on the Quest. We approach a vessel of transformation, appropriate to the shape of the waters of the Akasha so the message may come through Peter.

Making our way to the park side, I scent the circus, looking across the way to see a group of people gathered sharing juggling, poi and music, the ways kind and free. We come and join.

“It started with a wish, didn’t it?” I say to Peter, with a smile, referring to the Mythica.

“Its true. One I made in the lightning, years ago.”

I look over a line of trees, seeing a young elvish looking man with long golden hair. Sensing the shared resonance, I make my way to him, sharing a deep opening into witnessing us as extensions of the world tree. Here I encounter Seth Leharra, who kindly witnesses me on the path and we share an expansion. Here, she helps him with the marketing of his crystal jewelry. As I look at his work, I can feel the weavings of intent in subtle planes, of focused love moving though the Aina from his form taking shape as the jewelry.

“Wow!” She says, “You such a star seed beam of light! I’m so grateful I was led here.”

As we all arrive in confluence, the shared threads unveil a pattern between us all, each sharing the movement back to the Garden. Our meeting is so meaningful, the shared resonance and recognition that Leharra and I had, of us as elvish starseeds, and the connection that caused us all to intersect.

(See full video episode)

Peter arrives to proper form, falling to the gravity. Healing opens between him and Leharra.

A space of myth and sharing unveils, as I follow a sudden inspiration to share photos from my journey through the faerie greenlands of Oregon, threads bounce from Faerie Worlds festival, to Wynden Keep, Living Well and beyond, the characters of bards and priestesses in modern form brought to life for my audience through word and imagery.

At mana, I encounter Natural once again, just returned from a Quepasana retreat, alight with the energies of meditation and clearing.

“I’m ready to go deeper with the Mythica and my site,” He says with a smile. Its perfect, him showing up now.

Here, I share my own realizations from a Vipassana retreat I did in 2014, that the patterns within, they call sanskara, are the same as our karma, the patterns that repeat in our life circumstance, and are intrinsically connected to our dharma, the purpose of our life. In a dharma talk they did, the guru spoke of how the sanskara are like seeds in our mind, that blossom in the tree of our experience. This is profound, of course, as this is just what we are saying the Mythica.

Returning to the temple, I feel the results of applying the Akasha meditations, of being aware of the sensations within but not attached, clearing while affirming and alignign with the tone of manifestation. I reflect on the results of the divine alignments and signs that have shown up, the manifestation of abundance.

An easement starts to settle in. We truly are supported by a friendly divinity.

To get to this point has required the inner process, of clearing the subsconscious patterns and aligning with the Aina.

As we return to the long driveway down to the Mandala gardens, the land is resplendent with light and I feel open. Like everything is aligning.

In the temple, Peter and I continue to organize the marketing and discern the proper way forward as to be most alinged with the finances needed to secure the temple and present the Mythica to the planet. Clarities come through, the way is being seen.

Soon after, an unexpected visit from Satya, that opens into a deep healing space between her and Peter, as he brings awareness to the subtle underlying energies and guides them to clearing, althewhile bringing divine reminders through of how there is no separation…

It’s so beautiful to witness the virtue of Satya’s heart, the shared goal we all have to bring about a new world. More than ever, I bow to her grace, the qualities of the divine mother that flow through her, and appreciate her kindness, understanding, patience and support of our mission.