Reading from Earth Magick – Collective Energies

In Oracle by Yeshua Lucis

In the center resides the sun at its brightest peak. Now is our time to shine, to be the fullest emanation of who we truly are. In the west resides the Cave, what we are leaving behind, a place of comfort, memory, and ritual, where we resided by the endless fire. We are leaving this place to step into the light, the warm glow of fire turning to the blazing light of the sun.

In the distance to the East, in the realms of our becoming there lay a tsunami. A Wake-Up Call. Something that is yet to be seen, that will shake our foundations as we face that which arises from the ocean of subconscious to come into awareness. This powerful force is washing away all the debris lodged within the landscape of the self, a turbulent and violent wave that also purifies us of all that no longer serves us. It is time to face something challenging and release it to move into a fuller expression.

In the North, there lay our Childhood, our Innocence, the guiding message from Spirit. That the most precious thing we can be guided by at this time is our innermost purity, that which is unscathed by prejudice and cynicism. It is our home that lay at the heart, that which we are all returning to. Yet we still must face the challenges and all the perils of this earthly sojourn. Such is the development of our character and the path of our soul’s evolution, to fulfill the unique function that we are meant to at this great time of Awakening. We must remember that we are all children of God, here upon the Garden of Gaia.

In the South, there lay Love, the message from Gaia. We must love our primal aspect, and have compassion for our human self. Developing it as an instinct to have tender care for the precious self that is our gift as spiritual beings having a human experience. A hand from above and below meet each other at the middle of the heart, the unification of spirit and matter. Love shines forth, the primordial essence of all Creation. We must remember our source, the life-force that flows through things is the essence of Love. Our attention must come into devotion for the heart of what truly IS.

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