Regal Revere, Fellowship and Progress

In Journal Entry by Yeshua Lucis

Together with my brothers in a redemption of fellowship, we brighten into new possibilities. Opening wide to the luminance of our hearts’ songs, we deepen in shared inspirations. Each of us receiving the piece that we need to further our projects and spiritual evolution.

Michael Welsh¬†received with excitement the episode of my storyline “Initiation” in 2016, in which I spent many months in a shamanic relationship with the land, in the midst of the desert valley out looking the Spine of the Dragon mountains. Inspired by the transmission, I shared with him the storybook episode, in which he gave much-needed reflection and feedback in the process. This opened genuine¬†inspiration to continue to simplify my presentation. As my consciousness clarifies from the spiritual practices and the Yoga of Story, there is a recognition of the opening to such realms of being, of that of embodying the state that allows for such presentation to come through. Such is the redeemed emanation of my own Myth Realized.

Michael starts to have insight into the threads of the Akasha, suggesting that we illustrate the synchronicities that connect us all. Considering that this is the feat that we are taking on here as Authors in the Mythica, I show him a visual example. He is astounded.

Ideas abound, Peter Fae comes out broadening the perspective of the Mythica, in the mastery of his Shivic gaze, illuminating the facets of the Magickal World…

Through the suggestions of Michael, inspiration opens to redo the business plan of the Mythica and put it inside of the eco-system of the site, allowing supporters and investors to explore the facets of the Gem of the Mythica. A sure realm-sign of abundance on the path.

Proof of the Alchemy of our relationship, that we each show up in synchronicity, in God’s timing, fulfilling the unique function in the eco-system of our shared unfoldment. All as we continue the steady walk on the rainbow road back to Heaven on Earth.

It is no easy task, to continue the steadfast devotion of clearing through our portion of the collective distortion, embodying the remedy for the planet. Yet, such is what we came here to do. It is our karma and our dharma, our trials and our triumph. The destiny reveals itself beneath the rubble of the falling era as I continue to clear the way through the spiritual practices. My awareness moves through the muck and comes into the opening of abundance, through applying the Deva Yoga and the forgiveness, the Life Visioning, and other techniques. I come once again into the bright of inspirations flowing once again, my creativity unlocked as it takes form through my work in the Mythica.

Reverand Michael Beckwith shows up in the field in high revere, as a video appears in my inbox. He is at an A-Fest conference called “Live Your Quest” hosted by MindValley, all allies supporting the movement to Heaven on Earth. Words of Truth flow through him with vigor, enthusiasm, and grace. He speaks of the realms, that our world is a reflection of the vibration we are currently made of, and that by shifting that vibration the reflection of our manifest reality changes. That we are channels for the Divine Will to be done here on Earth, and that if we wish to live in Eden, we must embody it. We must become the change we wish to see.

As I watch I have a vision of Peter and I there, joining them on the stage. I can feel it. The stage is being set. What we are doing is aligned with what they are doing. Heralding in the new era of Light, illustrating and teaching the Physics of the Quest, that we are each on a heroic journey to the actualization of our Life Purpose, clearing through our imprints on the way to Heaven on Earth.

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