2019-9 – Last Leg of Maui

Having gone on a whole adventure along the Highway to Heaven with Joy and Jake, I return to the Sanctuary of the Golden Ram, where I am met by Miles and Mia, stewards of the sacred land working on a restoration project to revive the vibrant fruit forests of Maui.

Here, a deep facing of dropping into the Aina occurs, as I work with life long habits and addictions rising the life denying shadows that resulted from the trauma of not being received and understood in my value. Going into the healing, I surrender to the yogic process, with working with the plant medicines and allies that arrive, intending to correct my relationship with the land, with myself, with God.

The Falls of Bliss


Waters falling to truth, washing away the layers of illusion, purifying me to my essence. All that’s left is peace, bliss, love. Did we know we were born to feel this good? That nature has the blessings we desire, waiting to blossom up through the soil of our soul.

It’s here, in the falls of Kipahulu, that I felt a simple truth, that of freedom. Of the breaking of the mold into a home of heart, to the subtle flow of emotions that poured through as the falls washed away what no longer serves. A radiance uplifting, an essence emerging, our new reality beckoning.

She speaks in words unspoken. In the whispers of the wind, the caress of the waters, the textures of the land. A language of sensation we could all hear in these moments, as we gathered in purity and respect for the sacred land. With reverence, in humility, with childlike joy and openness to the moment. Surrendering to the Great Mystery.

It’s a holy place, these falls, the forest a grand church. The paths taking me closer to Source, in my own Essential Nature. That the desire wells within to spread this word, to stand in truth, that we can all find our way closer, and come back to the embrace of the great mother. The land from which we came and shall return.

It was with Joy and Jake that I journeyed to Lokahi, the village of unity in the jungles of the Aina, where we met as ambassadors of the stars, to remember who we really are…

Dropping into the Aina


At these times I’m learning patience. To drop in, tune into the pace of the sacred land, to the subtle voice of vibration beneath the flickering forms of surface life. To find that depth of connection that never dies. To align with the essence that aches to be born through me.

More and more, the affirmations of divine support arrive. That place where I see the elements of my timeline more clearly, that everything is conspiring to bring me to this place. Where the energetic patterns that defined what I was, shift and transform to new forms… and with it, a new reality.

It is a precious thing, a place of witnessing, of authenticity and not contrivance. Of still learning always this heroic journey of Awakening, guiding me ever deeper to overtures of how the Divine wishes to impart the lessons, the alignments, the affirmations.

From here, dreams shift into vision. The Heaven on Earth I came here to create. Where the many other avatars of Story shift about the map of starlight that is my sacred path to the New Paradigm. Where I see us all as part of something larger, a great Awakening.

A divination of the summer gods appears in the field

Facing the Life Denying Shadows


Still, the healing continues. Its ongoing. As I drop into the nurturing embrace of the Aina, the tensions within are able to dissolve. I am able to come to presence, to greater cohesion. Yet, it has its time, and it takes patience.

This morning I awoke with pain in my stomach, a depressing vibration. This emotional pattern, of not wanting to rise, of feeling denied the pleasures of life. Its why the coping addictions, now I feel, of the smoking, fatty foods, and occasional releasing my seed from masterbation. They drain me. But they are based on feeling denied, of replacing satisfaction with stimulation…

I’m at a point of needing to deepen my discipline even further. I have dedicated myself to releasing the coping mechanisms and doing the practices. I have been diligent, up to this point, its just tightening in the way, and allowing myself to soften and deepen in to feel whatever it is I’m trying to turn away from, so it may come up for healing.

I haven’t smoked any tobacco today, and I haven’t been smoking it for the past 2 years, except occasionally, except these past couple weeks and a bit when James was there at Hana Mana. Its challenging with the tobacco deva in my field, for at the same time as it brings a type of medicine, a relaxing quality, and something pleasurable and stimulating, it messes with my energy, and the tar feels terrible in my lungs. Never have I been so sensitive to it. I know I have to stop, so I’ve been gradually going down to one small rolled one that I puff on throughout the day, but even that is too much. My body doesn’t like, except very little, even less than that, used prayerfully in rare occasions. Its something I haven’t written about yet, but this is me journaling the process.

A major sense of expansion yesterday as I continued to drop in and clarify the offering, while holding the tone of feeling it happening, the manifestation, and letting go of any tension or “needing” it to happen. Dropping in and releasing the frustration of wanting it to come together faster has been a thing throughout. Yet, I remind myself of the blessings, that I am here on Maui, at a sacred land where I can heal, with a room I can half rent or worktrade that isn’t nearly as demanding as Hana, where I can hitchhike to get food or go to the cafe, the open mic, hangout, go to the beach… where I am having access to the clarity to gradually bring things together.

Addressing the Wound of the Root

Its a sensitive area. This morning, when it came up, that feeling of being denied, of not wanting to live, I had to hold myself, and feel more deeply into it than I have before. With love, breathing, as my inner child came to me and a diorama unfolded of why I felt this way. It had to do with not feeling accepted, being rejected, and then feeling that my needs weren’t met, then I would seek the approval of others, feeling that I wasn’t good enough, and that’s where my emotional body started to shut down, and started going hard on myself and always trying to be “better”, to be “enough”. I hardened, and wasn’t softening into the feeling space where I could naturally feel pleasure, where I could access my emotions. They became like frozen ice instead of water.

Apparently this is the time to write this and get this out, its part of the process and is helping me to flow with the writing, another way of moving through it and seeing the gems while clarifying.

Centering in the Heart

There is a clarity coming to the process. Of dropping my awareness into a type of meditation, of non judgment, breathing love into the self, going into the emotional knots and allowing them to unwind. As I awoke, I immediately began to invoke gratitude and notice things in my field to be thankful for, as a type of proactiveness towards the tendency of my core vibration to start to slip back towards the last octave. Its a thing of discipline, and devotion, as I bring this into the kundalini practice of the “bamboo breath”, breathing up through the root, holding up the perineum, up through the central channel, locking the bandas, then holding the energy with my hands in front, charging my channel with positive intentions and toning my central channel, the core of my energy system, my core vibration. Its like lifting weights. At points, facing the resistances that arise, holding my attention completely on the fine sensation, bringing it back anytime it wavers. Then coming to the place of feeling the manifestation I desire as if its already happening, while accepting the present moment and releasing attachment, to have the feeling in the now. All based on “feel it into being” and the Law of Assumption. That if you assume that what you desire is coming, it is coming, then your actions in the present are matched up to that higher vision and goal.

Getting to the Understanding of the Crown

Then I keep intentionally bringing myself back to this space. All the while, I go out to the land and invoke the breath of aloha, feeling the grounding beneath my feet and the sun and wind pouring into me. Filling me with vitality. The land here is so soothing, and the way its held is so much more yin than the “do do do” mentality of Hana Mana.

I suppose, what all this has been getting me to look at… is what do I really want. If I can truly have my Heaven on Earth, my dream reality, what does it look like, what am I doing, how would I feel? What would my world be like? 

These are the key questions to ask myself now. Especially as things are coming together.

Its this place of feeling into my worthiness to receive it. Of trusting in the magic and the process, that the manifestation has been happening gradually, as I look at my timeline.

Wow. I look over my timeline on my site. The whole progression from Brownsburg, where I had the calling to the New Paradigm, and being led to the roundtable at Crestone where I met Peter, through the realms of the Tribal and Galactic, to that of Faerie and on to the Isles. Following the dream of Heaven on Earth….

What does it all mean? Where is this all going?

I do see we are all awakening, that this consciousness is spreading. That I have been experiencing a more connected and heavenly reality as I have been healing… so this is happening collectively, than others are going through the same process, because there is no separation, we are a collective consciousness. and I’ve been seeing this, in the affirmations of the alchemy. Of the other characters that have arrived on my path, embodying a particular quality of consciousness.

That as I clear my prism of self, the rainbow way is revealed, the Gift of my Life. The seed within.

2020 approaches, and with it an omen. That of clear vision. Of the manifestation coming into sight. A priestess named Johanna Lily shared with me this, after we spoke of the awakening and she shared her sacred priestess practice and what she is bringing through with the sacred union codes.

“It’s something huge going on and it’s connected to all we have discussed
It’s the time of sacred union
And for years it felt it was still so distant
Only for a few
But that’s going to change now on a huge scale!
So grateful to be alive in these times of adventure, awakening & embodying love again on this earth 🥰🌎”

It’s interesting. It feels that part of me that came here as a starseed was carrying a divine blueprint all along, i know it, that I came here to experience Heaven on Earth, to live my dreams into reality…


Returning last night, I was offered some ganja by Miles, and deeply shifted my arrangement, my assemblage point.

Miles “Everything is magic. All beings are magical beings. Its about whether or not we see it that way.”

Me – “this is what I’ve been deeply focused on. Being aware of that space, when I’m in it, and when I drift from it, and forget. And how to get back into that space. That’s really my goal, to return to that space.”

“After some time in one place we can find it’s difficult to maintain that sense of magic and wonder.”

“That’s the challenge. How to hold position. To stay in that childlike wonder and appreciation for the creation, and not fall into the doldrums of the seeming mundane.”

“Its like, the first time you see a rainbow, it amazes you. But once I started seeing them everyday, it just becomes part of life, and it can lose that zest.”

“It comes back to our first conversation, when you first came to me as I was meditating by the tree. We spoke of that inner child, forever enchanted and learning from Nature. This is where we must find our way back to, to come back to this Heart.”

“Its the journey.” He says with a thoughtful smile. “There is no ordinary life.”

“We change. We learn. We grow. And that’s God, despite what everyone says.” Mia says, straight to the point

Later, I went out to the land to gather sacred medicines and drop deeper into the healing of the Aina.


Open up this alchemy
So wide for me to see
The truth and love, the purity
Pervading through the all that is

As I awake with the sun, dreams of conflict and running melt into acceptance and connection. I bring my breath to my body, feeling gratitude for this life.

I love the clothe Peter gave me in the faerie realms, the enchanted black and gold. Once I started wearing it, beings started recognizing me and appreciating me in my demi god aspect.

Very interesting, it says a lot about the realmshift I’ve been going through, and the nature of our character development… really about the nature of self and the divine reflection of our experience.

Clearing the Shadows of Olde


First thing I wake from dreams again of being chased and running away from something that wants to destroy me.

As I open my eyes at sunrise to invoke gratitude for life, I feel tired, as a shadowy energy hangs over my chest and stomach. I just want to sleep it away, but I know I must face the day. I am in the shadowlands.

Across my minds eye beings of the past, a karmic circle resolving dominance and submission. Of those of the community who thought it was their right to try to guide me without my consent, or held no accountability and didn’t keep their word, or beyond that, tried to control me within their ideals of how one should be. Disgust flares in my throat, appalled by the lack of integrity and sovereignty displayed by these beings.

These moments, are the crucible of the Akasha yoga, to face what is arising within and on our timeline, to clear these patterns and transform our manifestation.

So I breath. I drop in. I soften my gaze, allowing the patterns to arise, shifting into a place of allowing and nonjudgment, as I intentionally move through my breath the tone of forgiveness and compassion through my form, especially into the areas of the body of tightness. As the nimbus of my awareness approaches these areas, the beings associated with this trauma appear in my mind’s eye. I hold my regard towards them as an aspect of my own self, that there is no separation, taking responsibility for my part in the play.

I get through a few rounds of this, coming into greater detachment and compassion, for everyone doing the best the could with the awareness they had at the time, as the disgust begins to clear from the back of my throat. I have to move, meditating on this is too uncomfortable. So I start doing pull-ups, with each one breath forgiveness, letting go, and allowing love into the self.

I have success with clearing the energy. But I have to keep moving, so I invoke the power of dance, into my own natural chi-gong, allowing the energies to move through while deepening into the breath. Its a natural yoga for me, one I enjoy.

Samson Love @alchemistmc

After this, I do my regular morning routine of the kriya yoga, drawing upon the inspirations of the yogis who have come before me and shared their transmission, such as Samson Love, a bright yogi ally who first showed Peter and I some Kundalini techniques at the Magician’s Oasis. Every breath, I move deeper into the space of love and devotion, presencing and allowing my channels to open. Its deeply helpful to clear the energies, and I bow to Samson to being the vessel of the Divine that brought this and the tones of the Self Realization Fellowship to us before we journeyed on to Encinitas.

It really is a breath by breath process. And it can be challenging at time. To feel the disgust and indignation rising within me as I hold the posture, shifting my inner asana to move into alignment with the love and devotion. At times, that shift is like lifting a weight, and its building this inner muscle.

Truly, only through the yogic process have I been able to come to such a place in my life, to a more consistent access and ability to travel the realms, to live such a magical life. I explore more on this and my shadow-work in this video.

It is relieving, to cast the authenticity. To deepen the charge of my calling to reveal the process and stand in truth, for we are a full-spectrum being. There is something that unlocks, as my voice opens more, embracing a couple song spells with clarity and ease of casting, as a sense of fun and love moves up and through my center.

Its not easy. Yet, this is the Work. For if we wish to truly marry the Universe as our Beloved, we are going to have to face all the relationship distortions of the old paradigm and cleanse them through the active yoga of our Devotion. This, I truly feel, is the only way to be the change we wish to see(d).

By noon my mood improves. I feel productive, that I am steadily working towards the goal of the financial sovereignty and the consistency of publishing, this fills me with a sense of momentum and fulfillment. Still, the edges of this morning hand on my aura, so I devote myself to further cleansing as the Quest continues…

The Caduceus Kiss


Recently I had a phone call with Aaron Gautschi, and in our first time meeting, a deep magic unfolded between us. We saw how aligned we were in our missions to support the collective awakening to love and unity consciousness.

Here are some highlights from our dialogue.

Aaron says, “Its the caduceus kiss. The ultimate alchemical comeback. Where we bring it all into love.

The ultimate way to exist is in divine love, in the vortex.”

“Its like that place where we can put it into that perfect unique expression for eachother.” I reply

“And its the perfect affirmation.

Heaven happens when we are playing our most heavenly part. And on physics, we create a field that creates the reality. We don’t even have to try hard, it happen from there.

As gods that cocreate this world, I like to inspire the creation.”

“Its the Newest Testament.”

“The birth of the collective christ.”

I share my perspective on how our life is a living legend of the words we cast about who we are and what it all means, how its all about the context to which we see our journey.

He replies, “Spirit showed me that our story is a book of spells that we’ve cast on our being.”

Then, our conversation drops into the tantra of our love language with the Goddess.

“Isn’t awesome to have the ultimate romance with the goddess of love herself. Relationship with the all that is is the ultimate romance.” He says.

The conversation dances through a golden spiral, as we unfurl a shared perspective of the emergence of the dawn.

He says, “To manifest the golden age we abide by the golden rule. There, heaven cannot be avoided.

… its been bringing me to this place of embracing the entire spectrum of the universe. Embracing the remedy, for the old would of rejection (of separation). This happened, and then you called.

This is the embodiment of self love being reflected.

Love magick, is the ultimate cocreation realized. Its actually our assignment for eternity. What a gig, eh?”

It was such a perfect reflection, as I had too gone through this full embrace of the spectrum from dark to light. I review my journal to see this entry.

The Morning Demons and Delight

“Again, the dreams haunt me. I am enslaved by the leader of an ensemble, by threat of violence, and can’t go where I like when I like and must sing for the group. The dreams are speaking to me in metaphors, as I unwind the fears of my shadows and clear the old karmas.

Awakening, again its heavy and hard to breath, I feel all these attachments like subtle threads that aren’t clear on my energy. So, I do a cord clearing ceremony, with ho’oponopono, inspired by this video, which actually made a lot of sense to me, about clearing the root and removing the non-serving attachment, rather than cutting the cord.

Threads of the Akasha

Cutting the cord didn’t make sense to me after a point, because there is no separation. What exactly are you cutting? Its an energetic connection that is also karmic and dharmic, and our connections are put in place ultimately by God. So how much control over that do we really have? The dance and balance of surrender and empowerment, to seeing that we actually are all connected and there is a divine purpose and order to that. Yes, there are many layers, I will investigate this further in the future.

As I cleansed myself of the old attachments, and smudged after, I feel quite amazing. I feel much lighter, and clearer. Now, I’m about to go into the kriyas. I noticed that after I cleared these old attachments, I checked my messages and all these new connections started to appear. There is a sense of openness to the new.”

I had to embrace how every aspect of it had led me to that moment. Every being I was ever connected to, an aspect of my own self. The inner demons arising, a neglected and denied part of my own self that needed to be held at a deeper level than ever before. To actually embrace the pain, and allow it to open into the merciful embrace of self love.

Wayshrine of Embracing Embodiment

The very fabric of my being transforms into a completely different resonant signature, brighter tampers of angelic essence. This is a major wayshrine.

Then, Aaron appears in the field. Our constellations aligning to the gravity of grace.

Before we speak, I continue with the cleansing and the fresh foods from the land and the supplies from Kekoa card, thankful to the sanctuary of the room that manifested when surrendering to trust at the tree after leaving the gypsy Fae cabin.

It led me to place of integration. Of acceptance. Of emptiness and openness to the unfoldment, to reflecting on all that has brought me to this place, unfurling into new inspirations that channel into this telling.

The Amakua and the Aka


I read this, opening the book that Miles gave me called the “Medicine Maker”. It’s a definite reflection from the field. Its all starting to make greater sense… 

Leap of Fate


The inner calling is pulling me towards Austin, where a chapter is closing and a new one is opening. Peter and Misty are there, along with other members of the Galactic. It feels expansive, as the way is opening to share the Mythica with the People, and gradually our team of Guardians is forming.

I’m breathing, allowing, a lot is coming up. Old dynamics arose, projections towards me in the field. A passing tone, yet its pattern is familiar. I know it is a thing of compassion, and of letting go, realizing relationships come and go, and are a thing of resonance.

Its a journey into discernment, of listening to what arises and what rings true on the inner compass. Its challenging, as the heaviness arises, I soften and relax it, releasing the hold, the tension as I drop into the breath of the Aina. Karmas are interconnected, a dance of relationship, and it does track back to a space within. Here, I can feel myself moving towards the “place of non-resistance” as Abraham Hicks puts it, where I can actually feel into being what I’m creating, or as Peter relayed Misty’s view, the “Void”…

I’m tracking it to a space of emptiness, where one can access more of the feeling and isn’t bound by the rigidities any longer. “There’s then room for new things to enter.” Peter said to me during our call this morning. Its a divine affirmation, reflecting back to me from the field that the magic I’ve been working has kept me on the trail of the manifestation.

Divining the Realms

Even the ability to describe such movements across the underlands is a precious thing, the inner landscape of shift and change that reflects in the diaroma of our lives. A jewel gained by the journey with Peter Fae across the rainbow bridge deeper into the Mythica, the Akashic Compass.

Just being able to express this lightens things. So much of the journey has been leading up to now, as it was during the trek from Zen Awakening to Faerie Worlds, at the Magician’s Oasis, did the purpose of the compass start to become clearer. Tracking the divine reflections of our experience to Heaven on Earth. After returning on the Highway to Heaven from Hana Mana here on Maui, I began to see it more clearly, how the universe reflects back to us. How there is a song that wants to sing through the Story of our Lives, a seed of divine purpose pushing through the soil to blossom the flower of our life.

Kriyas of Change

“Its easy to remain illuminated when you are on Maui, but its really about bringing it into the world. That’s the challenge.” Mia says, while we tend the garden.

Here, at the sanctuary guarded by the golden rams, I’ve been diving deeper into the organization and the cleansing, just this morning grabbing greens from the Aina and creating a green drink, while dropping into the vibrational attunement practices and the kriya yoga.

Just now I dropped into a purification practice with the breath, a kriya based on the Tsa Lung that I learned from Peter May in the realms of Crestone, when I was studying the ancient arts. I feel much clearer, and as I have been cultivating my awareness I see what Sadhguru means when he says Yoga is a Science. There are particular alchemical reactions that occur within us. The fascinating thing was seeing how these are made of the elements, and all these different ways, from tribal ceremony to yogas, correlate to the balancing of our elements. As I’m cleansing and raising my inner fire, there is a purifying of the earth, and grounding to the air of my mind. Still, I work towards that sense of fluidity, of water, of the flow to shift and change, sensing rigidities and places I’m letting go to move into the unknown with trust.

This is all the navigation of the akashic compass, as I come to see how my manifestation relates to their balance, and my journey across the realms to a more heavenly earth.

As I go out to dig holes to exchange energy to the land I’m staying and the room I’m graciously allowed, its a quality of working with the earth, of dropping into the presence and allowing myself to receive the vitality and healing of the land. Earth is seen as an element of solidity, that brings things together, that is the ground upon which things are created.

Opening to Support

Still, the way forward to Austin is clarifying, as I consider to ask for assistance. We will see what comes. Its definitely affirming as I speak with Peter to hear of the Patreon coming together and Sun Marian signing on to support the project for $100 a month, and Niekko sending out some support tomorrow. There is a sense of everything we’ve been working on coming together.

I went out to the land, and faced whatever was arising. I felt the window closing of my time here, coming to completion, the Ouroboros of Maui kissing its tail. As I did, I felt the threads clearing between me and the other characters I’ve met, of a new phase of expansion and grace opening to me.

It is challenging to face all the aka-threads, around the community. To track them into the pit in my stomach. To drop into the spaciousness and resolve, to let go and embrace all that has been, pivoting into the new into a sense of limitlessness and love for what is.

As I walk towards the house, my Mom calls me, of which I follow through on asking for support based on the intuition that channeled through Peter. “Just ask for help, its all coming together.” She so kindly offers support again, helping me to get the plane ticket, happy to hear of how everything is coming together, offering me it is an early birthday present, which is coming up next month on the 10th. Honestly, I am truly blessed to have been brought into the Earth by her and to have her support. It is the friendly universe coming through her, a vessel for the One to show our Goodness. I don’t mind what anyone says, none of this is mundane. Its all part of something larger, I know it, I feel it.

Again, in perfect time, the way opens, as a new guest comes to the room in a week from now, I am able to get a plane ticket and transition to Austin at that same time for the new opportunities and to continue to witness how the rainbow road of manifestation unfolds. I’m taking the leap, following the calling once again.

Flowing into Form


Waking up is different. There is a lightness, my dreams reflecting a different movement, that of success and my writing well received. I’m glad I got the ticket to Austin. I’m trusting the unfoldment. Allowing myself to now follow the threads of inspiration.

Abraham Hicks speaks of “getting out ahead of it”, meaning, rather than constantly trying to remove the resistance, you move into a place of simply attuning to your true self, to the good feeling, and allowing that to move you from a place of non-resistant thought. I’m going to meditate a little this morning with this approach and see where it takes me.

In Akasha Yoga, we shift the inner lands to shift the outer. The work of getting into a particular “space” of consciousness, a head space or heart space, a feeling state, is relative to shifting our subtle energy body, which aligns us with a particular manifestation upon the surface of our lives.

Weaving & Wielding

I deepen into the opening, allowing myself to surrender into the feeling state of it already happening, the abundance and flow.

Then I wield the energies and weave into sacred movement, allowing the textures to shift within my prism of self.

I shift realms, passing through a portal on the rainbow bridge to greater expansion and abundance of connection with the community.

Wow. Massive expansions across the board follow.

The motto that came to follow “Its On.”

Saints of Story

Joy Love has a vision of the Mythica blooming and connects me with Riley Workman, a fellow saint of Story that she met along her sacred travels back to her place of origin.

Riley Workman

Our conversations blossom into a shared recognition of our mission to use storytelling and media to show the heroic journey to Heaven on Earth through the example of our own lives.

He says, “what better service can we give, than to prove that there is no separation.”

The feeling is us as ancient saints of Story, come to modern form to serve the much larger Great Story of our shared Awakening…

The Live Legends

This tone follows into the flow of the Live broadcast, where Aaron Gautschi comes on, proving that there truly is no separation.

Such is the physics of the Quest, where the ideas arrive relative to the blossoming abundance of our clearing in consciousness.

Our sacred fellowship deepens, as I invoke the True Audience. At the same time, my shape shifts, deeper into form, into alignment with the Seed Within of Divine Purpose, of that which wishes to come through.

A reception by the community that engages and inspires, where the reflection of that which my heart has desired comes to the fore.

Pt 1 (add video)

Grimoires of Grace

Seeing the way forward with the comic books and the grimoires then follows, as my journey through Faerie clarifies into form as the movement through the portals of synchronicity on the rainbow bridges. Here is a lil teaser.

[real3dflipbook id=”5″]

The Flow of Alignment

Throughout, there is a sense of divine flow. Of one thread of inspiration leading to another, of synchronicities of expansion seamlessly following one another.

It really all started to happen when I got into that place of non-resistance thought, “getting out ahead of it,” as Abarham Hicks puts it, and where there was an emptiness, an openness inside my core, that came from forgiving all the aspects of the self and clearing the threads of my connective relationship with them.

Shifting my Lens of Perception

Its as Peter has said, “The Abundance is Here. Heaven on Earth is Here. But, are you seeing it?” Meaning, that its about your lens of perception, the cleansing of the fog from the aperture, where you can actually perceive and thus receive the abundance that *wants* to come *through* you.

Then, everything opened. The inspiration began to pour through me as the other characters of the Great Story arrived, in perfect form. The way forward gradually unveiled in the trust in the unfoldment, and by me taking command with Love, in Alignment.

Door of Faith


Note to Reader – These are the original raw notes from my journal in the field. The fuller version of this entry can be found here: Highway to Heaven Pt 2

Jake and I descend down the Door of Faith Road, following the directions that Smiles gave us to a hidden waterfall oasis down stream. A place one could only find through the auspicious passages of synchronicity.

“Its beautiful, to witness us as the seeds of the New Earth.” I say to Jake, as I speak of my understanding clarifying of the underlands of our heroic journey on the rainbow road to a more heavenly Earth.

“Its the way I see it too.” He said earlier. “That we are playing these roles, but they change through time. And we become something new, as we are all bringing about a better world.”

“As we clean up the lands within and without, our circumstance gets clearer.”

Left ImageRight Image

We make our way through the flush of green onto the hidden trail, as the sense of adventure deepens. We are truly in the wildlands of old Maui.

Playfulness emerges as I see vines and begin to swing across the river, dropping into some natural yoga with the jungle.

“Did you feel that shift?” He says, as we both feel the clarifying textures of the sacred waters of the Aina deepen.

Left ImageRight Image

This is the rawest we’ve been embraced by the heart of Maui, not even fully knowing of its untouched pristinety and deep jungle until now.

“Feeling safe with the Mother.” He says.

Coming through the other side of the deep jungle, we approach the precipice of the waterfall. Our shared light blossoms further in the magnificence of the sacred land.

Left ImageRight Image

Entering the sacred pools of the waterfall, I invoke the deva with reverence, allowing the silky womb of the water to envelop me. I am washed clean, cleansing the pallet of my inner canvas of sensation…

I admit, to soften and open in such a way is vulnerable for me, and brings up fear for a moment, yet I face this and continue to breath and soften, as more joy flows through my being.

Winding up and down pathways grappling rope, we are led to a deep precipice overlooking the ocean and the greenlands.

The rainbow appears again at this most auspicious time, heralding my next leg of the journey across the portals of the rainbow bridge, as Austin approaches.

Shadows of Faith

But then…. I can’t find Jake as he heads onward. Tests in Faith… the shadowlands take hold of my mind. Has he survived? What would I do if anything happened? Frustrated, I pace back to the upper part of the path, unsure of what is happening, as my mind plays out different scenarios and tries to figure out how to respond.

“Is that story where its all Heaven on Earth, and then someone never comes back?” comes across my mind.

I had to fully surrender, returning to the spot we parted, invoking full faith that whatever is meant to happen will happen. Then, in that very moment, he reappears, smiling, having gone to the bottom portion of the waterfall, as I returned from the winding paths, coming to the ocean instead, reconvening just as the sun is setting.

“Wow. That is someone that truly cares. Thank you. What is the deepest essence of the lesson?” He asks, as we explore the gift within the shadow, aware of the auspiciousness of our walk back down the Door of Faith Road.

A potent conversation on the nature of trust and faith unfolds, of our ability to come to peace with what is, to find the balance in our mind and trust what wants to come through. Of how to abide in the knowingness that we are supported by a friendly universe.

“Just abide into the feeling. Thank you for feeling your fear. Know that as you allow that angelic light back into the source of the fear, you can get back into the Heaven on Earth space.” Jake says, channeling the tone of the Divine Law.

I stop, feeling the gravity of his character, bowing, as he bows to me, in a moment of mutual honor.

As we leave, again the signs of the Goddess appear, as we offer our playful reverence.

We discover we passed through a highly pristine and sacred eco-village retreat center on our way out.

“Its the full the spectrum.” I say.

“Its all we come to embrace. To find our fearless grace.” He replies…