2019-5-10 – Hana Mana

In Journal by Yeshua Lucis

Leaving Mandala Gardens, Peter and I journey deeper into the jungle, on to a place called Hana Mana, opening in perfect time as our window closes to stay at the temple.

Hitching a ride with a brother from Texas, the language grounds to common tongue, as Peter speaks of our journeywalk and the collective need for faith to find our way on the path, as we pass the Door of Faith church. A sign reading “Garden of Eden” passes to our left, along with a kind of rainbow tree I’d never seen before.

Signs of synchronicity on the rainbow road, leading us back to the Flower of Life.

He looks back, smiling, flute in hand. “You’ll love this.”

The path parts to a clearing, revealing a garden oasis, as a building emerges in front of me.

“This is the dojo. Its for us.” He says.

I look over and see a sign that reads “Garden Paradise”, noticing how the realm is reflecting back to me.

Tracking the synchronicities across the Akasha, I check my inner compass, divining our passage deeper to the realms of Heaven on Earth.

Meeting with the Guardians of the Garden

Soon after I meet Randy, a steward of Hana Mana, who initiates us into the lay of the land, revealing his depth of relationship with the sacred land, known as the Aina in native tongue.

I listen to the land channel through him, as he shares of me the knowledge of the fruits, the plant medicines and master teachers living on this sacred Land. I bow, graciously recognizing the divine aspect of his connection and experience, feeling and recieving the Value of that. Its a deep respect, a sight of the Dragon Priest that lives in modern incarnation. An ancient rooting to the language of the Land.

I meet Suzy, partner of the farm and family, while the conversations with her lean more towards the morphing of the Quantum, the equanimity of the Quest of our Spirit. Its a blend of deep earth talk and affluent galactic, that we bridge the rainbow through the centering of our hearts.

There’s a navigation to right relation, that we meet in mutual regard and equanimity, as we’re ever deepening into the 5D harmonic. Opportunities are so abundant, flourishing as new insight on how to share our gifts and offerings to generate money and connection in recognition, by embodying the vibration of our authentic self.

Training at the Dojo

Here, the alchemies may find grounding in the element of Earth, that I may draw upon the restorative healing and balancing of the Aina and deepen my training of the Arts.

It is deeply precious, as the very act is one of redemption and alignment, for we are made of the elements. To bring this into the everyday crucible of ceremony is the path of embodiment. How else can we make our way deeper to our highest selves, other than becoming the change required?

And so, the land, the equipment, the space and the know-how is in place, that I apply myself to the invocation, clearing and cultivation.

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I am dropping into presence, being here now. I am learning to listen, to soften and receive the breath of the wind, to feel the sun, to know the earth beneath my feet and honor the waters of life.

The Flower of Life Garden

Its been quite a Quest to get here, to this position in the Akasha, in the ocean of all that is. One of facing faith, fortune and fellowship, from shadows to redemption, to make our way to the abundance of Heaven on Earth.

Here, the fruits abound, discovering the center garden is planted in the formation of a Flower of Life, where there is plentiful coconuts, oranges and bananas, the very manifestation of the vision I had when on the street levels of Paia sleeping on the beach months ago. We’ve arrived on the line of trust and faith in divine unfoldment, without any cash to spare, uncontrived and in a natural proof of synchronicity, once again revealing the physics of the Quest.

Shadows of Fellowship and Fire

Fire is faced is the coming days, rising as tensions of old, fellowship in question to the light of how we can all come to harmony. Forgiveness is had and we see each of our connection to the split, coming to ‘Pono.

Shadow of Fire

Misperceptions and projections flare in the shadowy fire of wounds of old, where the sense of being unmet ripples through the field as a brother in multiple occurrences ruptures in inner flames.

The value is once again questioned. Frustration boils within me, as I walk the road breathing through forgiveness.

Everyone’s connected to it. It brings up the reflection, why do things repeatedly happen? What is the causal root of manifestation? These karmic imprints that then reflect through our circumstance, and the approach of clearing it within the self as being most effective.

Its a major challenge point. Even in Heaven on Earth, shadows still arise. Even though I’m kind and fair to the best of my ability, projections still come my way.

Its a lesson. To treat the work as play, and we’re all learning it. Here, the realm itself reflecting back to me, Hana meaning work and Mana meaning spiritual energy, strength and vitality.

Rabbit Ears

We go to the cliffs at the northern shores to jump into crystal waters, a spot revealed to us by Randy and Suzy. Where I feel the kiss of the Goddess, the sacred Land blessing me with pure vitality and healing on the Quest. There, it was us in a Carrabien-esq setting, American gods of Earth and Sky, standing at the precipice of a new start.

I parted to the waters, embracing every liquid crevice engulfing me into surrender of the waves, to climb the stone and move through the cave of rebirth. The mouth of the dragon. Parting to the light, climbing to the other side. That this is what stories are made of.

Crossing a cemetery held by the roots above and below, I traced my way across, finding my way back to the truck. As I passed, I let go of relationships that no longer served me, seeing the poetic appropriateness of the cemetery in the unfoldment of the Akasha.

Returning, we share the medicine of Ganja on the ride. She softens me, opening my heart and bringing deeper to the Present. The jokes flow through Peter and a brother, the playful repertoire of gypsy kings and ragtime wordsmiths. 

Family of the Vine

Journeying with Randy to the top tier of the land, I help a woman put a roof over her tent, laying pipe down to help water flow through the earth. She invites me to go to get banana bread as a gift, leading me to Hana farms, where I meet Emily.

The harmonic is immediate. Soul kin by the scent of Fae, that she recognizes us as anchors of the Awakening, inviting me to her sound healing at Lokahi. I scent again the grandmother vine, just coming up in my consciousness while laying the pipe, affirmed that Ayahuasca is offered in the sacred community. I can feel it, she grows nearer in the field, the medicine and my time of communion soon at hand in fulfillment of the guiding vision of clearing my vessel in the jungle.

As I share the Mythica, the resonance expands as she too lives the synchrony. “It’s the journey to heaven on earth, facing the shadows and trials on our heroic journey.” I say playfully, posing into an adventure stance.

“Em means masculine. Il means breath. Ly means feminine. The balance and dance between the two. It’s beautiful as we embrace both within ourselves .” She says, including me in seeing how I do this same work. Sharing how she had found her place within the collective, experiencing fulfillment in Heaven on Earth.

“We are led here to hold these roles for the collective.” She says, with a twinkle in her eye. It’s so assuring to run into Soul Tribe.

Deeper to the Jungle

“How you do one thing, is how you do all things.”

Peter Fae

There’s real truth in that. As I deepen to the jungle without, I move across the inner landscape. Its always been the journey of rewilding, of reawakening those wild senses and coming back to the Land.