2019-1-17 – “Mandala Gardens”

Back at the beach-sides of Paia, Peter Fae and I would share an island car, that very one that had took us from mystical gathering to gathering, along the isle of Maui, where temples, priestesses and gypsies were found. It was a time of trust and invocation, working the very magic of our subtle energies to walk our way across the worlds on the rainbow road.

Stopping at Mandala Creations, which first appeared when we discovered Paia, we again look at the eco-temples these create, envisioning ourselves living in one. Invoking once again the inspiration we would live in one, in the bosom of the Aina.

Walking out down the street of Paia, I look to Peter, “I want to live deeper in the jungle, surrounded by fruit forest.”

“That’s rare.” He replied

“Yet, it must exist.”

“It does. Yet, how to get there?” he asks rhetorically

“Apply the magic.”

As we walk, we weave our intention to move into a place of grounding and deeper abundance in easement. To have a place to weave the Mythica and connect with the tribe, within the green. It’s a crucible, of being in Carnia with only just enough money for gas and food.

After sleeping on the beach one night, unknowing of what’s next, I face the road and make my way towards town. I hold the tone of faith, letting go of the past and feeling the new reality of abundance as if it’s already happening.

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I actually wove this illustration as I was walking the road into the unknown, from the beach towards Paia, only seeing now how perfect it is. Holding the vision while following my heart.

Coming to town, I intersect with Peter and an ally who wishes to remain anonymous, who we call the Unnamed or Silent King. He is going out of town, and wishes to offer us a place to stay for a couple of weeks. Excitedly, we agree to go with him on an adventure, celebrating the support of the friendly universe and the manifestation that is flowing through this ally that has come upon our path.

House of the Sun

Led to the peak of Haleakala, Peter and I witness the sun rise over the volcanic crater at what is considered in the local lore to be the heart chakra of the Isle. Which makes sense, as a place where the Earth rises to meet the Sky, where their union is had between.

Our travel companion who brought us here looked off in awe, commenting, “How could I not see it before…”

Shifting into the Mythica, this was for us the dawn of a new reality.

Manifestation of the Tiny Temple

Descending from the mountain, we return to the jungleside where we drive down a long dirt road to the tiny home temple that our ally had just granted us access to. It’s the very one pictured in the start of this story!

Bringing the tone of the mountain down to the earth temple, we see the perfection of the unfoldment. A manifestation of abundance in the infinite field of possibilities.

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Of all possible places, why did we end up here?

This is core to the Mythica, in which we come to witness how certain things arrive for us through the vessels of those we meet along the way. Such was the case of the shared healing had with the silent king around value, who brought us to the very realm we had envisioned, granting us the space of the last couple weeks he had rented on the tiny house temple for us to use as he was leaving.

Here, it would drop in deeper, that the abundance is already here, in the field of the akasha. The process of the journey from scarcity to abundance is that of transforming the patterns within, while coming to access the assets of consciousness. Even though the potential is there, we must reveal it by moving past the current horizon of our limitation, so that we can perceive the opening and thus act on it, to receive the manifestations.

There we meet with Bruce and Satya Douglas, the stewards of this place, and who created these Balinese style coconut wood temple homes. A Patron and Matron of the community here, they had created the Maui Pono Network, along with the Earth Day Festival, to help bring the people together in service.

As I walk the grounds, again the buddha, the sacred geometries, and more arise within the picturesque scene of this community tucked in the jungleside, Mandala Gardens.

Beyond just a place to live, we make new allies, who grant us the space to use in coming times. It goes to show the physics of the Quest, that as we follow the path of our purpose with faith and grace, the universe supports us along the way.

The day we had arrived, they were putting in high-speed fiber optic network, which we helped dig the ditch for. The sense of production on the horizon, of laying the groundwork, literally, for the lightning to enter the temple.

Break of Dawn


Flush with the washing tones of rainfall against a backdrop of silence, there is a sense of space to just breathe into the offerings as I settle into the moment, just past the constant fluctuations of the gypsy realms.

Hailey Dawn

Looking to the door, Hailey Dawn suddenly appears without prior notice. I’m surprised to see her, but recognize it as part of the unfoldment of the Great Story. There is a magic in air, a mutual recognition of the divine serendipity that has brought our paths together.

From Dreams to Reality…

A few months ago while Peter and I were in the Emerald City of Eugene, Oregon, we were working everyday out of the computers and boardrooms at the library. I had taken a break at a kava bar, where I was meditating. A name kept coming to me, and it was Hailey, who I had never connected with before. We dove into a vibrant conversation on story, and how she was working on children’s stories that related to teachings of nature, which was totally in alignment with what we are doing with the Mythica. I discover she’s in Maui.

Kundra Rose

The coming day, Peter and I pulled up a portal of video chat to converse with Kundra Rose in the boardroom, who shares that she had a dream the previous night, of Hailey and I as angelic orbs connecting. I hadn’t told her anything of me connecting with her before this moment, she had the dream on her own, and was picking up on the Akasha. She was also going to Maui. Feeling the confluence, starting in motion our sense that we were meant to go to Maui.

A New MU

Bruce comes over with Josiah, the young djedi, who we had been sharing energy awareness with as we were digging the lines. Bruce shares of how the myths of magical beings were remnants of ancient Lemuria, and Peter reflects how we had divined how Maui carried such similar resonance, that we started calling it the Isle of Mu.

“We all come together to share these codes.” Hailey says.

“Exactly, we are moved around on the skin of Gaia to fulfill the will of the Presence.” Peter replies.

As I witness Hailey, I feel that she too is made of the faerie vibration. She shares of her faerie tale of a Rainbow Queen and Lightning King that are the archetypical embodiment of the redemption and lessons of the planet. In this, it’s revealed how her story matches up with Bruce’s, and his work with the Resonance Foundation.

The merkaba had been a potent sigil along my path as well, representing the bringing together the Heavens and the Earth, the upper and the lower chakras that meet in the Heart. When it would appear, many times before, it would be in realms where I would connect with those of my Tribe, carrying the resonances of the ancient alchemical understanding.

Roadside Satsang


In the morning, we go to get an inspection on the car we were renting, as per request of LeFluer. With only enough money to own name to get it, we arrive there and share a few words with the mechanic about the nature of our pilgrimage. He does the work, and when we go to pay him, he waves us off, refusing to accept our payment, and blessing us along our way.

Heading back towards the gypsy realm where we camped out of the car, encountering other sacred travelers, a place we lovingly referred to as “The Parking Lot of the Gods,” we run into Natural, who shares his book with us, “I Remember: I Am Eternally Divine”. Completely appropriate to the the unfoldment, carrying the rainbow self and the realization of the flower of life.

Here we meet the pleadian goddess, Christina, having just arrived from the airport, by the “Gateway to Heaven”, as she called it. A palpable sense of resonance, of the thick tones of shared purposing. Peter hands her a Mythica card.

”Why does this look like exactly how I’m feeling?” She remarks.

”Its the magic. Appearing in perfect form to spark remembrance.”

“This was a long time clearing.” She said, with relief and hope fluttering across her heart.

“Exactly. It is.” Peter replies, assuredly, with a honeyed tone of kindness.

God’s Casting Call


Going for a walk through the winding road to a nearby cafe, I realize I have not even enough cash to get a coffee there. It was happening simultaneous to Satya giving me a ride, as I was walking past a temple nearby that had represented a value distortion, where we were not clearly recognized in the bringing gifts. I invoked a clearing of forgiveness, letting go of that past attachments. On the walk back, a slight frustration arises, around the resource being such a baseline constant thing, of not having the access to the easement that I wanted, for it to just flow.

As I breathe into acceptance, I pass a sign that reads “Love, A State of Mind”, and everything starts to clear. In that moment, a car stops, offering me a ride, and I meet Somric and Liz. He says he saw me at the cafe, and showing friendly compassion, hands me a coconut water and some nuts. Such an affirmation! I start to share with them of our arrival to the mystical locale of the Mandala Gardens, and what we are doing with the Mythica, and they are grateful for my sharing, eager to learn more. I’m back in the flow, with the support of the friendly universe showing up once again.

“Everything we do to map the Quest is in service to the Tribe, to reveal the leylines of our shared Awakening.”

“That’s beautiful.” He replies, “Everyone is waking up! So awesome to meet you.”

“Totally, same here. Its the vibration we share.”

“Absolutely, everything is made of vibration! You know, she’s into all this too, as she runs a metaphysical bookstore.

We descend the driveway to the land.

“Mandala Gardens appeared on our path with the Temple as the proofs of manifestation, and that we meet the characters were meant to in resonance. Such as encountering Satya and Bruce, who share the tone of the sacred geometries and relationship with the Aina.”

Arriving, we encounter Peter who shares with them an introduction to the Mythica. As Somric is a fellow photographer, they speak of aspects of the art. Somric offers to shoot pro-resolution photos of us with his camera, which is deeply appreciated.

They were curious of our outfits, so we spoke of how they arrived in synchronicity as part of god’s casting call. From the ye ming ju amulets that came at Akasha in Bali, the Isle of the Gods, to the cloak and vest from the realms of Faerie, it all arrives in service to Story. We look like the things that we are, it’s the nature of the magic.

Djedi’s in the Temple

Back within the temple, Peter and I work diligently to publish. A character named Doctor Gromulous, a mysterious devotee living at the community, arrives at the door with Josiah, the young djedi. He brings tidings of wind, flute and string sound together within the wood and root of the temple. Inspiring by the stirrings, I grab my twelve string, Grace, and join him for an improv.

Josiah the young djedi, shares a story of a spirit that told his caregiver to look after him, leading him to make him a deep priority in his life. Josiah is a deeply magical boy, the offspring of a new world just taking root. As I get to know him, its obvious that he’s deeply sensitive to energy and sees life mythically. In this way, we relate, and it brings me hope to see him living well, supported by the community of Mandala Gardens.

Soon after his mother arrives, joining us for a visit. We discover they live right next door, where Hailey is home-schooling Josiah in a magical nature based way.

She squints a bit at Peter, “You remind me of a friend I use to have named Griffin.”

He smiles, “I used to go by Griffin.”

“Oh my god! I think you’re the same person.”

They discover that 15 years ago, when Peter first began his Quest, they met in Kauai. The significance of this in the Mythica blooms within the space, a shared recognition of pure magic that has brought them back together at the Mandala Gardens in the present.

As I have the opportunity to wield the flute, Gromulous tells me that it came from a sacred expedition to South America with Nassim Haramein. How perfectly apropos. Through this melody of moments, the Mythica is revealing. As I play, the tones and harmonies remind me of the Wynden Keep and its house of faerie bards, where the wind ran thick with fellowship and music amidst the sacred trees.

I sense the resonances beneath the surface. The leylines pulsing through the sacred land. Where we have arrived to such a realm of harmonic confluence, shows how the intelligence of the divine mind has moved through the Earth to bring about Mandala Gardens and our shared synchronicities here.

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Two shakti goddesses guard the front of the temple, and as we walk angel wings appear behind Peter as a backdrop. We are those come to Earth to honor the Goddess, so it’s only appropriate that we are supported by such on the Quest.

In the Temple, I continue to weave the story, wielding the aka-threads. Witnessing the unfoldment in the documentation of my journal.

Kekoa and the World Tree


Its beatiful witnessing Kekua arriving in the synchrony of Mandala Gardens. Just yesterday we met on the path, sharing a vantage into the web beneath the worlds, after remarking on the shared resonance and providence of our meeting.

“I’ve seen it as a tapestry, with us as all these threads.” He says

“As have I, a web of golden threads that connects us all.” I reply, assuredly with a smile.

“Even just looking back, I see things come full circle. As above, so below.”

“Its this spiral that brings us to the divine lessons.”

He looks at me with eyes full of acknowledgement and a smile.

Its perfect, the unfoldment, yet again affirming the divine causality that links us all together in the Great Story. 

Soon Peter arrives and we are all met at a crossroads, celestials in unison, down the brick wall the runs out from Mandala betwixt the jungle-brush to the backroads of northshore.

As we gather, its the sense of us as adventurers met in the flow of a larger current. The scent to the Aina billows, as the shared understanding of us as extensions of the land move through the field.

“In Hawai’i ancient lore, its spoken of the Aina, but we are the Aina.” Kekua says.

This is exactly what we say in the Mythica!” Peter exclaims, “That is the deeper heritage that transcends culture and impermanence.”

“I’m like an Ent, a tree spirit.” He says.

“He’s like the storms,” I say, referring to Peter.

“This is why I made the Mythica, to honor our Aspects.” Peter chimes.

“We call it Earthrim,” I say with a smile, “Like Skyrim, but in real life.”

Hugging the edges of the jungle, I descend the path back to the Temple. A sense deepens here, of the rainbow road, of what it means to walk the path between realities.

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Malama Aina


Satya gives me a ride to Wailuku, where I can get the food stamps card, as I was in a time in the journey where I wasn’t making any money and living in the tent next to the tiny temple.

Walking to the cafe, I pass a mural invoking care for the Earth and showing the way for future generations. Sitting down, I gaze at the “Heaven on Earth” sticker on my ipad, and gaze across the street to see the bank has the sign of the rainbow. I reflect on my time in the forest of Wynden Keep, where the divine download came that we must trust in coming of the kingdom and queendom, of the abundance that is our birthright. Trust and Surrender.

What is Heaven on Earth? It is the divine template of original light expressed through the material plane. The reality of health, wholeness and abundance that is our true nature beneath the mud of the old paradigm. How can we make it happen… other than walk the rainbow bridge to the embodiment of what makes that world. Other than heal the web of life, starting with the fabric of our own being. From the inside out, walking the firmament of our own embodiment to new ways of being and relating with the creation.

From the Journal at the Time

That night, I was invited to come to a dance after Fantuzzi was playing, at the Sacred Earth Assembly.

It is beautiful to witness the tribe coming together, and the gradual shift in consciousness that plays out as our ‘intentions’ and events.

Kambo Kali


In the coming day, I intersect with Curtis from the Temple of Peace, with the brother who had been having downloads of connection with the star beings.

Astaria arrives soon after, carrying a similar angelic aura that I sense immediately.

“Some call me Kambo Kali. I wasn’t initiated into serving kambo by a teacher or tradition, the spirit of the frog itself told me.”

“The direct communion is the way.” I say, reverent towards her relationship with Nature, “We and the land are one, after all.”

Her presence carries the gravity of the shamanic, I bow as the textures of my being open more to those realms in the shared radiance. Such is the Akasha Yoga I’ve been learning.

“We are both definitely celestials.” I say with a smile, as she agrees.

On the way to Mana foods, we encounter an old friend of hers she met at Beloved festival, Ryan Herrygers.

Joining us on an adventure to the beach, we sit by the shore and open sacred space to share story and song. I scent a familiar undercurrent, one that I’ve felt many atime amidst the gypsies and the Fae. It inspires me to pull a magical storybook out from my inventory, recounting the tale of my journey through Faerie Worlds.

“I was there!” He exclaims, pulling out a video of the opening ceremony to show me, where I see Peter Fae wander across the field.

He pulls out his wooden flute and begins to play Celtic tunes, reminding me of the avalonian bards of Oregon. The realms flicker across my mind’s eye, of the faerie bardic. Astaria shifts into the sensations of the ocean, feeling her mermaid aspect.

After sleeping under a tree that night by the beach, I connect with Astaria in the morning where she shares more of her journey to embody the wild woman, and the powers of holding space in the facilitation of kambo medicine. I shared with her the Mythica, inviting her into the weaving of the story.

“I’m a royal.” Astaria says, with a twinkle in her eye.

“As am I.”

“We’re the true kind. It’s not about status.”

“It’s that which goes beyond those surface forms, which is the true primal nature. Of alignment with the royalty of our divinity in service to the land.”

Our conversation turns towards that of the clearing of creative energy so that our gifts may emerge more completely. It brings some deep shadows up for me, of which I go on a walk to process. I question, where have I been dispersing my creative energy? Not fully aligned with the flow of life that wants to come through me?

Learn more about why we do Ho’oponopono

A raging ocean of frustration begins to churn within me, accompanied by a cacophony of thoughts. Anger towards the community, for advice without consent, for offerings of no real support in blood and marrow, for flippant behavior based on comfort over real devotion. I work back to ‘Pono, tracing silhouettes of disappointment with the touch of forgiveness, breathing through discomfort to come back to grace.

As I passed this sign, I take it to heart. That all that has happened is moving me towards alignment with that which wants to come through.

Walking back to Mandala Gardens that night, was a long walk. Passing a ying yang on the way I encountered Mary, who I see as the vessel of She who has many names and faces.

She points to my power center. “Its this, the spark of life.” I feel a flash of energy opens, reminding me of my divine purpose. “It’s what you forget, sometimes.”

“Yes, and I see that everyone is going through that. The opening and closing of the lotus of our awareness. You know, that is why I named my story the Seed Within, was to remind me of that very thing. I saw that I was drifting, and did that to help me anchor.”

Though in a moment, there was sight, I also saw the incoherence she was a part of processing in the field of the Temple of Peace. Compassion moved through me, as I held space before continuing on.

Walking into the winding roads through jungle in the night, it starts to pour. I feel the rain washing away what no longer serves, with the past pains of not feeling met by the community, or denied the love I so desired, coming up for forgiveness with each step. I let it go, opening to receive.

I feel the clearing, on the last stretch of the road, as the rain clears, a sign written on the road in chalk that reads “Love”.

Resonant Witnesses


Deep work continues at the templescape. At the last of our stores, I follow my feet to the land, down the driveway betwixt garden and jungle. Bananas hanging ripe and fresh from the tree catch my eye. Victory. Proof of the manifestation in proper form and perfect timing.

Returning to my sanctuary nestled in the trees, I continue my ministrations from my mobile workstation. There’s something deeply apropos about this. Being in the modern gypsy bardic, of an adventurer on the Quest, writing from atop my guitar case in a tent granted on the crux of the jungleside I was led to in synchronicity. My heart swells in recognition of the journey, as access opens to reveal the Way forward. This of course is in concordance with the deep healing practices I’ve been devoted to.

Peter and I go on a hitchhike to get some food from a local town, where we are picked up by a woman who recognizes us as holy men on the path. After eating, we encounter Lotus Sattva and her son Finn, in perfect form, who offer us a ride back in the flow.

“We are resonant witnesses,” Lotus says, “The Sattvas.”

“Its so perfect,” I reply, “As Peter and I have called our gaze, ‘Sattvic Witnessing’.”

We invite them to the temple, where we have an opening into the Mythica, passing the goddesses guarding the front and descending through the thrush of green to settle in its sacred carriage.

“I call this social permaculture.” Lotus says, “Bringing about the new economy. One of regeneration for the good of all.”

Peter enters, “The Mythica is here to witness our story, to share the context of our journey and how we are all connected.”

I say, “This is how we bring about the new earth, blossoming the seed of light within us into a new language of self-realization.”

In a blooming aura between us, Lotus replies, “As you say this, I see a honeycomb sacred geometry unfolding…”

I feel the shared telepathy with an expanse in my heart space, “This is my favorite kind of consciousness!” I exclaim.

A fellowship blossoms between us, revealing our shared dharma.

“For years I’ve been looking at these same synchronicities, witnessing the magic! The same desire to share that story moves through me.” She says excitedly. “I also know that I want Finn to have the chance to learn the magic in a supportive setting.”

A light radiates from Finn as a starseed. Later he shares with me his innate knowledge of the sacred geometries and subtle energies that underlie our experience.

It’s obvious that spirit brought us together for a shared purpose in the Great Story.