2019-9-22 – “Door of Faith”

In 2019 - New Earth Rising, Journal, The Seed Within by Yeshua Lucis

Jake and I descend down the Door of Faith Road, following the directions that Smiles gave us to a hidden waterfall oasis down stream. A place one could only find through the auspicious passages of synchronicity.

“Its beautiful, to witness us as the seeds of the New Earth.” I say to Jake, as I speak of my understanding clarifying of the underlands of our heroic journey on the rainbow road to a more heavenly Earth.

“Its the way I see it too.” He said earlier. “That we are playing these roles, but they change through time. And we become something new, as we are all bringing about a better world.”

“As we clean up the lands within and without, our circumstance gets clearer.”

We make our way through the flush of green onto the hidden trail, as the sense of adventure deepens. We are truly in the wildlands of old Maui.

Playfulness emerges as I see vines and begin to swing across the river, dropping into some natural yoga with the jungle.

“Did you feel that shift?” He says, as we both feel the clarifying textures of the sacred waters of the Aina deepen.

This is the rawest we’ve been embraced by the heart of Maui, not even fully knowing of its untouched pristinety and deep jungle until now.

“Feeling safe with the Mother.” He says.

Coming through the other side of the deep jungle, we approach the precipice of the waterfall. Our shared light blossoms further in the magnificence of the sacred land.

Entering the sacred pools of the waterfall, I invoke the deva with reverence, allowing the silky womb of the water to envelop me. I am washed clean, cleansing the pallet of my inner canvas of sensation…

I admit, to soften and open in such a way is vulnerable for me, and brings up fear for a moment, yet I face this and continue to breath and soften, as more joy flows through my being.

Winding up and down pathways grappling rope, we are led to a deep precipice overlooking the ocean and the greenlands.

The rainbow appears again at this most auspicious time, heralding my next leg of the journey across the portals of the rainbow bridge, as Austin approaches.

Shadows of Faith

But then…. I can’t find Jake as he heads onward. Tests in Faith… the shadowlands take hold of my mind. Has he survived? What would I do if anything happened? Frustrated, I pace back to the upper part of the path, unsure of what is happening, as my mind plays out different scenarios and tries to figure out how to respond.

“Is that story where its all Heaven on Earth, and then someone never comes back?” comes across my mind.

I had to fully surrender, returning to the spot we parted, invoking full faith that whatever is meant to happen will happen. Then, in that very moment, he reappears, smiling, having gone to the bottom portion of the waterfall, as I returned from the winding paths, coming to the ocean instead, reconvening just as the sun is setting.

“Wow. That is someone that truly cares. Thank you. What is the deepest essence of the lesson?” He asks, as we explore the gift within the shadow, aware of the auspiciousness of our walk back down the Door of Faith Road.

A potent conversation on the nature of trust and faith unfolds, of our ability to come to peace with what is, to find the balance in our mind and trust what wants to come through. Of how to abide in the knowingness that we are supported by a friendly universe.

“Just abide into the feeling. Thank you for feeling your fear. Know that as you allow that angelic light back into the source of the fear, you can get back into the Heaven on Earth space.” Jake says, channeling the tone of the Divine Law.

I stop, feeling the gravity of his character, bowing, as he bows to me, in a moment of mutual honor.

As we leave, again the signs of the Goddess appear, as we offer our playful reverence.

We discover we passed through a highly pristine and sacred eco-village retreat center on our way out.

“Its the full the spectrum.” I say.

“Its all we come to embrace. To find our fearless grace.” He replies…